Courtroom shenanigans sustained this long-running sitcom about a boyish-looking judge with an unconventional manner on the bench; his Manhattan court staff; and the night people who appear before him. John Larroquette won four consecutive supporting Emmys as lustful ADA Dan Fielding. 'Now I'm officially overwhelmed,' he said after win No. 4.


Guest Stars

William Utay
Phil, Phil's Brother, Will
Will Utay
Phil, Phil's Brother, Will
Jack Riley
Beepo, Dr. Flick, Dutton, Warren
Timothy Stack
Bill, Marley, Tim, Tim Bond
Yakov Smirnoff
Soviet Immigrant, Yakov, Yakov Korolenko
Brent Spiner
Bob, Bob Wheeler
Fran Ryan
Ethel, Miss Crombie
George Murdock
Det. Griffin, Foster, Hank Mire
John Ingle
Kitteridge, Wood
Michael McManus
Dr. Mooney, VHK 937
Raye Birk
Dworkin, Pepitone
Stanley Brock
Douglas, Gerard, Melman
Eugene Roche
Christine's Dad, Christine's Father
Meg Wyllie
Doris, Matilda, Mrs. Crane
Alex Henteloff
Dr. Udell, Phil, Reynolds
Denny Dillon
Rhoda, Trainee
James Avery
Higgins, Judge Higgins
Keye Luke
Grandfather Ho, Shibata
Stephen Root
Spirit of Death
John Welsh
Doctor, Dr. Friedman
Marcia Wallace
Miss Phillips
Michael Gross
Christine's Boss
Sela Ward
Christine's Friend
Larry Dobkin
Supreme-Court Justice