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Boo! Supernatural Scares and the Night Stalker Stalks Again!

Before we get started, lemme just say that I got a new tattoo last night and it’s quite fetching. Red circle with a star in the center on the inside left forearm. Even the artist dug it. My buddy Jake got an anchor on his bicep…little jealous, not gonna lie. Hurt like a mofo, though. Kids, don’t try this at home.OK, now that we got that out of the way, it’s time for a little more sharing: I love the scary. Horror movies. Haunted houses. Hell, I yelped like a girl at those Burger King commercials with the wooden-faced whatever-that-is. And to anyone who was sitting near me during Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake, I apologize. Welbutrin make me all better now.Honestly, I have willingly chosen to have the bejebus freaked out of me for like, the last 7 years, spending almost every night in October watching some scream gem or another (ask me about The Boogens, please!). So, in honor of my inner scaredy-cat and the glorious approach of my personal High Holy Day of Ha... read more

Night Stalker: The Truth Is Out on DVD

Night Stalker's Stuart Townsend and The X-Files' David Duchovny

Fans of one of the original ghostbusters and his most recent TV incarnation would be wise to scare up a copy of the new Night Stalker DVD boxed set hitting stores today, as it offers up not only four episodes never broadcast during the series' fall 2005 ABC run, but also revealing commentary from creator Frank Spotnitz. seized this opportunity to ask Spotnitz about his Stalker's unfortunate fate, the frightfully fun show he's working on now and the next X-Files fi read more

Any chance that Sci Fi ...

Question: Any chance that Sci Fi Channel will do a Night Stalker wrap-up movie?

Answer: No, but a DVD is coming out this summer that'll include the four unaired episodes as well as commentary from Frank Spotnitz revealing how the show would have ended had ABC not killed it.

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Sci Fi Channel has acquired all 10 episodes — including three that didn't get the chance to make it to air — of ABC's recently axed Night Stalker remake, executive-produced by The X-Files' Frank Spotnitz and starring Stuart "When Will Charlize Make an Honest Man out of Me?" Townsend. The series premieres on its new home in summer 2006. read more

I just read in TV Guide's ...

Question: I just read in TV Guide's Entertainment News that Reunion was canceled! I'm really disappointed by this news because I really enjoyed this (underwatched) show. In my opinion the whole concept and idea behind it was really well done and had been carried out nicely. Obviously, though, it was on at a horrible time and I sensed impending doom when I read that the American Idol-results show might be airing on Thursdays in 2006. I totally wasn't expecting a Season 2 of Reunion due to its low ratings, but I was at least hopeful for one full season. What happens now? Did they already shoot the 13 episodes Fox has ordered? Will Fox at least be airing all of the filmed episodes? Will we ever find out what happens? Answer: As of this moment, it's just too early to know how it will play out. It looks as if Fox will air the remaining episodes, with the finale set for Feb. 2, but the show hasn't even finished production yet (this week I was told they were still filming Episode 12), so it's ... read more

I just heard that Night ...

Question: I just heard that Night Stalker is being canceled, and they are not going to be showing the second part of the two-parter. They are just giving it the ax. Yet crap like Stacked and Wife Swap are still on the air. What gives? Is the American viewing audience really getting that dumbed down that they watch crap, and shows like Night Stalker and Arrested Development are shut out? Answer: 'Fraid so, but you'd have to be asleep not to have known that Night Stalker succeeding in the long term was improbable to impossible, even if you were a fan (which I wasn't, not because of the concept but because of the casting and the show's ponderous-to-pretentious tone). I wasn't surprised Night Stalker didn't make it, but I was annoyed for all the fans' sake that ABC yanked it in the middle of a two-parter. That's just wrong. Taking the long view, there will always be "crap" on the air, and there will always be people who would rather watch mindlessly grating swill (someone explain to me The read more


Per Variety, Spike TV is in development with its first scripted dramas ever, including Amped, a four-hour series about a mysterious outbreak in L.A., from Night Stalker executive producer Frank Spotnitz and his X-Files pal Vince Gilligan; The Big Empty, a private-eye series from Denis Leary's production company; The Bridge, a homicide drama from Battlestar Galactica's David Eick; and Full Ride, based on Elwood Reid's behind-the-scenes look at the high-stakes world of college football. read more


ABC has pulled the plug on its low-rated Night Stalker update. Exec producer Frank Spotnitz confirmed the news on his personal website. "It is with regret that I confirm Night Stalker has been canceled," he said. "While I’m disappointed the series has come to an end, I am enormously grateful for the experience and the opportunity given me by the network and Touchstone Television." read more

Why Is Kolchak a Marked Man?

Night Stalker

Since Night Stalker premiered [on ABC, Thursdays at 9 pm/ET], the questions I've most often been asked are what that mark on Kolchak's wrist means — and when will we see it again? I'm not about to say what it means, of course, but the answer to the second question is "tonight." In the pilot episode, we learned Carl Kolchak (Stuart Townsend) found a strange, snake-shaped mark on the left wrist of his wife, Irene, after she was killed on a Las Vegas highway over a year ago. Strangely, she didn't have that mark on her body before her death.  Subsequent to that, Kolchak found the same mark on dozens of other victims of strange deaths. He told his new colleague, Perri Reed ( read more

I've checked out all the ...

Question: I've checked out all the spooky-ooky shows this season (Surface, Supernatural, Invasion, Night Stalker, Ghost Whisperer and Threshold) and all of them have been beaten hands down by a little six-episode British series I just happened across on Showtime called Strange. It was the only one that I could not watch at night alone! Have you caught this show? It had a great ongoing story arc that hasn't been resolved in the six episodes that I saw, as well as very surprising stand-alone stories within each episode. Please tell me that there is more Strange to come! Answer: It doesn't surprise me that the British do this sort of thing better than anyone, but this series was news to me, so thanks! I searched the listings and discovered the episodes are being played now exclusively on the Showtime multiplex channel Showtime Beyond. You got my attention, so I've set my DVR and one of these days I hope to find time to watch it. I love this sort of thing. As for future episodes, I checke ... read more

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Premiered: September 29, 2005, on ABC
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Premise: A remake of a TV cult classic (1974-75) centering on bizarre crimes (with occasional supernatural overtones) and spun around a crime reporter (a role originated by Darren McGavin). Created by Frank Spotnitz (`The X-Files').



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