Teddy Breaks up With Peggy
01:33 — He no longer wants anything to do with her.
Deacon Won't Let Rayna Push Him Away
01:35 — He doesn't care what she's hiding.
The Men of Nashville
04:10 — Have you fallen for one of the men of Nashville yet?
Jolene Has a Secret Meeting With Dante
01:04 — She takes matters into her own hands.
Juliette Catches Jolene Kissing Dante
01:36 — Jolene confesses her feelings to Dante.
Scarlett Bails Gunnar Out, Leaves Him
01:23 — She can't be with him like this.
I'm Done Talkin'
00:57 — Deacon kisses Rayna.
Deacon Comforts Rayna at Lamar's Side
02:10 — Deacon is there for Rayna as she reels at her father's bedside.
Avery Replaces Deacon for Juliette
02:33 — A drunken Juliette sings about being used.
Avery Sings Anew, Too Late
02:41 — A changed man, Avery sings with heart once more.
Rayna and Deacon Get Back Together
01:11 — Rayna surprises Deacon at his door.
You Didn't Ever Deserve Her
02:18 — Gunnar and Avery fight.
Rayna's Daughters Perform Sound Check
03:00 — Daphne and Maddie get to perform a cover of The Lumineers' song "Ho Hey."
Gunnar and Scarlett Get Big News
01:14 — A big break for Gunnar and Scarlett.
Are You Gonna Quit On Me, Too?
01:14 — Deacon deals with drama.
Scarlett Kisses Gunnar Back
01:59 — They finally give in to each other.
Deacon Reveals His Past to Stop Gunnar
01:41 — Deacon tells his own story of guilt and destruction.
The Final Moments of Season 1
03:10 — Juliette sings "Nothing In This World."
Deacon Falls Apart, Turns Violent
01:40 — It's a side of Deacon we haven't seen before.
Juliette Blows up at the CMAs
01:54 — She finally goes too far.
Rayna's Record Label Sneak Peek
01:37 — Rayna's record label would like her to open for Juliette!
Father Daughter Talk
01:30 — Rayna and Lamar have a heated discussion about the past!
Hayden Panettiere Sings "Fame"
02:18 — Hayden Panettiere as Juliette Barnes in this performance of "Fame."
You Lied to Me
01:32 — How's it possible?
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