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Latest Episode: Nightline Prime 4/12: Unification Church Mass Wedding: The Big Day

Apr 13, 2014 Season 35 Episode 76 watch on ABC (Free)

Followers of the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon believe international marriages promote world peace.

Nightline Prime 4/5: Investigating the Church of Wells

Apr 05, 2014 Season 35 Episode 70

Tracking Down Controversial Religious Group; How 'Fit Mom' Accidentally Sparked a Movement
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Nightline Prime 3/29: The Elaborate Hoax

Mar 29, 2014 Season 35 Episode 64

Celebrities Come Forward as Victims of Cruel Hoax; Behind the Scenes of Model Boot Camp for Kids
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Nightline Prime 3/22: The Christian Purity Lifestyle

Jan 01, 1900 Season 35 Episode 58

Fathers Sign a Purity Covenant; 'Flying Frenchies' Wild Sky-High Stunts
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Nightline Prime 3/15: Bootleg Butt Enhancements

Mar 15, 2014 Season 35 Episode 52

Inside an Illegal Butt Enhancement Procedure; Cops vs. Bikers Showdown
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Nightline 02/28: Oscar Predictions from Hollywood Insiders

Mar 01, 2014 Season 35 Episode 41

Oscar Predictions, Ellen DeGeneres, Oscars: By the Numbers
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Nightline 4/18: The Deadliest Day on K2 Mountain
Nightline 4/17: Why Married Women Cheat
Nightline 4/15: Unification Church Mass Wedding: From Strangers to 'I Do'
Nightline 4/16: Hate Next Door: English Defense League's War Against Radical Islam
Nightline 4/14: 'Travel Hacking': Secrets to Traveling Super Cheaply
Nightline 03/28: Flipping Houses: Not for the Faint of Heart
Nightline 04/11: Taco Bell's Plan for Winning Breakfast Fast Food Wars
Nightline 04/10: Could Internet Piracy Kill Porn For Good?
Nightline 04/09: Extreme Evangelical Family Believes in Starting Street Sermons Young
Nightline 4/8: Oscar Pistorius Describes Finding Girlfriend's Body
Nightline 04/07: Oscar Pistorius' Tearful Apology to Slain Girlfriend's Family
Nightline 12/25: Tracking Elusive Narwhals in the Arctic
Nightline 12/24: Remote Area Medical: Serving the Underserved
Nightline 12/23: Syrians Caught in the Crossfire: First-Hand Accounts
Nightline 12/26: Gyms for Overweight Members Only

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