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Latest Episode: Wild Justice

Oct 02, 2013 Season 10 Episode 10 watch on (Paid)

The team has 24 hours to investigate a corrupt senior official who may have suppressed evidence. The case has ties to Sasha's past: a crime boss jailed because of the official's actions may have murdered her former partner on the force. Although her personal life has fallen apart, Sasha now feels part of the UCOS team.


Sep 25, 2013 Season 10 Episode 9

With Sandra gone, Gerry, Steve, and Danny await the arrival of their new boss, DCI Sasha Miller. Arriving fresh from a SWAT raid, she jumps into her first case with the team: the 25-year-old unsolved murder of an Italian immigrant. Gerry struggles to accept the new regime.
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The One That Got Away

Sep 18, 2013 Season 10 Episode 8

A photo of a missing 19-year-old surfaces on the 17th anniversary of her disappearance. That case was Sandra's first, and now she's determined to solve it, despite pressure to hand over the investigation. Faced with a new opportunity, Sandra turns for advice to a beloved voice from the past.
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Things Can Only Get Better

Sep 11, 2013 Season 10 Episode 7

In 1997, on the eve of the Labour Party's landslide victory, a young political aide was murdered. The discovery of an offshore bank account in his name containing £40,000 puts the team on the trail of a mysterious Bosnian woman.
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Episode 6: Into the Woods

Sep 04, 2013 Season 10 Episode 6

Four years ago, a man disappeared during his morning run. When his bloodstained ID card is found, the team is called in to investigate what seems like the perfect vanishing act. Meanwhile, Gerry faces a childhood fear, and Sandra copes with the anniversary of her father's death.
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Cry Me a River

Aug 27, 2013 Season 10 Episode 5

Armed with new DNA evidence, the team looks into the unsolved 30-year-old murder of a Soho pornographer. Recently retired detective Danny Griffin arrives as Brian's replacement. He soon proves his worth, but Gerry thinks he's a mole.
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The Little Brother

Aug 20, 2013 Season 10 Episode 4

Brian has been dismissed and there's no going back. With time on his hands, he agrees to help his wife's friend find her missing brother. He crosses paths with Sandra and the team, whose investigation of a con man overlaps his case.
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The Sins of the Father

Aug 13, 2013 Season 10 Episode 3

New evidence frees a getaway car driver who was jailed 16 years ago for killing his wife. Gerry is furious; he worked on the original investigation and feels his reputation is on the line. Brian, meanwhile, faces the possibility that his career is over.
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The Rock, Part 2

Aug 06, 2013 Season 10 Episode 2

As the team works to unravel two related murders that happened years apart, a third body turns up, and the Gibraltar police chief blames Sandra for stirring up the past. A young boy's drawings provide valuable clues, and Brian takes an action that seals his fate.
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The Rock, Part 1

Jul 30, 2013 Season 10 Episode 1

Haunted by a failure from his past, Brian makes a rash decision. When a pistol found in the Thames is linked to two unsolved murders, Sandra and the team travel to Gibraltar in search of answers.
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