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Ask Matt: Big Bang, Homeland, Utopia, Mysteries of Laura, Midseason TV, Sons of Anarchy, and More

Jim Parsons

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Question: Let me preface this by saying The Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite shows, and I have been with them since Day 1, but after watching the premiere episodes on the first Monday of the season, I see a very disturbing trend. Sheldon is rapidly becoming the next Fonzie/Urkel. In the early days of the show, Sheldon was odd but likeable, and you always rooted for him. Now as he is being written, he is becoming more and more obnoxious, as evidenced in the way he treated Amy and the others in the two episodes last week. When shows have a breakout star like Jim Parsons, that person becomes the go-to guy in almost every episode, at the expense of the remaining cast members. Am I wrong in my assessment, or do you think a little less Sheldon and maybe a little nicer Sheldon would be better for the show and the audience? — Terry

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Ask Matt: Good Wife, Parenthood, Gotham, Murder, Castle, Scorpion, Forever and More

Matt Czuchry

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Question: Just when I thought The Good Wife couldn't top Season 5, Season 6 is off to a humdinger of a start! I certainly didn't see Cary's arrest coming, and I can't wait to find out what they have in store for us next. Matt Czuchry is terrific, and I'm thrilled he's getting this opportunity for a meaty storyline. As opposed to a show such as The Vampire Diaries, which tore through so much plot I stopped caring (no one stays dead, so where are the stakes?), The Good Wife earns its twists and turns, and only gets better with each game-changer. I've thoroughly enjoyed it from the get-go, but in the last year, it has vaulted to the top of my can't-miss shows. As we all know, many programs decline after the first few seasons and limp to the finish line. NCIS became a big hit a few years into its run, but I'm not sure it grew creatively. (That's not a slight — I don't watch it, so I genuinely don't know.) I can't think of another show that has risen to such glorious new artistic heights in Season 5 and onward the way The Good Wife has. Can you? — Keira

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New Season Reviews: Gotham, Scorpion, Forever, Sleepy Hollow

Katharine McPhee, Elyse Gabel

Happens all the time in the Bat-verse: The bad guys get all the best material. And so it was in the beginning, or at least in the origin story as presented by Fox's stylish, vividly hardboiled Gotham (8/7c), an exercise in pulp-noir chic that, to be enjoyed properly, should be considered more Dick Tracy than Batman in approach.

As Robin might proclaim, if he were around (which he isn't): Holy corruption! The sordid Gotham City on display here reflects executive producer Bruno Heller's time spent on HBO's Rome rather than his sunnier stint with The Mentalist. This city of menace boasts a retro sheen cluttered with jarring contemporary details, projecting what's intended as an out-of-time (or timeless) quality to frame this iconic story. You know how it goes: Young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz of Touch) is orphaned when his wealthy parents are murdered in a back-alley robbery, inspiring a lifetime devoted to vanquishing Gotham's most-wanted goons.

But that's another tale for another time, because the focus of Gotham is on clench-jawed, strait-arrow Detective (future Commissioner) James Gordon, played with a pugnacious dour solemnity by Ben McKenzie. read more

Exclusive: New Amsterdam Immortal No More

It's been a bad weekend for Fox's bubble shows. Just hours after word leaked that the network had sacked Back to You, sources confirm to me exclusively that New Amsterdam has been euthanized as well.On the bright side, 'Til Death will be back![Crickets]Remembrances of John Amsterdam (1607-2008) are currently being accepted in the comments section below. More Fall TV news:• Ausiello's "Bubble" Show Status Report• Death Lives On, Back to You Won't Be Back• CW Axes Aliens in America• CW "Outsources" Sunday Night; Two Dramas, Two Comedies Coming read more

Ratings: Monday Missteps for Everyone!

Dancing With The Stars by Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Monday's highlights (as it were):8 pm/ETDancing with the Stars was the night's most watched show (17 million total viewers), but stumbled to the tune of a 12-percent week-to-week drop. (Too uneven a competition this season? Discuss.) Bones placed second in the hour, returning to an audience of 8.5 mil (down 1.12 mil from its last fresh eppy). Big Bang (7.69 mil, down a mil) and Mother (7.99 mil, down 17 percent) both took hits.9 pmCBS' combo of Men (13.84 mil, slipping 600K) and Rules of Engagement (welcomed back by 10.32 mil, down 15 percent) topped the hour. Samantha Who? made a date with 10 mil, losing a mil from last week. The season finale of New Amsterdam dipped 700 thou to 6.77 mil. One Tree Hill scored 2.72 mil on its new night, giving The CW its best ever Monday-at-9 numbers in the 18-34 demo.10 pmTrailing a CSI: Miami repeat, Medium delivered 9.58 mil (sliding 1.1 mil), while The Bachelor held steady at about seven mil.In other ratings news: The Memory Keeper's Daughter on... read more

Is there any news on the ...

Question: Is there any news on the future of Fox's New Amsterdam? I've heard conflicting reports (some saying it's already been canned, others saying that it's fate is still up in the air), so it would be nice to get a definite answer.
Answer: You probably won't get a definite answer until Fox reveals its new schedule next month. The only thing I can say with any certainty is that New Amsterdam's season finale airs tonight, and that this has the best chance of returning of any of Fox's scripted midseason shows (next to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, that is.) Which, of course, isn't saying much. But it wasn't a disaster, ratings-wise, and Fox left it alone on Mondays to build its cult following, and there is definite buzz about it. On this one, it's anyone's guess. ... read more

As a huge fan of Moonlight, ...

Question: As a huge fan of Moonlight, Lost and now Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I am so glad FX is repeating it on weekends or I never would've found and adored this show!), I love sci-fi. That's why I wanted to try New Amsterdam. Sorry to disagree with some of your other readers, but I am not a fan in the slightest. The first episode showed a tinge of promise — I thought it was interesting the way they were handling the immortal aspect, showing potential to become an original show. But by the second and third episodes, I was bored to tears. Some of those were tears of laughter because, honestly, some of the dialogue is just terrible! It's essentially a crime procedural with the slightest haze of a supernatural element. This is more for the CSI fan than the sci-fi fan, and even then, it is easily predictable and poorly acted. The twist with Omar came as a surprise, but then turned sour for me as I found the whole aspect of John's numerous children to be badly executed. Where is the pain ... read more

New Amsterdam has an ...

Question: New Amsterdam has an intriguing concept that I find enjoyable to watch. Amsterdam seems like a genuinely nice guy and interacts well with his adult son. It's great to see a male character on television searching for his true love, too. I liked the reference to Leaves of Grass and the witty way they introduced the history of the book to people. The second or third episode had an interesting view on why people remember traumatic events so vividly. I like entertainment that also makes me think a little bit, so I hope this show does well. Is it just me or have we seen most of New Amsterdam's guest stars on Law & Order? Answer: Not just you. New Amsterdam actually films in New York, which is one of its main assets, in that it gets to tap the New York acting pool (much like Law & Order) for its guest and recurring roles. But I should have known better than to have mentioned last week that my mail on the show has been predominantly positive. Because you know what that means: Backlash ... read more

Reader's Cheer of the Week: Hot Amsterdam!

New Amsterdam's Nikolaj Coster-Waldau by Barbara Nitke/Fox

Posted by Eric2542...Cheers to New Amsterdam for being one of the best new shows on TV. In a post-writers'-strike TV-viewing world, this is a cop show with a twist, which is what viewers need — something refreshing and new. I was watching the latest episode, and I realized this is perhaps the best cop show ever.• For more Cheers & Jeers, check out the new vodcast.• Share your own raves and rants about other shows on the Reader Cheers & Jeers discussion board.• We may feature your Cheer or Jeer on or in TV Guide magazine! read more

In response to Andrew's ...

Question: In response to Andrew's recent complaint about Fox's scheduling of New Amsterdam, I must admit that I can't fathom why someone would write to a columnist on to complain about how difficult it is for them to find out when a show's going to come on. All you have to do is scroll up to the unbelievably easy-to-use search function at the top of the page. It's a no-brainer. Answer: Bless your heart for the shout-out to our listings search function. I completely agree (I use it all the time), but one thing you learn when you're in a job like mine is that most people don't want to even have to go to that much effort to figure out a show's comings and goings. As MK noted above, most people simply want to relax with TV and would rather not have to think about when something's on or whether it's being stunted on whichever night. This is the point where someone usually chimes in to announce that they haven't worried about time periods since getting their DVR/TiVo, and the ... read more

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Premise: A New York detective---who is immortal---seeks the true love that will lift his lifelong curse, bestowed on him as a 17th-century Dutch soldier after saving a Native American girl.


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