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Volunteers Use Meal Train to Help Ease the Burden for Those in Need
01:42 — The social calendar based website aims to bring friends and family together to support someone in need, typically after a diagnosis, deployment or new (more…)
Clinton On Trump: ‘I Don't Even Think About Responding to Him Anymore’
01:50 — Emboldened by her surging poll numbers, Hillary Clinton is increasingly focused on helping Democrats in down ballot races.
California Tour Bus Crash Kills More Than a Dozen
01:21 — A tour bus crashed into the back of a tractor trailer in Palm Springs, California, Sunday, killing more than a dozen people and injuring more than 30 (more…)
Democrats Open Campaign War Chests Hoping to Win Back Senate
01:40 — Confident about Clinton’s chances, Democrats are pouring cash into air wars to win back the Senate – hitting GOP incumbents once considered safe.
Trump Struggles to Stay On Message, Continues Slide in Polls
02:42 — Veteran Republican strategists concede it is very difficult to see a Trump win, and today on Meet the Press the Republican nominee’s campaign manager (more…)
Police Are Launching E-commerce Exchange Zones Nationwide
01:57 — It’s a simple idea. A seller meets a buyer in a designated spot where all transactions are on camera, so if a criminal were to try something, it would (more…)
Latino, Muslim Democrats Form Unlikely Partnership to Get Out the Vote
02:24 — Ben Vazquez and Rida Hamida are knocking on doors in one of the most conservative counties in California to mobilize minority voters after watching th (more…)
Study Leads to New Way of Thinking About Prostate Cancer
01:42 — The landmark study from the New England Journal of Medicine found almost no difference in death rates among men who actively monitored or those who so (more…)
Donald Trump Vows to Sue His Accusers As Yet Another Woman Comes Forward
02:23 — Donald Trump is threatening to sue all the women who’ve accused him of sexual misconduct as he lays out his plan for his first 100 days in the White H (more…)
Young Man Who Needed Mentor Gets a Coach On and Off the Field
02:13 — For one young man who desperately needed a new home and love, one coach's intervention proved to be a lifesaver.
Iraqi Civillians Treated for Breathing Problems from Toxic Fumes
01:36 — Hundreds of people have been treated for breathing problems caused by toxic smoke after ISIS torched a sulfur plant.
Could Household Items Be Behind a Major Internet Hack?
01:31 — Thanks to a high tech push to connect everything to the internet our homes have become the front-line to a potential cyber war.
Firebombed North Carolina Officer Charging Forward to Election Day
01:32 — Authorities in North Carolina are still searching for a suspect in the bombing of a local Republican campaign headquarters.
Clinton Team Hoping for Decisive Victory After Bitter Campaign
02:02 — Hillary Clinton is hoping for a win that’s so convincing that even Donald Trump can’t argue with it.
This San Francisco Luxury Skyscraper Is Sinking and Tilting
02:31 — Some residents of a San Francisco building are suing because it turns out their building is sinking.
Northeast Floods Not Enough to Reverse Historic Drought: Experts
01:30 — Flash floods struck the bone-dry Northeast on Friday and more rain is expected through the weekend — not enough, however, jto reverse one of the worst (more…)
Paying Back the Unsung Heroes of Georgetown University
02:05 — A student at Georgetown University extended the hand of friendship to one of the many workers who keep that esteemed school running and the simple act (more…)
The Battle for Mosul: Fighting Intensifies As Iraqi Forces Near City
01:45 — The closer Iraqi troops get to the center of Mosul, the harder ISIS has been fighting back. Both Iraqi forces and their American advisers say they are (more…)
Department of Homeland Security Investigating Massive Internet Attack
03:23 — The department says it is investigating the massive attack on sites like Twitter, Amazon, Paypal and others that rattled Internet users in at least s (more…)
Clinton Campaigns in Ohio Where Polls Show Her and Trump in Virtual Tie
02:04 — Hillary Clinton campaigned in Ohio on Friday as polls showed Trump narrowing her lead there and in other battleground states — even as other reliably (more…)
Poll: 4 in 10 Republicans Would Not Accept Election Results
02:30 — It appears Donald Trump’s insistence for weeks that the election is “rigged” against him may have struck a chord with his supporters, even as a majori (more…)
Study: No More Than an Hour a Day of Screen Time for Children Under Five
01:37 — The American Academy of Pediatrics released new recommendations Friday that relax some previous guidance to give families more flexibility, but did se (more…)
Trump Uses Harsh Language at Final Debate, Brands Clinton As ‘Nasty Woman’
04:04 — Donald Trump used graphic language to fire up conservatives, attacking Hillary Clinton on abortion during a final debate where the biggest impact migh (more…)
Inside Underground Bunkers Where ISIS Fighters Lived Before Running for Their Lives
01:52 — Iraqi and Kurdish forces launched their biggest push toward Mosul as ISIS operatives are forced to flee the city through a series of underground tunne (more…)
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