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Saturn's Death Star Season 5, Episode 8 Paid

A mysterious object is orbiting Saturn, and it looks just like the Death Star. New evidence might shed new light on the mysterious death of Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space. When a cuting-edge satellite vanishes, fears of a space war escalate.

The Moon's Strange Secret Season 5, Episode 7 Feb 3, 2018 $1.99

The last humans to walk on the Moon discover something strange on the lunar surface. A NASA scientist investigates a strange phenomenon responsible for horrific mass deaths. A landmark NASA mission threatens to destroy the reputation of an American hero.

The Sun's Evil Twin Season 5, Episode 3 Apr 26, 2017 $1.99

Two suns are photographed in the sky over Indonesia. Is it a trick of the light, or the first sighting of our Sun's evil twin? NASA scientists are baffled by ghostly white swirls on the Moon's surface. An astronaut disappears during his return to Earth.

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