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Experts Warn of ‘Gift Card Draining’ Ahead of Holiday Season
01:28 — Security experts told NBC News that the safest place to buy a gift card is directly from a retailer, ideally with the gift cards stored behind the cou (more…)
Russian and Syrian Warplanes Unload On Aleppo As Ceasefire Collapses
01:03 — One Aleppo resident called Friday the “heaviest bombing ever” in Aleppo as relentless air attacks battered an already destroyed city.
States of Emergency in Parts of Midwest As Storms Inundate Region
01:19 — Torrential rains have left monster rain totals, with parts of Wisconsin and Iowa seeing over a half a foot of rain in 48 hours, and in Minnesota, 13 i (more…)
Wife's Video Shows Deadly Encounter Between Keith Scott and Police
04:41 — Cell phone video recorded by Keith Scott’s wife, Rakeyia, shows the moments before the 43-year-old was fatally shot.
President Obama Vetoes Bill Allowing 9/11 Victim Families to Sue Saudis
01:24 — The Obama administration says would open the door to suing American officials and military around the world, but leaders in Congress say they have the (more…)
This Vacation Spot for Children With Autism Is Becoming a Home Away from Home
01:42 — For some families with an Autistic child, going on vacation isn’t always easy, but now there’s a place that’s making it possible for them to enjoy the (more…)
As Monday's Debate Nears, Clinton and Trump Prep in Different Ways
01:55 — Though both candidates are preparing in vastly different ways, each is looking to close advisors to get any edge. Donald Trump's biggest challenge: re (more…)
Investigators Still Trying to Determine Where Bomber Built His Bombs
01:01 — Detectives still can't find the bomb factory where the suspect assembled 4 devices and have tracked Rahami's family car traveling into New York City t (more…)
Newly-Released Video Allegedly Shows Bombings Suspect at NYC Scene
02:13 — NBC News has obtained exclusive video that allegedly shows Ahmad Rahami placing an explosive on a street in New York City, and what happened after he (more…)
Charlotte Braces for Possibility of More Violence Over Police Shooting
02:35 — The city of Charlotte is bracing for a potential third night of violent protests over the deadly police shooting of Keith Scott. Police showed video o (more…)
This Six-Year-Old’s Viral Letter to the President Makes a Special Request
01:20 — It was the photo of 5-year-old Omran Daqneesh sitting in an ambulance prompted a little boy in New York to make a request to President Obama to rescue (more…)
Donald Trump Voices Support for Controversial ‘Stop and Frisk’ Policy
01:59 — Against the backdrop of violence in the Charlotte, North Carolina, Donald Trump is standing by his support for stop and frisk as he continues to court (more…)
White House Contractor’s Leaked Emails Reveal Private Schedules, Michelle Obama’s Passport
01:38 — Stolen emails from a White House advance team member, allegedly revealed travel schedules and personal data, including the First Lady Michelle Obama’s (more…)
Officer Charged With Manslaughter in Terence Crutcher’s Fatal Shooting
01:17 — Charges have been filed in the deadly police shooting of Terence Crutcher in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The officer involved will face a first-degree manslaught (more…)
Were Key Warning Signs Missed Before New York and New Jersey Bombings?
02:19 — An NBC News investigation has revealed potential red flags going back several years about Ahmad Rahami, the man behind the bombings in Manhattan and (more…)
Yahoo: Info for 500,000,000 Accounts Stolen by 'State-sponsored Actor'
01:23 — In what may be the largest data breach in history, Yahoo revealed that information for some 500,000,000 user accounts was compromised in late 2014.
EpiPen Price Hike: Mylan CEO Excoriated in Congressional Hearing
01:59 — The drug company CEO at the center of the public uproar over the skyrocketing cost of life-saving EpiPens was on the Capitol Hill hot seat Wednesday.
Elderly Popsicle Man in Viral Photo Has Pushed His Cart for Last Time
01:31 — In just 11 days, 17,000 people from 70 countries helped raise more than $380,000 in a crowdfunding campaign for Fidencio Sanchez. Today, he was presen (more…)
Police: Keith Lamont Scott Refused to Drop Gun Before Fatal Shooting
02:37 — The fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott sparked violence overnight in Charlotte, N.C. On Wednesday, the police chief spoke out to counter repo (more…)
FBI: Ahmad Rahami Wanted to Kill Americans As Part of His ‘Jihad’
02:24 — Federal officials have released new documents from the New York City-area bombings suspect’s alleged bloody notebook, and say Ahmad Rahami planned the (more…)
Drug-Resistant Superbugs Are ‘Fundamental Threat’ to Humans, WHO Says
01:33 — Scientists are predicting that by the year 2050, superbugs could kill 10 million people a year — more than the number who currently die from cancer.
Chicago to Add Nearly 1,000 Police Officers Amid Violence Surge
01:38 — After repeated calls to boost the police force in a city that has seen a dramatic surge in murders, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration announ (more…)
Don King Uses Racial Slur While Introducing Trump at Event
02:27 — The infamous boxing promoter accidentally used a racial slur while giving a rambling introduction for Donald Trump in Cleveland, hyping the nominee as (more…)
For One Syrian Refugee Family, U.S. Has Become Last Resort for Ill Daughter
02:09 — NBC News first met the Kiwan family in Jordan where they were refugees from the war in neighboring Syria. Today, the family lives in Marietta, Georgia (more…)
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