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Death Toll from Oakland Warehouse Party Fire Climbs to 30
02:21 — There is a soaring death toll in California from the fire that consumed a warehouse where artists worked and lived.
Trump Continues to Tweet Freely As Transition Continues
01:50 — Donald Trump and his top aides were on offense and defense on everything ranging from the phone call with Taiwan to a new warning to U.S. companies.
Competition Is Heating up As Cuban Cigars Make Way to U.S.
02:04 — Cuban tobacco has been a longtime forbidden fruit for many in the U.S., but after newly-improved relations with the U.S. they could be making a comeba (more…)
Remembering the Young Victims of the Oakland Warehouse Fire
01:27 — There are questions emerging about the building itself and grief for the victims who had so much of their lives ahead of them.
Austrian Voters Reject Far Right Presidential Candidate
01:49 — In Austria, voters said no to a presidential shift to the right, but in Italy, the Prime Minister just suffered a big defeat.
Thousands Line Streets in Cuba to Bid Farewell to Fidel Castro
00:46 — Nine days after his death, Cubans said their goodbyes to Fidel Castro as they mark the end of an era.
This Kid Is the Face of Change in Baby Modelling
02:04 — In the world of advertising projecting an image is all important, and one mom and child are breaking down barriers those barriers even more.
Hate Speech Is On the Rise Following U.S. Presidential Election
02:03 — Across the country there's been a rise in hate speech following the election of Donald Trump as president.
Could Trump Call With Taiwan Hurt U.S.-China Relationship?
02:05 — President-Elect Donald Trump's phone call with Taiwan's president is raising eyebrows and is seen as a move that could jeopardize the U.S.-China relat (more…)
Cambridge Responds to 10-Alarm Multiple Building Fire
00:42 — There’s been a massive response to a blaze that has claimed multiple buildings but the fire is still raging on.
Deadly Inferno: As Many As 40 Feared Dead in California Warehouse Fi
02:01 — Officials say they are preparing for the possibility that as many as 40 people may have lost their lives as investigators raise questions about the bu (more…)
ISIS Is Hiding Thousands of Deadly Explosives in Iraq
01:52 — As ISIS fighters are driven out of Mosul's surrounding cities they leave behind a hidden and deadly threat.
Driver in Fatal Road Rage Incident Was Arrested for Similar Incident
01:28 — There are new details about the suspect in the fatal shooting of a former NFL player during a confrontation two days ago.
Surge of Migrants Intensifies On U.S. Southern Border
02:21 — With less than two months until President-elect Donald Trump takes office the debate over immigration is heating up as it coincides with another influ (more…)
Breitbart Is Going Global While Expanding Its Reach
02:09 — The media company that embraced Trump is expanding its reach as it senses a bigger and better opportunity.
President-Elect Trump Speaks With Taiwan, Move Likely to Anger China
01:48 — With a red flag turning heads around the world, especially in China, President-elect Trump spoke with the president of Taiwan — a move that hasn't hap (more…)
Trump Picks Gen. James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis for Secretary of Defense
01:41 — President-elect Donald Trump has chosen retired Marine Gen. James Mattis — a man known for his battlefield bravado and blunt talk — to head the Depart (more…)
After Tragedy, Family Sounds Alarm On Drawstring Window Blinds
01:43 — A 3-year-old girl was found hanging by a drawstring from blinds inside her family home — a tragic accident that experts say happens more often that ma (more…)
Gunman Released After Shooting Death of Former NFL Star
02:05 — A Louisiana sheriff said Friday that the driver who killed football star Joe McKnight had been released without charges, but the investigation was ong (more…)
Dakota Pipeline Protesters Face Critical Moment As Deadline Approaches
01:45 — Demonstrators protesting the controversial oil pipeline in North Dakota are up against a deadline to clear out, and if they stay, they face plunging t (more…)
Tennessee Wildfires: at Least 13 Dead, 1,000 Structures Damaged
01:30 — Residents under mandatory evacuation orders in and around Tennessee reports town made emotional returns to their homes Friday to discover if they have (more…)
Jury Deadlocked in Trial Against S.C. Cop, Deliberations Continue
01:50 — The jury reviewing the police shooting death of Walter Scott announced multiple times that they were deadlocked, but the judge admonished them to cont (more…)
U.S. Veteran Died Alone But Hundreds of Strangers Attended His Funeral
01:34 — He may have died alone, but Stephen Reiman, a U.S. Navy veteran who died without family or friends by his side, was honored by hundreds of strangers w (more…)
President-Elect Trump Takes Victory Lap at Indiana Carrier Plant
02:28 — In deal that will keep some jobs from leaving Indiana, while others will still go to Mexico, Donald Trump celebrated an early sign that he can follow (more…)
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