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Episode Detail: The Ring With the Red Velvet Ropes - Night Gallery

Chuck Connors and Gary Lockwood square off in "The Ring with the Red Velvet Ropes." It's an unearthly bout to determine the world's real heavyweight champ. Rod Serling.

Episodes: Night Gallery (102)

5/26/2003: The Caterpillar; Little Girl Lost
5/20/1973: The Doll of Death    Season 3, Episode 15
3/13/1973: Whisper    Season 3, Episode 14
3/4/1973: Death on a Barge    Season 3, Episode 13
1/14/1973: Something in the Woodwork    Season 3, Episode 12
1/7/1973: The Ring With the Red Velvet Ropes    Season 3, Episode 11
12/24/1972: She'll Be Company for You    Season 3, Episode 10
12/17/1972: Finnegan's Flight    Season 3, Episode 9
12/10/1972: Fright Night    Season 3, Episode 8
11/19/1972: The Other Way Out    Season 3, Episode 7
11/12/1972: You Can Come Up Now, Mrs. Millikan    Season 3, Episode 5
10/29/1972: Spectre in Tap Shoes    Season 3, Episode 4
10/22/1972: Rare Objects    Season 3, Episode 3
10/1/1972: The Girl With the Hungry Eyes    Season 3, Episode 2
9/24/1972: The Return of the Sorcerer    Season 3, Episode 1
3/1/1972: Little Girl Lost    Season 2, Episode 62
3/1/1972: The Caterpillar    Season 2, Episode 61
2/23/1972: You Can't Get Help Like That Anymore    Season 2, Episode 60
2/23/1972: The Sins of the Fathers    Season 2, Episode 59
2/16/1972: There Aren't Any More MacBanes    Season 2, Episode 58
2/16/1972: I'll Never Leave You, Ever    Season 2, Episode 57
2/9/1972: Deliveries in the Rear    Season 2, Episode 54
1/26/1972: Last Rites for a Dead Druid    Season 2, Episode 53
1/26/1972: The Waiting Room    Season 2, Episode 52
1/19/1972: The Ghost of Sorworth Place    Season 2, Episode 51
1/19/1972: The Miracle at Camafeo    Season 2, Episode 50
1/12/1972: Lindemann's Catch    Season 2, Episode 47
12/29/1971: Logoda's Heads    Season 2, Episode 43
12/29/1971: The Different Ones    Season 2, Episode 41
12/15/1971: The Painted Mirror    Season 2, Episode 40
12/15/1971: The Messiah on Mott Street    Season 2, Episode 39
12/8/1971: Camera Obscura    Season 2, Episode 37
12/8/1971: Cool Air    Season 2, Episode 36
12/1/1971: Pickman's Model    Season 2, Episode 33
11/24/1971: Keep in Touch    Season 2, Episode 32
11/24/1971: The Dark Boy    Season 2, Episode 31
11/17/1971: Dr. Stringfellow's Rejuvenator    Season 2, Episode 29
11/10/1971: The Diary    Season 2, Episode 23
11/3/1971: Brenda    Season 2, Episode 22
11/3/1971: Midnight Never Ends    Season 2, Episode 21
10/27/1971: A Question of Fear    Season 2, Episode 19
10/20/1971: The Phantom Farmhouse    Season 2, Episode 17
10/6/1971: The Academy    Season 2, Episode 16
9/29/1971: The Flip Side of Satan    Season 2, Episode 12
9/29/1971: Since Aunt Ada Came to Stay    Season 2, Episode 10
9/22/1971: Class of '99    Season 2, Episode 7
9/22/1971: A Death in the Family    Season 2, Episode 5
9/15/1971: The Hand of Borgus Weems    Season 2, Episode 3
9/15/1971: The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes    Season 2, Episode 1
1/20/1971: They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar    Season 1, Episode 13
1/13/1971: The Doll    Season 1, Episode 12
1/13/1971: Lone Survivor    Season 1, Episode 11
1/6/1971: Clean Kills and Other Trophies    Season 1, Episode 9
1/6/1971: Make Me Laugh    Season 1, Episode 8
12/30/1970: Certain Shadows on the Wall    Season 1, Episode 7
12/30/1970: The House    Season 1, Episode 6
12/30/1970: The House; Certain Shadows on the Wall
12/23/1970: The Little Black Bag    Season 1, Episode 4
12/16/1970: The Housekeeper    Season 1, Episode 2
12/16/1970: The Dead Man    Season 1, Episode 1
1/6/1970: Make Me Laugh; Clean Kills & Other Trophies
Green Fingers/Room for One Less
The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes/Miss Lovecraft Sent Me/The Hand Of Borgus Weems/The Phantom Of What Opera?
The Funeral/The Tune In Dan's Cafe/Green Fingers
Silent Snow, Secret Snow/Hells Bells
The Man Who Died at 3 and 9
Midnight Visit to the Neighborhood Blood Bank/Tell David
Die Now, Pay Later/Dead Weight
Funeral/Nature of the Enemy
Candle, Candle, Burning Bright
Flying Sepulchre of Death
Tune in Dan's Cafe Marmalade Wine
Feast of Blood; The Last Laurel
Big Surprise/Quoth the Raven/Prof. Peabody's Last Lecture
Dearly Departed/A Matter of Semantics
Dear Joan, We're Going to Scare You to Death
Lady, Lady, Take My Life
A Fear of Spiders/Junior/An Act of Chivalry
Witch, Witch, Burning Bright
Hatred unto Death/How to Cure a Common Vampire
Room With a View/Late Mr. Peddington
Witness Within
Once upon a Chilling
With Affection Jack the Ripper
Through a Flame Darkly
I Did Not Mean to Slay Thee
If I Should Die Before I Wake
Five Widows Weeping
Gallows in the Wind
The Eyes That Wouldn't Die
I Do Not Belong to the Human World
The Heart that Wouldn't Stay Buried
The House That Cried Murder
Can a Dead Man Strike from the Grave
With This Ring I Thee Kill
Eye of the Haunted
Echo of a Distant Scream
Whisper of Evil
The Shadow in the Well
Face of Ice
House with Ghost/Witches' Feast
The Devil Is Not Mocked/Stop Killing Me

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Premiered: December 16, 1970, on NBC
Rating: TV-PG
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Premise: A stylish anthology of tales focusing on the nightmarishly macabre and the supernatural. Some episodes were adaptations of classic stories, others based on original scripts---including some by host Rod Serling, creator of `The Twilight Zone.' His entries include the deeply moving, Emmy-nominated `They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar,' with William Windom; and `The Caterpillar,' with Laurence Harvey, an episode that Stephen King has described as `one of the most frightening ever telecast on TV.'



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