• 2002
  • TV Show
  • TV-PG

Naruto trains to be a ninja while battling the demon within him.

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Departure Season 5, Episode 35 Dec 6, 2009 $1.99

Gaara transforms into Shukaku the Sand Spirit, and wins an impressive victory. After the battle, some discover new paths to follow, and Naruto decides to become even stronger by going on a training journey with Jiraiya. - This Episode is part of Season 4, Volume 4

(Sub) The Counterattack! Season 5, Episode 33 Nov 29, 2009 Free

Gaara's opponents are setting up a trap and he is later caught in their secret jutsu, the Reverse Scale Position, and his sand is completely sealed.

Sand Alliance with the Leaf Shinobi Season 5, Episode 32 Nov 22, 2009 $1.99

Shino, Hinata, and Neji search out the enemy while Shikamaru waits for the right moment to attack. The true intentions of the Four Celestials is to capture Gaara. - This Episode is part of Season 4, Volume 4

Bringing Back Reality Season 5, Episode 29 Nov 15, 2009 $1.99

Tsunade believes that Menma has some connection to the Hidden Sound Village, and Naruto and the others head to the Land of Rice Paddies to check into Menma's Memories. - This Episode is part of Season 4, Volume 4

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