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Latest Episode: Plane Boarding/Bite the Bullet [HD]

Aug 21, 2014 Season 16 Episode 7 watch on (Paid)

Adam and Jamie buckle up and return their seats to the upright position to test what really is the best, most efficient way to board an airplane. Tory, Kari, and Grant find out if a bullet made of teeth or even bone is non-traceable.

Poppy Seed Drug Test

Mar 07, 2003 Season 1 Episode 3

Find out if one poppy seed bagel can tilt the results of a drug test and whether balloons can carry a lawn chair. Is a body covered in gold paint able to breathe, or is this a glamorous way to die?
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Biscuit Bazooka

Jan 23, 2003 Season 1 Episode 2

Find out if a person can get stuck to an airline toilet while it's in flight, and whether or not there is such a thing as a biscuit bazooka. Take a look at the truth behind the urban legend of the leaping lawyer.
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Jet Assisted Chevy

Jan 23, 2003 Season 1 Episode 1

Can a '67 Chevy turn into a 350-mile-per-hour road warrior, and are Pop Rocks candy and soda a recipe for disaster? Hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage put urban legend to the test to find the truth behind these great stories.
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