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Latest Episode: National Geographic Explorer: Search for the Head of John the Baptist

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 Season 2 Episode 5 watch on VUDU (Paid)

It is potentially one of the greatest archaeological discoveries in the history of Christianity., the ruins of one of the oldest monasteries in Europe. Here, under the location where the altar once stood, scientists have dug up an exquisite marble box holding what they believe to be the bones of John the Baptist, the man who baptized Jesus. If the date of the bones lines up with the Bible's profile of John, could it finally solve the mystery of what happened to his remains after his beheading, 2,000 years ago?

National Geographic Explorer: Secret Lives of the Apostles

Aug 29, 2012 Season 2 Episode 4

In a mere three or four decades, the seeds of a global religion spread across the Roman Empire. In an age with no Internet, no mass media, no planes, trains or fossil fuel, how did it happen? National Geographic investigates the mysterious decades following Jesus' death, and the group of 12 common men who traveled thousands of miles, risked their lives and sacrificed everything to spread Jesus' message.
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National Geographic Explorer: Omens of Apocalypse

Aug 29, 2012 Season 2 Episode 3

The year 2011 gets off to a disturbing start. On New Year's Eve, blackbirds die in Beebe, Arkansas by the thousands. Nearby, fish and more birds perish. Then a wave of unsettling animal deaths seems to sweep the globe. Are the deaths connected? A wide-ranging story begins with an investigation of the blackbirds' death and ends by assessing how the human mind is inspired, or derailed, by seeming patterns or coincidences in nature.
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National Geographic Explorer: Narco Bling

Aug 29, 2012 Season 2 Episode 2

Using the wealth, culture and seized bounty of Mexican drug traffickers - narco bling - as a jumping off point, correspondent Mariana van Zeller explores the strange and dangerous netherworld of the largest and most successful of the Mexican drug cartels, led by one of the world's most wanted criminals.
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National Geographic Explorer: Finding the Lost da Vinci

Aug 29, 2012 Season 2 Episode 1

Leonardo da Vinci's "The Battle of Anghiari" vanished 500 years ago, with only copies rendered by other artists left behind to confirm its existence. Scientist and art enthusiast Maurizio Seracini, has dedicated 36 years to tracking down the missing mural, and seems to be on the verge of uncovering the hidden fresco behind the walls of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy.
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