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Indiana Savage
01:01 — An absolutely delighted Adam gives a tour of his Indiana Jones costume, from beaver-felt hat to wool pants.
Indiana Jones Trailer
01:43 — Being able to dress as Indiana Jones for two weeks was honestly a highlight of Adam's life. See what else is in store for the Indiana Jones Special.
Simpsons Aftershow
07:57 — Jamie and Adam discuss the challenges of taking on a cartoon world, and why they love the Simpsons so darn much.
Wrecking Ball High-Speed
02:03 — Yes, Homer did save his house from the wrecking ball. Here's the proof. (We know. Jamie and Adam were surprised too.)
Blow It Out of the Water Aftershow
10:00 — Jamie and Adam discuss everything from the episode's ginormous safety concerns to where they got the M60 to who’s most like Breaking Bad’s Walter Whit (more…)
Blow It Out of the Water High Speeds
02:52 — This episode had some of the best high-speeds in MythBusters history. Here’s the best of the best.
The Gentle Art of Tapping
01:53 — ICYMI, cutting threads into something is called tapping, and some people are afraid of it. Adam Savage, on the other hand, LOVES it. Watch and learn.
Grand Finale High-Speeds
03:01 — Watch MythBusters’ finale high-speeds ever, from Buster on the rocket sled to, yes, the infamous cement truck.
Duct Tape Trebuchet
01:55 — Adam and Jamie build a ginormous trebuchet without any bolts or screws. The only thing holding this baby together is good old fashioned duct tape!
Hello Censors
01:05 — Were the MythBusters ever censored in any way? Well, yes. Kari, Grant, Tory and Adam discuss.
Jaw Dropping Truck Wedge Editor’s Cut
01:52 — Our longtime MythBusters editor put together this cut of Adam driving through 14 years of series history just for you. (So many camera angles to choos (more…)
How MythBusters Saved a Woman's Life
02:15 — See how Kari, Grant, Tory, Jamie and Adam respond to hearing how one of their episodes saved the life of a woman and her child who's car was sinking i (more…)
MythBusters' Worst Day Ever
01:34 — Kari, Grant, Tory, Adam and Jamie talk frankly about the most terrifying and terrible day on the show ever: the cannonball incident.
02:44 — In this web-only clip, Grant, Kari, Adam, Tory and Jamie discuss some not-so-family-friendly subjects, including a MythBusters-inspired porn movie.
Celebrity Favorite Myths
01:20 — What’s your favorite MythBusters myth? Here's Vince Gilligan, Jonathan Banks, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Chris Hardwick's.
Grand Finale Trailer
01:11 — We saved the best for last. (And yes, there's a cement truck involved.)
Buster's Supersonic Goodbye
02:50 — After 14 years of dedicated service, it's time to say goodbye to the MythBuster who put his life on the line more than any other.
Adam Chokes up On a Walk Down Memory Lane
02:35 — Assembling props from the last 14 years of MythBusters to destroy was meant to make you nostalgic, but the result is a tearful Adam.
MythBusters Reunion Trailer
01:09 — That’s right, please welcome back Kari Byron, Grant Imahara and Tory Belleci to M5 for a heartwarming hour of reminiscing and revisiting!!!!
Reddit Special Aftershow
07:15 — How many usable submissions did Jamie and Adam get from reddit? Did the crew keep a straight face around the flatus machine? And why wasn’t Paper Bag (more…)
Adam's Fart Machine
04:00 — Adam constructs the most advanced artifical farting device yet devised by nature and the skill of man…and can't believe we can show it on TV.
Building a Poop Rocket
02:52 — In their farewell season Adam and Jamie test the fan favourite, explosive technology, in a one mega-myth in-depth episode - are gummy bears a viable r (more…)
Buster's 1000 Foot Drop
05:01 — Can Buster survive an 1,000 ft drop in a hamster ball? And if he does will Jamie really try it?!
Reddit Special Trailer
01:03 — We asked the front page of the Internet what we should test. Of course flatulence is involved.
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