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Episode Detail: They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar - Night Gallery

"They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar," a tale of a has-been salesman desperately seeking a return-trip ticket to a happier past. William Windom. Miss Alcott: Diane Baker. Doane: Bert Convy. Pritkin: John Randolph. Policeman: Henry Beckman. Rod Serling is the host.

Episodes: Night Gallery (102)

5/26/2003: The Caterpillar; Little Girl Lost
5/20/1973: The Doll of Death    Season 3, Episode 15
3/13/1973: Whisper    Season 3, Episode 14
3/4/1973: Death on a Barge    Season 3, Episode 13
1/14/1973: Something in the Woodwork    Season 3, Episode 12
1/7/1973: The Ring With the Red Velvet Ropes    Season 3, Episode 11
12/24/1972: She'll Be Company for You    Season 3, Episode 10
12/17/1972: Finnegan's Flight    Season 3, Episode 9
12/10/1972: Fright Night    Season 3, Episode 8
11/19/1972: The Other Way Out    Season 3, Episode 7
11/12/1972: You Can Come Up Now, Mrs. Millikan    Season 3, Episode 5
10/29/1972: Spectre in Tap Shoes    Season 3, Episode 4
10/22/1972: Rare Objects    Season 3, Episode 3
10/1/1972: The Girl With the Hungry Eyes    Season 3, Episode 2
9/24/1972: The Return of the Sorcerer    Season 3, Episode 1
3/1/1972: Little Girl Lost    Season 2, Episode 62
3/1/1972: The Caterpillar    Season 2, Episode 61
2/23/1972: You Can't Get Help Like That Anymore    Season 2, Episode 60
2/23/1972: The Sins of the Fathers    Season 2, Episode 59
2/16/1972: There Aren't Any More MacBanes    Season 2, Episode 58
2/16/1972: I'll Never Leave You, Ever    Season 2, Episode 57
2/9/1972: Deliveries in the Rear    Season 2, Episode 54
1/26/1972: Last Rites for a Dead Druid    Season 2, Episode 53
1/26/1972: The Waiting Room    Season 2, Episode 52
1/19/1972: The Ghost of Sorworth Place    Season 2, Episode 51
1/19/1972: The Miracle at Camafeo    Season 2, Episode 50
1/12/1972: Lindemann's Catch    Season 2, Episode 47
12/29/1971: Logoda's Heads    Season 2, Episode 43
12/29/1971: The Different Ones    Season 2, Episode 41
12/15/1971: The Painted Mirror    Season 2, Episode 40
12/15/1971: The Messiah on Mott Street    Season 2, Episode 39
12/8/1971: Camera Obscura    Season 2, Episode 37
12/8/1971: Cool Air    Season 2, Episode 36
12/1/1971: Pickman's Model    Season 2, Episode 33
11/24/1971: Keep in Touch    Season 2, Episode 32
11/24/1971: The Dark Boy    Season 2, Episode 31
11/17/1971: Dr. Stringfellow's Rejuvenator    Season 2, Episode 29
11/10/1971: The Diary    Season 2, Episode 23
11/3/1971: Brenda    Season 2, Episode 22
11/3/1971: Midnight Never Ends    Season 2, Episode 21
10/27/1971: A Question of Fear    Season 2, Episode 19
10/20/1971: The Phantom Farmhouse    Season 2, Episode 17
10/6/1971: The Academy    Season 2, Episode 16
9/29/1971: The Flip Side of Satan    Season 2, Episode 12
9/29/1971: Since Aunt Ada Came to Stay    Season 2, Episode 10
9/22/1971: Class of '99    Season 2, Episode 7
9/22/1971: A Death in the Family    Season 2, Episode 5
9/15/1971: The Hand of Borgus Weems    Season 2, Episode 3
9/15/1971: The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes    Season 2, Episode 1
1/20/1971: They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar    Season 1, Episode 13
1/13/1971: The Doll    Season 1, Episode 12
1/13/1971: Lone Survivor    Season 1, Episode 11
1/6/1971: Clean Kills and Other Trophies    Season 1, Episode 9
1/6/1971: Make Me Laugh    Season 1, Episode 8
12/30/1970: Certain Shadows on the Wall    Season 1, Episode 7
12/30/1970: The House    Season 1, Episode 6
12/30/1970: The House; Certain Shadows on the Wall
12/23/1970: The Little Black Bag    Season 1, Episode 4
12/16/1970: The Housekeeper    Season 1, Episode 2
12/16/1970: The Dead Man    Season 1, Episode 1
1/6/1970: Make Me Laugh; Clean Kills & Other Trophies
Green Fingers/Room for One Less
The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes/Miss Lovecraft Sent Me/The Hand Of Borgus Weems/The Phantom Of What Opera?
The Funeral/The Tune In Dan's Cafe/Green Fingers
Silent Snow, Secret Snow/Hells Bells
The Man Who Died at 3 and 9
Midnight Visit to the Neighborhood Blood Bank/Tell David
Die Now, Pay Later/Dead Weight
Funeral/Nature of the Enemy
Candle, Candle, Burning Bright
Flying Sepulchre of Death
Tune in Dan's Cafe Marmalade Wine
Feast of Blood; The Last Laurel
Big Surprise/Quoth the Raven/Prof. Peabody's Last Lecture
Dearly Departed/A Matter of Semantics
Dear Joan, We're Going to Scare You to Death
Lady, Lady, Take My Life
A Fear of Spiders/Junior/An Act of Chivalry
Witch, Witch, Burning Bright
Hatred unto Death/How to Cure a Common Vampire
Room With a View/Late Mr. Peddington
Witness Within
Once upon a Chilling
With Affection Jack the Ripper
Through a Flame Darkly
I Did Not Mean to Slay Thee
If I Should Die Before I Wake
Five Widows Weeping
Gallows in the Wind
The Eyes That Wouldn't Die
I Do Not Belong to the Human World
The Heart that Wouldn't Stay Buried
The House That Cried Murder
Can a Dead Man Strike from the Grave
With This Ring I Thee Kill
Eye of the Haunted
Echo of a Distant Scream
Whisper of Evil
The Shadow in the Well
Face of Ice
House with Ghost/Witches' Feast
The Devil Is Not Mocked/Stop Killing Me

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Premiered: December 16, 1970, on NBC
Rating: TV-PG
User Rating: (14 ratings)
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Premise: A stylish anthology of tales focusing on the nightmarishly macabre and the supernatural. Some episodes were adaptations of classic stories, others based on original scripts---including some by host Rod Serling, creator of `The Twilight Zone.' His entries include the deeply moving, Emmy-nominated `They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar,' with William Windom; and `The Caterpillar,' with Laurence Harvey, an episode that Stephen King has described as `one of the most frightening ever telecast on TV.'



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