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Latest Episode: (Dub) Mifune vs Hanzo

Aug 02, 2012 Season 5 Episode 272 watch on Hulu (Free)

Kankuro’s Commando Unit is cornered by Hanzo’s poison attack. Fortunately, Mifune and his Fifth Company arrive in time to provide assistance.

Puppet Fight: 10 vs. 100!

Apr 27, 2011 Season 2 Episode 26

Sakura and Granny Chiyo are engaged in a fierce battle with Sasori, who is able turn himself into a human puppet. They somehow bring Sasori down within the time limit, but he ends up reviving.
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Three Minutes Between Life and Death

Apr 20, 2011 Season 2 Episode 25

Sakura destroys the Third Kazekage puppet thanks to a secret antidote she had taken. Sakuro explains to a surprised Granny Chiyo that this antidote converts the poison into harmless protein and is effective for about three minutes.
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The Third Kazekage

Apr 13, 2011 Season 2 Episode 24

Sakura counters the Iron Sand attack of the Third Kazekage puppet with superhuman strength. She learned from Tsunade that the most important skill of a Medic Ninja is the ability to evade an attack.
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Father and Mother

Apr 06, 2011 Season 2 Episode 23

Chiyo and Sakura take cover, and Sasori wastes no time unleashing a ruthless attack. Chiyo fights back to protect Sakura, but in an instant the Father and Mother puppets are sealed by the Iron Sand.
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Under the Starry Sky

Mar 30, 2011 Season 2 Episode 22

The lone surviving priest is carried into Hidden Leaf Village where he reports the destruction of the Fire Temple.
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Sasori's Real Face

Mar 23, 2011 Season 2 Episode 21

Granny Chiyo and Sakura manage to expose Sasori, who amazingly looks no older than he did twenty years earlier. Chiyo is even more shocked at the second puppet that Sasori produces.
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The Quietly Approaching Threat

Mar 16, 2011 Season 2 Episode 20

Work continues in Hidden Leaf Village to erase the scars of battle. As he watches Konohamaru and the others helping with the reconstruction, Iruka sees how his students have matured.
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My Friend

Mar 09, 2011 Season 2 Episode 19

Naruto desperately tries to suppress Nine Tails' chakra and get through to Sora's heart and soul. Naruto's comrades are helpless against Sora's powerful chakra and can only stand by and watch.
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Charge Tactic! Button Hook Entry!!

Mar 02, 2011 Season 2 Episode 18

Teams Kakashi and Guy reach the Akatsuki hideout. They hurry to infiltrate but are thwarted by a five-seal barrier. The only way to break the barrier is to remove all five seals at once.
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The Death of Gaara!

Feb 23, 2011 Season 2 Episode 17

Teams Kakashi and Guy take a short rest. Granny Chiyo watches Naruto dozing off and is reminded of Sasori as a child. The pursuit resumes, and when Chiyo wonders why Naruto puts such effort into rescuing Gaara...
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The Secret of Jinchuriki

Feb 16, 2011 Season 2 Episode 16

Chiyo and Kakashi realize that the attack was just a diversion, and that the Akatsuki have already begun the process of extracting the Tailed Beast from Gaara. Granny Chiyo explains to Naruto and Sakura the connection between the Tailed Beast and the Jinchûriki...
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The Secret Weapon is Called....

Feb 09, 2011 Season 2 Episode 15

Granny Chiyo and Sakura rescue Naruto from Itachi's genjutsu. Without a moment's delay, Kakashi begins a counterattack.
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Revived Souls

Feb 02, 2011 Season 2 Episode 14

In order to stop the impending disaster, Asuma rushes toward the electric generator system. There he sees the Guardian Shinobi Twelve who have come to life once more through Revival Jutsu after their graves were robbed.
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Lockdown of Darkness

Jan 26, 2011 Season 2 Episode 13

Under cover of a giant power outage, Furido begins his assault on the Hidden Leaf. The village immediately goes on alert, but Furido's men put up a barrier, and everyone in the village is trapped inside.
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The Jet-Black Signal Fire

Jan 19, 2011 Season 2 Episode 12

Tsunade catches Danzo in a secret meeting with a ninja from the Hidden Rain Village. But the ninja turns out to be a spy for the Hidden Leaf.
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The Two Kings

Jan 12, 2011 Season 2 Episode 11

By chance, Naruto and Sora get Asuma to coach them. Under the guidance of Asuma's iron fist, they immerse themselves in training with Wind Chakra.
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Jan 05, 2011 Season 2 Episode 10

Yamato believes that the assailants were not grave robbers but were after Sora. He decides to appoint Sora to Team Kakashi as a temporary stand-in for the injured Sai.
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Dec 29, 2010 Season 2 Episode 9

Sora confronts Furido, the mysterious figure who has broken into the hidden graves. Impressed by Sora's unusual strength, he admonishes him, "You should reevaluate how you use that power Heaven has blessed you with," and disappears, leaving him with a cryptic message that he is an old friend of his father.
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Vicissitudes of Life

Dec 22, 2010 Season 2 Episode 8

Team Kakashi is split up by the enemy's Earth Summoning Jutsu. They are forced to fight the attacking assassins, but the enemy has the advantage since they know the lay of the land.
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A New Enemy

Dec 15, 2010 Season 2 Episode 7

Word comes that the last of the hidden graves has been broken into. Naruto and the others go after the coffin, but it turns out to be a trap.
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Dec 08, 2010 Season 2 Episode 6

At the Fire Temple, Chiriku explains to Team Kakashi that the hidden tombs hold the guards of the Land of Fire's feudal lord. At one time Chiriku and Asuma were members of that organization.
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Robbed of Sleep

Dec 01, 2010 Season 2 Episode 5

Team Kakashi is ordered to resolve the frequent vandalizing of graves at the Fire Temple. When it becomes clear that the vandals aren't after the possessions buried with the dead, Yamato suspects that they want the corpses of the ninja buried in the four hidden tombs near Fire Temple.
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Nov 17, 2010 Season 2 Episode 4

Learning that his chakra is of the "wind" type that is outstanding for fighting, Naruto puts more effort into his training.
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Nov 10, 2010 Season 2 Episode 3

Naruto begins to train with Kakashi. Kakashi finds it exhausting working with Naruto, who can't understand anything explained to him.
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Nov 03, 2010 Season 2 Episode 2

Naruto has a strange nightmare several days after their failure to bring Sasuke home. Even after he awakens wisps of the dream keep haunting him.
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Oct 27, 2010 Season 2 Episode 1

Sasuke's desire for revenge remains firm, no matter how hard Naruto tries to talk him out of it. Yamato tries to take Sasuke by force, but interference by Orochimaru brings things to a quick close.
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