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Latest Episode: Opportunity Knock Knocks, Part 1

May 31, 1992 Season 9 Episode 20 watch on (Paid)

As election day approaches, Christine (MARKIE POST) prepares to lose. Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) meets his girlfriend's parents and learns he once dated her mother. As Christine prepares her concession speech, she jumps ahead at the polls!

P.S. Do I Know You?

May 13, 1992 Season 9 Episode 19

Roz (MARSHA WARFIELD) exaggerated her beauty to her pen pal. Now that he's visiting town, Roz asks Lisette (JOLEEN LUTZ) to meet him for her. Mac's (CHARLES ROBINSON) commercial for Christine (MARKIE POST) airs with subliminal pornographic messages.
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To Sir With...Ah, What The Heck...Love

Mar 04, 1992 Season 9 Episode 18

Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) hopes that Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) will become a full-time teacher and recommend Dan to succeed him as judge. But Harry's students all fail the final.
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Party Girl, Part 2

Feb 26, 1992 Season 9 Episode 17

Christine (MARKIE POST) goes to her opponent's office to put an end to their vicious campaign tactics. They get along well, but after Christine leaves, her opponent dies of a heart attack.
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Party Girl, Part 1

Feb 12, 1992 Season 9 Episode 16

Political professionals ask Christine (MARKIE POST) to run for Congress against a longtime incumbent. Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) hears a case involving a sex clinic -- where Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) later applies to work as a sexual surrogate.
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Poker, I Hardly Know Her

Feb 05, 1992 Season 9 Episode 15

While Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) tries to redecorate his chambers on a tight budget, Lisette (JOLEEN LUTZ) cons Roz (MARSHA WARFIELD) and Christine (MARKIE POST) into a poker game, where she wins almost every hand.
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Undressed For Success

Jan 22, 1992 Season 9 Episode 14

Desperate for the money to buy a new house, Mac (CHARLIE ROBINSON) considers an offer to be the model for a new line of men's underwear.
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A New York Story

Jan 15, 1992 Season 9 Episode 13

Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) helps a defendant who lost his house due to a municipal blunder and has, in revenge, bought most of Manhattan's landmarks. Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) makes the most of being beauty contest judge.
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Shave and a Haircut

Jan 08, 1992 Season 9 Episode 12

Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) is faculty adviser to a community college's humor magazine. When he helps them select Mel Torme (HIMSELF) as their "Man of the Year," Harry doesn't know the editors always subject the "Man of the Year" to humiliating practical jokes.
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Santa On The Lam

Dec 11, 1991 Season 9 Episode 11

When a department store Santa is put in jail on assault charges, he escapes and holds Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) hostage at gunpoint.
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Get Me to the Roof On Time

Nov 20, 1991 Season 9 Episode 10

Bull's (RICHARD MOLL) plans for a perfect wedding day are complicated when the bride, Wanda Flinn (CATHY McAULEY), argues with her mother-in-law, Hank Shannon (PADDI EDWARDS).
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The System Works

Nov 17, 1991 Season 9 Episode 9

Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) teaches a civics class at a community college but can't get his class of bizarre misfits to take an interest in the subject.
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Teacher's Pet

Nov 13, 1991 Season 9 Episode 8

Christine (MARKIE POST) is disillusioned about the legal profession when her mentor, Professor Peter Collingswood (GEORGE COE), confesses that he gave her good grades in law school for her short skirts instead of her work.
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Looking for Mr. Shannon

Nov 06, 1991 Season 9 Episode 7

When Dan's (JOHN LARROQUETTE) elaborate plans for Bull's (RICHARD MOLL) bachelor party literally go up in smoke, the Night Court guys spend a hilarious night in a sleazy motel room where Bull is kidnapped by a crazy pizza delivery man.
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Guess Who's Listening To Dinner?

Oct 30, 1991 Season 9 Episode 6

When an FBI agent (ANDREW HILL NEWMAN) learns that Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) is dating the daughter (TERESA PARENTE) of a notorious crime boss (TONY JAY), he insists that Dan accept the family's dinner invitation while wearing a hidden microphone.
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