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Urban legends are investigated.

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Blow It Out of the Water
04:14 — Can you ever really blow a ship out of the water in one piece? Adam and Jamie test the literal meaning of the phrase.
Can a Star Wars Blaster Bolt Be Dodged?
04:15 — Somehow our favorite heroes in a galaxy far, far away always manage to dodge the blaster bolts of their foes. But could a human actually dodge the bla (more…)
Jamie Hyneman's U-2 Pressure Suit Testing
01:32 — Jamie is tested on his ability to operate the flight suit and emergency systems in the U-2 flight simulator. If the pressure suit fails at the U-2's o (more…)
Blue-Blooded Dummy Build
01:41 — Can the impact from a drone propeller be deadly? Adam casts a neck out of ballistics gel and blue blood to find out.
Dangerous Driving Trailer
01:09 — Get a glimpse into just WHY Discovery Channel named this MythBusters episode "Dangerous Driving."
Ode to Boom
01:24 — We’ve collected some of our favorite booms in one place, and put them to — what else? — the 1812 Overture. Enjoy!
How Long Until Hypothermia
02:47 — Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage test how long it would have taken for hypothermia to overwhelm Jack, from the movie Titanic, in the 29-degree waters he (more…)
Blow It Out of the Water Aftershow
10:00 — Jamie and Adam discuss everything from the episode's ginormous safety concerns to where they got the M60 to who’s most like Breaking Bad’s Walter Whit (more…)
Flights of Fancy Trailer
01:11 — See what’s in store when Jamie and Adam take on the final frontier: space.
Does "Essence of Dead Sharks" Work As Shark Repellent?
04:06 — Can the smell of a dead shark act as a repellent for sharks in attack mode? Jamie and Adam hop in the water and find a shiver of sharks to put this m (more…)
Supernatural Shooters Trailer
01:15 — See which special guest star helps Adam and Jamie take aim at Hollywood’s infallible hit men and their seemingly supernatural ability to take down a t (more…)
Supernatural Shooters Aftershow
06:58 — What’s Jonathan Banks like in real life? How do you keep gun myths from getting boring? Is MythBusters fun even in the rain? Your questions answered.
Sharks vs. Humans
01:18 — Sure, sharks may seem scary. But let Adam Savage put things in perspective for you.
MythBusters Final Season Sneak Peek
01:03 — See what's in store on the last season EVER of MythBusters, coming in January 2016.
Explosion Special Trailer
01:04 — Come on now, you didn’t think we’d end the series without a final myth from the patron saint of MythBusters -- MacGyver -- did you?
MythBusters vs. Jaws Aftershow
08:48 — Was it Jamie or Adam who first saw Jaws on a date? Were they surprised by their results? What’s up with that place with all the dead sharks? You asked (more…)
Lethal Lawn Mowers MiniMyth
03:45 — Adam and Jamie find out whether a stone shot from a lawn mower can have the same power as a bullet shot from a .357. This is one myth that starts wit (more…)
Breaking Bad M60-in-the-Truck Setup
02:02 — See how Jamie and Adam replicated the infamous M60-in-the-truck scene from Breaking Bad’s incredible finale.
Flights of Fantasy Aftershow
10:36 — How did the MythBusters pull off a U-2 flight? Why did Adam fly in the U-2 and not Jamie? And why did Jamie fly the drones and not Adam? Your question (more…)
Breaking Bad Finale Breakdown
04:04 — Adam and Jamie take on one of the biggest tv myths around, Walter White's booby trap from the Breaking Bad series finale.
Accidental Ammo Aftershow
08:55 — Perhaps even more interesting than the inside facts about this episode are Jamie's stories about mowing - or, more exactly, NOT mowing - the lawn when (more…)
Water vs. Fuse
01:16 — If you ever wondered whether a toilet bowl's water would immediately extinguish a cherry bomb's lit fuse, wonder no more.
The Myth Strikes Back Aftershow
08:16 — Jamie and Adam address why they did so many tests, how they made their volcano and whether they’re excited for Star Wars VII.
Creating Homemade Road Spikes With Flair
02:19 — Adam Savage creates homemade road spikes and adds a special touch to finish them off. Having them pretty in pink is essential for TV.
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