One of TV's most durable and wholesome sitcoms is about widower Steve Douglas and his boys, who shared a house with their maternal grandfather, and later, their crotchety uncle. The series was originally scheduled to be a vehicle for the Lennon Sisters of `Lawrence Welk Show' fame. Characters came and went, but this was an endearing, highly rated series throughout its 1960-72 run; when it moved from ABC to CBS in 1965, Mike, the eldest, was written out, and replaced by adopted son Ernie.

Active Cast

Former Cast

Fred MacMurray Steve Douglas/Fergus McBain Douglas
Don Grady Robbie Douglas
William Frawley Michael Francis `Bub' O'Casey
William Demarest Uncle Charley O'Casey
Ricky Allen Sudsy Pfeiffer
Meredith MacRae Sally Ann Morrison Douglas
Barry Livingston Ernie Thompson Douglas
Tina Cole Katie Miller Douglas
Dawn Lyn Dodie Harper Douglas
Beverly Garland Barbara Harper Douglas
Joseph Todd Steve Douglas Jr.
Daniel Todd Robbie Douglas II
Ronne Troup Polly Williams Douglas