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Not Lyin' Lion / Ice Ice Bunny
11:26 — Bugs and Squeaks head to the African Savanna to visit Squeaks' cousin, but first they have to outsmart the very hungry King of the Jungle, Thes. / Bug (more…)
Hareplane Mode / Bugs of Steel
11:27 — After a run-in with Bugs, Yosemite Sam's cell phone gets scratched. He decides it's time to upgrade, but little does he know that Bugs is there to hel (more…)
Snow Wabbit / Aromatherapest
11:26 — In this all-musical episode, Bugs and a Snowman fight over who should get the carrot. / Bugs and Wile get skunked. Who has the better way to recover f (more…)
Big Troubles / Manner Maid
11:27 — Bugs and Squeaks stumble across a potion called Grow Fastums in the woods. Squeaks ignores Bugs' warnings and takes the potion as his own, wreaking ha (more…)