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Latest Episode: Plane Boarding/Bite the Bullet [HD]

Aug 21, 2014 Season 16 Episode 7 watch on (Paid)

Adam and Jamie buckle up and return their seats to the upright position to test what really is the best, most efficient way to board an airplane. Tory, Kari, and Grant find out if a bullet made of teeth or even bone is non-traceable.

MythBusters Revealed

Apr 27, 2005 Season 3 Episode 27

Experience the funny moments, adventure and misadventures, mistakes and mis-experimentations of Adam and Jamie as they test the truth of modern myths.
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Chinese Invasion Alarm

Oct 19, 2005 Season 3 Episode 26

The MythBusters are actually taking a pot shot at an ancient Chinese text that alludes to a subterranean sonar system that could apparently detect and intercept an invasion from below. Also, if food's on the floor less than five seconds is it safe to eat?
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MythBusters Revisited

Oct 12, 2005 Season 3 Episode 25

Adam and Jamie take their detractors head on as they revisit some of their favorite myths. They're going to answer them once and for all and forever silence their critics! Also, Adam and Jamie get another chance to shoot high-powered rifles at Buster!
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Escape Slide-Parachute

Aug 14, 2005 Season 3 Episode 24

Jamie and Adam test the parachute qualities of airline evacuation equipment in their favorite mythbusting location-the Mojave Desert. After being stranded on a plane without pilot, fuel or parachute, Indy spots the emergency Life Raft...
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Killer Tissue Box

Aug 03, 2005 Season 3 Episode 23

'Killer Tissue Box' is an investigation into whether a tissue box can become a lethal missile in a car crash. In 'Split Arrow' the build team tests whether an archer can split one arrow with another, as the legendary Robin Hood was said to have done.
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Border Slingshot

Jul 27, 2005 Season 3 Episode 22

Adam and Jamie test the myth that immigrants are becoming human projectiles, firing themselves two hundred yards across the border and into the United States. They build a human sized slingshot to see if it's feasibly possible to fly over the frontier.
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Bullet Proof Water

Jul 17, 2005 Season 3 Episode 21

Adam and Jamie test two urban legends; in 'Bullet Proof Water' find out exactly how deep one must dive to survive a gunshot, and in '360 Degree Swing' find out if it is possible to get a swinger to go all the way around a swing set, up and over the bar.
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Killer Brace Position

Jun 22, 2005 Season 3 Episode 20

Adam and Kari go to a local raceway and drive a skills course, while being distracted on the cell phone, and then after knocking back some beers, to find out which is more dangerous. And, in their own homemade mock airplane they test "the brace position."
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Jet Pack

Jun 08, 2005 Season 3 Episode 19

Adam and Jamie embark on the longest and most ambitious build ever undertaken. The sky is literally the limit as they aim to take wing on their own personal flying machine. They set out to see whether these flying machines are as magnificent as claimed...
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Breaking Glass

May 11, 2005 Season 3 Episode 18

The mythbusters are testing a myth of operatic proportions -- Can a singer really break glass with just their voice? Ex rock singer, Jaime Vendera attempts a world first! Tory takes on building an explosive jet engine out of vacuum cleaner parts.
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Son of a Gun

Mar 31, 2005 Season 3 Episode 17

Jamie and Adam finally test a myth that has survived untried for nearly 150 years concerning an unfortunate Civil War soldier. They then discover how dangerous it is to use the phone or take a shower during a thunderstorm.
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Cooling a Six-Pack

Mar 24, 2005 Season 3 Episode 16

MythBusters answers three diverse questions. Was a crude form of battery invented more than two thousand years ago? Then learn how to rebuild a crash test dummy. Also, find the fastest way to cool a six-pack of beer.
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Is Yawning Contagious?

Mar 10, 2005 Season 3 Episode 15

Adam and Jamie try to determine whether toast really does fall buttered side down. Kari, Scottie and Tory set out to see if yawning is contagious. The whole team tests the myth that a toy car can beat a real car in a gravity slope race.
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Exploding Port-a-Potty

Mar 02, 2005 Season 3 Episode 14

Jamie and Adam put another zany car myth through the ringer. Can a broken drive shaft on the front joint of a car vault cause the car to pole vault after it hits a pothole? Revisit an old myth about port-a-potties and third degree burns.
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Salsa Escape

Feb 23, 2005 Season 3 Episode 13

Adam and Jamie investigate whether or not it's possible to bust out of jail using only salsa -- will mild or hot be the best choice? They also test to see if a massive amount of high explosive can break up a cement truck filled with hardened cement.
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Brown Note

Feb 16, 2005 Season 3 Episode 12

Adam puts his body to the test for science. Will he be able to withstand subsonic frequencies, or will adult diapers be his only hope with the Brown Note? Jamie and Adam put the legend Hollywood gunfights to the test, but can you really be blown away?
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Ming Dynasty Astronaut

Dec 05, 2004 Season 3 Episode 11

Buster takes the hot seat in the Mojave Desert in the myth of the 'Ming Dynasty Astronaut.' Will Buster defy the laws of gravity and survive an explosive launch into space? Adam and Jamie play mad scientists in the quest for free energy.
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Exploding House

Nov 21, 2004 Season 3 Episode 10

Jamie and Adam return to familiar territory -- blowing stuff up in the name of science. Armed with roach foggers and an abandoned apartment building, the guys find out if toxic fumes and bug bombs will prove to be an explosive combination.
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Boom Lift Catapult

Nov 10, 2004 Season 3 Episode 9

The MythBusters explore the myth of a boom-lift catapult. Buster volunteers to lend a hand, but can he overcome the raw power of a 30,000 pound piece of machinery, or will the boom-lift turn into the ultimate medieval catapult?
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Ping Pong Rescue

Nov 05, 2004 Season 3 Episode 8

Adam and Jamie put on wetsuits and get ready to take a dive for another myth busting experiment. Is it possible to lift a sunken boat from the ocean floor using only ping pong balls? The MythBusters try to salvage the MythTanic-2 with ping pong balls.
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Exploding Jawbreaker

Oct 27, 2004 Season 3 Episode 7

Jamie and Adam put the Killer Card myth under the microscope. Is it possible to throw a regular playing card fast enough to inflict bodily harm? And from deadly cards to killer candy...can a heated jawbreaker be more that just a sweet treat?
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Apr 21, 2005 Season 3 Episode 6

Jamie and Adam see whether Hollywood filmmakers got it right. Can you get rid of someone by dropping an electrical appliance into a tub and simply watch the sparks fly? In a truly electrifying experiment, the guys find out what actually happens...
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Beat the Radar Detector

Oct 13, 2004 Season 3 Episode 5

Jamie and Adam test an old myth claiming a gust of wind sweeps a man out of a building, only to sweep him back into a lower floor. Then the crew tests speed radar-busting tricks, from a disco ball hanging in a rearview mirror to covering a car in foil.
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Elevator of Death

Oct 06, 2004 Season 3 Episode 4

Jamie and Adam attempt to save themselves in a falling elevator by jumping just before it hits bottom. Then they challenge their imaginations and building skills as they try to create a homemade levitation machine.
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Ancient Death Ray

Sep 29, 2004 Season 3 Episode 3

Jamie and Adam reflect on one of the world's oldest urban legends -- did the Greek scientist Archimedes set fire to a Roman fleet using only mirrors and sunlight? And moving to more modern times, have you ever tried to remove the fetid funk of a skunk?
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Scuba Diver and Car Capers

Jun 15, 2004 Season 3 Episode 2

Adam and Jamie take on new myths! Can an unsuspecting scuba diver be sucked out of the water by a fire fighting helicopter and end up in the middle of a forest fire? And do Hollywood's zany motor-myths and car capers live up to their urban legend status?
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Myths Revisited

Jun 08, 2004 Season 3 Episode 1

Think the MythBusters always get it right the first time? In this episode, Jamie and Adam...with a little help from some viewers, revisit some of the most popular and controversial myths to find out if they can put their own experiments to the test!
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