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Dramatic Surveillance Video Shows Shooting Near White House
01:15 — The newly-released video shows 31-year-old Jessie Olivieri being shot outside the White House compound after disobeying commands from Secret Service a (more…)
Are Pelvic Exams Reliable for Women?
01:49 — A government advisory panel said Tuesday that there is "inadequate evidence" that the annual exam helps detect cancers, infections or sexually transm (more…)
Istanbul Airport Attacked, Dozens Killed and Wounded
02:22 — Turkish officials say multiple suicide bombers blew themselves up at one of the busiest airports in the region.
Three Crew Members Unaccounted for After 2 Trains Collide in Texas
01:35 — County officials say one of the four crew members jumped from one of the trains and is in the hospital, but three others are still missing.
Cancer Moonshot: The Doctor Giving a Fighting Chance to Patients
02:02 — Dr. Cheryl Willman and top researchers found that Native American and Hispanic children had different genetic mutations than white children and needed (more…)
House Republicans Release Long-Awaited Benghazi Report
02:26 — In an 800-page report, House Republicans blamed the White House, State Department and Pentagon for failures to protect U.S. personnel but found no evi (more…)
Rescue Mission in California to Save 70-Foot Endangered Blue Whale
01:40 — A rescue mission is underway to save an endangered blue whale — first spotted three days ago — entangled in a fishing line off the coast of Southern C (more…)
Remembering Pat Summitt: Looking Back at a Legendary Career
02:01 — Summit, who won 8 national championships as coach of the University of Tennessee's women's basketball team, is one of the greatest coaches in American (more…)
U.S. Officials On High Alert Following Latest Airport Attack
02:00 — A major challenge, U.S. aviation security experts say, is in ensuring that overseas airports offer security as good or better than in the United State (more…)
Biggest Names in U.S. Swimming Looking to Punch Their Ticket to Rio
01:45 — In the biggest upset so far from the U.S. Olympic swim trials, swimmer Ryan Lochte — who won gold in the 400 I-M in London — failed to qualify in the (more…)
Firefighters in Singapore Save 241 People Aboard Flight
01:39 — The passenger plane — headed for Milan — caught fire on the runway, after making an emergency landing, but amazingly all on board survived.
John Kerry Heads to Brussels and London to Manage ‘Brexit’ Fallout
01:55 — Secretary Kerry shuttled between the European capitals in an effort to ease tensions between the EU and Westminster as ‘Brexit’ continued to wreak hav (more…)
Ikea Recalling Tens of Millions of Dressers Over Tipping Concerns
01:52 — The furniture company is announcing a massive furniture recall involving chests and drawers for children’s bedrooms because of the risk they can tip o (more…)
Warren and Clinton Campaign Together in Swing State of Ohio
02:32 — Ideologically on opposite sides of the Democratic Party, Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton now appear united in their shared determination to defea (more…)
Trump Attacks Warren, Questions Her Native American Heritage
01:21 — In an interview with NBC News, Donald Trump called Elizabeth Warren a “total fraud” on claims that she has exaggerated her heritage — which he called (more…)
The Big Dig: West Virginia Begins Clean-Up Effort After Deadly Floods
02:14 — After the worst flooding in 1,000 years, there was some good news: the death toll was revised downward by two to 23, after two men previously feared d (more…)
'Rage Rooms': Where Americans Go to Take Out Their Frustrations
02:24 — For the price of $50, the owner of Houston's Tantrums warehouse will give customers 15 minutes to destroy everything they can in a room for stress rel (more…)
10 Injured As Roller Coaster at Scottish Theme Park Derails
01:06 — The ride plummeted 30 feet injuring 10 people, eight of them children.
America's Best Vie for Ticket to Rio at Olympic Swim Trials
02:08 — There are 1700 swimmers in Omaha this weekend vying for just 52 possible spots hoping to qualify for Rio.
Supreme Court Expected to Rule On Texas Abortion Case Monday
02:06 — The US Supreme Court’s ruling could have an impact on reproductive rights nationwide.
Secretary John Kerry Will Visit UK As Brexit Fallout Continues
01:05 — In a bid to ease tensions between UK and EU leaders, Secretary will visit both Brussels and London on Monday.
Orlando Victims Honored at Gay Pride Parades Globally
02:00 — At New York's gay pride parade, the largest in the country, there was a moment of silence for the victims of the Orlando attack on a gay nightclub.
Hillary Clinton Ahead 5 Points in Latest NBC/WSJ Poll
02:09 — Clinton widened her lead over Trump, slightly up from her three-point lead last month.
At Least 2 Dead After California’s Most Destructive Fire This Year
01:32 — Search crews are beginning to sift through the destruction block by block for signs of more casualties.
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