Naked and Afraid XL

  • 2015
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Two strangers try to survive without food, water or clothes in harsh environments around the world.

Fish Over Friendship
01:48 — In separate camps, Alana and Shane both attempt to get larger sources of much-needed protein. But when one teammate is successful, the question of whe (more…)
Slow Survival: Starting Fire
05:58 — In need of heat, Eva and Laura use their survival skills in order to start a fire.
Week 7 X-Posed
02:11 — Questions of whether or not to share protein, what camp to stay in, and whether or not to stay in the challenge all arise late in the challenge. Look (more…)
Thorn to Be Bad
01:41 — The walk to find a source of water leads EJ and Jeff through a wall of black palm, which has piercing needles that can dig into flesh and break under (more…)
Week 3 X-Posed
01:46 — More victories, more disappointments, one more tap out. Here’s the recap of this week’s Naked And Afraid XL.
Slow Survival: Hunting for Eel
04:28 — Hungry? Follow the guys as they hunt for an electric eel.
Week 8 X-Posed
02:33 — In the final leg of the Naked And Afraid XL challenge, the two teams split for extraction. See the highs and lows of the final eight survivalists’ jou (more…)
Week 6 X-Posed
02:15 — The survivalists are nearing their breakpoints as they strive for Day 40. With one more tap out and some big decisions made, these are the highlights (more…)
Honora Makes Her Return
01:17 — After finding himself partnered with Honora, Chris becomes concerned that she was not able to complete her initial Naked And Afraid challenge.
Cheers to Turtle Testicles
01:59 — The day’s off to a good start when Ryan got a turtle for breakfast. But mealtime takes a funny turn when two survivalists volunteer to eat what turned (more…)
Surviving Nude vs. Surviving Clothed
01:55 — The survivalists agree that there is a major advantage to surviving with clothes. One of the most vulnerable parts of the body is the feet.
Mysterious Predator Stalks Survivalists
01:23 — In the daytime, Jeff, EJ, and Shane see the pawprints of the predator that's been stalking their camp. With a three-foot stride, this predator could b (more…)
Men vs. Eel
01:37 — At their new camp location near Piranha Lake, EJ, Jeff, and Shane spot an electric eel. Risking the shock of 600 volts, they go in for the kill.
Dani's Walkabout
01:19 — Dani J. takes longs walk to hold herself mentally and emotionally, even if her team doesn't understand. On this walkabout, she encounters a pack of ri (more…)
These Survivalist Are a Different Breed
01:45 — After another victorious protein kill, Jeff and EJ decide not to share their feast for the first time. Their decision makes them realize that as much (more…)
Week 5 X-Posed
01:43 — Our survivalists passed the halfway mark of the Naked And Afraid XL challenge, but not without great trials of physical and mental strength. Get caugh (more…)
A Long Way to Go
02:17 — The extraction for this challenge is unlike any other the survivalists have endured. Swimming, hiking, and rock climbing are all necessary... and that (more…)
Slow Survival: Mudding up
05:20 — When you're spending 40 days in the wild, you will be amazed what one must do in order to find protection from the sun. Alana and Dani show us what a (more…)
Week 2 X-Posed
01:33 — Catch up on this weeks' highlights and lowlights on Naked And Afraid XL, including small victories and big blowouts.
Breakfast of Champions
01:50 — Deperate for protein and a higher source of protein, Luke, Chris, and Laura scavenge small creepy-crawlers for breakfast to tide the large team over u (more…)
Week 4 X-Posed
01:41 — With group transformations, separations, celebrations, and desperation, this week’s Naked And Afraid XL was chock full of survival excitement. Watch t (more…)
Journey in the Sun
01:07 — In search for a more abundant camp for the second half of the challenge, the Cano Verde team makes an epic trek across the blazing hot savannah.
How Many Naked Neighbors Is Too Many?
01:52 — Jeff shows the 5-person team the lay of the land around his camp with EJ and Shane. Both teams have questions about whether or not they should camp to (more…)
Week 1 X-Posed
01:43 — From survivalists arrivals to a tap out, this week’s Naked And Afraid XL had it all! Here are the highlights and lowlights from the premiere episode.
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  • Premiered: July 15, 2015
  • Rating: None
  • Premise: Two strangers try to survive without food, water or clothes in harsh environments around the world.