A stylish anthology of tales focusing on the nightmarishly macabre and the supernatural. Some episodes were adaptations of classic stories, others based on original scripts---including some by host Rod Serling, creator of `The Twilight Zone.' His entries include the deeply moving, Emmy-nominated `They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar,' with William Windom; and `The Caterpillar,' with Laurence Harvey, an episode that Stephen King has described as `one of the most frightening ever telecast on TV.'


Guest Stars

Michael Rhodes, Rhodes
Claire, Elaine, Girl, Rhonda
5 Episodes (2003-2003)
Agnes Moorehead
3 Episodes (2003-2003)
Mrs. Evans, Wife, Woman
Miss Wattle, Mrs. Wolf, Old Woman
Husband, Munsch
Diplomat, Simms, Vampire
Ann, Ghost, Housewife
Dichter, Glen Tuttle, Grant Wilson
Assistant, Ruth, Sheila
Nancy, Nancy Murphy
Lieutenant Woods, Sergeant Bruckner, Woods
Bill Bixby
Bruce, Noel Evans
Dr. Fall, Finnegan
Miss Beamish, Mrs. Mount
Cloris Leachman
Mrs. Fulton, New Englander
Burke, Pilot
2 Episodes (2003-2003)
Martin Fletcher, Suggs
Pierre, Psychiatrist
Craig, David Faulkner
Dr. Harry Auden, Ianto
Bennett, Doctor
Charlie Wheatland, Dr. Philip Ford
Leslie Nielsen
Denny, Phantom
2 Episodes (2003-2003)
Lisa, Nancy Sutherland
Dr. Vaughn, Tom
Patty Duke
Holly, Researcher
2 Episodes (2003-2003)
Dr. Milburn, Estelle
Pernell Roberts
Joe, Paul Pettigrew
2 Episodes (2003-2003)
Dr. Glendon, Hunter
Gingold, Murderer
Detective Woods, Dr. Simmons
Stefanie Powers
Haunted Woman, Jean Ames
Sea Captain, Tom Ogilvy
Professor, Sorcerer
Father Jordan
Lane, Scientist
2 Episodes (2003-2003)
Joel, Michael
Cousin Zachariah
Erik Sutton
Dr. Karl Rintels
Mrs. Gibbons
Max Redford
Edward Winslow
Miss Alcott
Miss Patience
Molly Mitchell
Dr. Stringfellow
Perry Singleton
Richard Alden
Steve Sutherland
German General
Pandit Chola
Marius Davis
Richard Blair
Dr. Miles Talmadge
Anson Beige
Joel Grey
Sorcery Student
Colonel Hawes
Lee Majors
Clayton Ross
Carey Evers
Jack Charleroi
Dora Hallam
Dr. Shockman
Man with Mallet
American Tourist
George Beaumont
Mrs. Cloister
Judge Fletcher
Julie Desmond
Annette Gordon
Man with Stake
Mike Farrell
Dr. Gil Clarke
Stuart Forbes
John Sutherland
Joanna Sutherland
Miss Moretti
Mrs. Squire
1 Episode (2003)
Edward Melling
First Officer
Mrs. Ducker
Second Guard
Second Officer

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