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My Name Is Earl Season 3 episodes

Camdenites Season 3, Episode 22

Conclusion. Substantial troubles continue to jeopardize Earl's karma-driven relationship with Billie (Alyssa Milano), prompting Earl to devote all his time to his to-do list, further irking a neglected Billie. read more

Camdenites Season 3, Episode 21

Part 1 of 2. Substantial troubles jeopardize Earl's karma-driven relationship with Billie (Alyssa Milano), and Earl seeks romantic counsel from his friends. read more

Girl Earl Season 3, Episode 20

As Earl and Billie (Alyssa Milano) decide to give romance a try, Earl inspires Billie to compose her own karmic list. Her first order of business is to revisit a grocery bagger---a victim of Billie's thieving past who's now down and out. Jon Heder also guest stars. read more

Love Octagon Season 3, Episode 19

After stirring awake from his coma, Earl sets out on finding that which is most important in his life---Billie (Alyssa Milano). Elsewhere, Darnell and Joy move into the Crab Shack after their trailer home is rendered unlivable. Michael Rapaport also guest stars. read more

"Camdenites" Season 3, Episode 18

In terms of one-liners and such this episode was pretty much the most jam-packed of the season Ill try to sum up the plot as quick as I can so we can get to as many funny moments as possible Things got started where they left off Billie was being a shrew and Earl tried his best to deal with it Wondering why karma gave him a raw deal Earl set about trying to find a solution He decided to throw himself full-throttle into working on the list after realizing that working hard was how his own father had dealt with his mothers quirks over the years However this brought him face-to-angry-face with other women who were not so happy with him namely Joy and Didi the one-legged girl After crossing them both off of his list Didis finally off after all this time Billie starts being a little nicer Earl figures that if he corrects all the misdeeds hes committed against women karma will reward him with a happy marriage This brings him to 204 Seduced Seven Virgins E read more

"Girl Earl" Season 3, Episode 17

At least Earl got to experience pure bliss with Billie for a little while he soon awoke to the realization that he had to gasp actually get to know the woman he just married It turns out shes not his 100 percent dream woman after all Her hodgepodge of quirks included ruining Earls chip-to-sandwich eating ratio intruding on Earls bathroom breaks and opining that Sammy Hagar beats David Lee Roth as front man of Van Halen her biggest sin in my book While he took Joys advice to learn to live with little annoyances Earl found it impossible where karma was concerned He was pleased when Billie made a list of her own and decided to cross Joel Maloney Jon Heder off a person Earl Billie and countless others stole from while he was at a competitive grocery bagger tournament However she considered bringing back the stuff she stole enough to undo the damage whereas Earl knew more was necessary Upon seeing the damage done to his house Joel punched a wall and read more

"Love Octagon" Season 3, Episode 16

Well lets not beat around the bush regarding the big news Earl and Billie got married It was great to see Earl in such suave and decisive form in his first post-coma order of business But as with every enjoyable Earl episode the real fun is in the journey not the destination Lets revisit the main stops along the way All of the main characters were out in full force tonight with the Crab Shack serving as the base of operations At the outset we learned that Joy Darnell and the kids have taken up residence at the bar since Earl tipped over their trailer But even though the children are using the pool table as a bunk bed and getting homework tips from local derelicts fixing that problem isnt on Earls radar for the time being Since Randys humorously stream-of-consciousness notes he had kept arent of much use Earl decides to enlist the help of Frank Michael Rapaport to find Billie I really enjoyed seeing Mike OMalleys Stuart character exerting major influe read more

"Killerball" Season 3, Episode 15

With Earl in a coma for the past few weeks Ive found myself wondering how on earth he can act as narrator so well Doesnt he need to remember things well in order to recount them We know that Randy wouldnt be able to tell him what happened with a great measure of detail Earl even made a funny allusion to it tonight when recounting a key moment in the Killerball game and saying I wish I remembered it It was a nice touch to the ultra-post-modern storyline weve been following recently As mentioned Earl was still in a coma this week but got kicked out of the hospital as Darnell said Its nice to see they throw out white people too So Randy wheeled him around and tried his best to take care of him while attempting to cross more things off of the list in hopes that Earl would awake As with most of Randys plans it was easier said then done But while he bit off more than he could chew Randy actually managed to right two wrongs in one episode Due to a brother and si read more

"No Heads And A Duffel Bag" Season 3, Episode 14

Kudos to Earl for taking a little break from the coma-dream storyline whether or not youre a fan of that you have to admit it felt good to watch Jason Lee perform some more traditional protagonist duties Not only that but this week was filled with quite a few standout lines and performances It was an episode comprised of nearly non-stop flashback and it worked wonderfully Randy decided to run another karma errand for Earl by attempting to make amends for an incident in which their parents vacation was ruined Of course he had to finally fill them in on the little details Earls in a coma and oh yeah he was in prison for a while there too At Earls bedside straight-laced Carl Hickey relives the vacation incident which turns out to be an epic tale involving a duffel bag full of marijuana Beau Bridges and Nancy Lenehan always turn in great performances as the elder Hickeys but they shined especially bright this time around The scene of them as youths at W read more

"Stole A Motorcycle" Season 3, Episode 13

I try my best to call them like I see them and after seeing this episode Im sadly forced to call it lackluster More often then not if the first half of an Earl episode moves a little slow it gives way to a lightning-quick laugh-fest in the second half This wasnt one of those episodes Last week Randy watched as crossing an item off of Earls list led to a miraculous upswing in his vital signs Determined to help his brother emerge from his coma Randy spent his time this week trying to make up for another of Earls misdeeds he and Randy once stole a motorcycle from the Teutul family of American Chopper fame appearing here in a cameo which almost made the Hilton appearance seem good by comparison Almost The slant on this mission was that Randy and Earl went on an alcohol bender after stealing the bike so Randy with Joy and Darnell had to piece together the night detective-style in order to locate it Now normally this is the part of the blog where I inject a fe read more

"I Won't Die With A Little Help From My Friends" Season 3, Episode 12

Well its been a while but now that all the poster boards have long been collecting dust a new episode of Earl has finally been unleashed and it did not disappoint After NBC President and CEO Jeff Zucker got the ball rolling with a quick recap and a good-natured joke or two about the writers strike we were back in Camden County Earl and Billie were of course right where we left them unconscious in the street As Randy commandeers an ambulance in order to rush him to the hospital Earl dreams of starring in a sitcom since TV has always been a source of solace This was an excellent way to kick off Earls return I think the onscreen dichotomy between the actual episode and a farcical send-up of classic TV really drove the point home that these writers are right on the cutting edge Also it was in this imagined show that the big buzz surrounding tonights installment played out Paris Hilton fresh off of her latest box office flop The Hottie and the Nottie read more

"Bad Earl" Season 3, Episode 11

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays Of course we all missed Earl during the holiday season but we couldnt miss the holiday season during Earls much-anticipated return we rejoined the gang just as they were getting ready to celebrate Christmas But first they celebrated Earls release from prison in true style complete with eggnog make that martini with an egg in it The festivities were lost on Earl though as he quickly began reassessing his relationship with karma once he got his list back Losing faith he dragged his feet during his next outing as a do-gooder Unable to understand why hed recently been dealt such a rotten hand he was one step away from going back to his old ways Enter Ralph We havent seen him in a while and his return was glorious As usual Giovanni Ribisi churned out a stellar performance Part of the reason hes so enjoyable to watch in this role is that you can plainly see how much fun hes having and he had some great material read more

"Early Release" Season 3, Episode 10

Tonights Earl definitely delivered Last week we saw the warden shred Earls time-off certificates bad move In one of the best showings of the ensemble cast so far this season the entire crew got in on a plan to break Earl out the prison weve patiently watched him languish in for months And it couldnt have been funnier To start things off Earl was thrown into solitary after confronting the warden A clever montage followed my favorite part being Earls participation in various prison activities while in a smaller portable solitary confinement box After being brought back into the prisoner barracks with the warden assuming Earl would play ball he instead begins plotting his breakout along with Randy Paco and the hilariously inept Frank With that crew Im surprised the plan to spring Earl was so clever But come to think of it all the daring and cleverness was actually pulled off by Joy and Darnell with a little help early on from Catalina That scene where t read more

"Burn Victim" Season 3, Episode 9

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving It was somewhat of a blessing that there was no new Earl last week I was definitely in the middle of a good nap at the time Thankfully there was nothing at all drowsy about tonights episode Once again Earl has the opportunity to shave time off of his sentence by coming to the aid of the warden However this was for all the marbles his last six months are to be wiped away give or take ten days All he needs to do is successfully implement a convict-victim reconciliation program originally ill-conceived by the warden as a face-to-face fight opportunity Two men enter one man leaves While it seems easy enough Earl has his hands full with John the Artist Clevinger and his parents the mother being played by Connie Ray whom I always associate with my days of watching reruns of Torkelsons on The Disney Channel I have to say though that my favorite part involving the parents was Darnell convincing them to meet th read more

Our Other 'Cops' Is On! Season 3, Episode 8

Conclusion. He's a bad boy, bad boy, what's he gonna do? Earl's past bad behavior continues to cross the airwaves when a locally filmed episode of "Cops" is presented. read more

Our Other 'Cops' Is On! Season 3, Episode 7

Part 1 of 2. A locally filmed episode of "Cops" features a wealth of bad behavior that is all tied to Earl in some way. Meanwhile, Kenny's escalating resentment for Earl is caught on film. read more

Frank's Girl Season 3, Episode 6

When fellow prisoner Frank (Michael Rapaport) is dumped by his girlfriend (Alyssa Milano), Earl tries to bring the two back together again. Meanwhile, Joy and Catalina become entangled in a knotty situation. read more

Creative Writing Season 3, Episode 5

The gang has the write stuff when Earl attends a prison class on creative writing, which inspires the others to take pen to paper. While Earl suffers a nasty case of writer's block, Randy flourishes in his written imaginary world, and Catalina crafts a soapy story about romance with a hunk (Miguel Varoni). read more

The Frank Factor Season 3, Episode 4

While in jail, Earl encounters a fellow prisoner named Frank (Michael Rapaport), who just happens to be Earl's old chum and Joy's former coworker. Frank reflects on his long-and-winding road to prison, which sheds light on Earl and Joy's first meeting. read more

The Gangs of Camden County Season 3, Episode 3

The prison warden (Craig T. Nelson) asks for Earl's help to end the growing problem of gang fighting in the jail yard. Meanwhile, Randy continues to have trouble adjusting to life without Earl and seeks to reunite with his jailed sibling. read more

My Name Is Inmate #28301-016 Season 3, Episode 2

Conclusion. Earl continues to tangle with a jailhouse bully; man-child Randy works to adapt to life on the outside without his big brother. read more

My Name Is Inmate #28301-016 Season 3, Episode 1

Part 1 of 2. Earl has difficulty adapting to life behind bars, particularly when he runs afoul of a jailhouse bully. Problems continue outside of jail, as Randy has trouble adjusting to life without Earl, so Joy takes the boy-man under her wings. read more

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Premise: A petty crook sets out to make amends for his life in this quirky comedy created by Greg Garcia ('Yes, Dear'). Jason Lee brings an endearing warmth to the title role of Earl, who wins $100,000 on a lottery card, and loses it when he's hit by a car. In the hospital, Earl experiences an epiphany---courtesy of Carson Daly, of all people---and resolves to right his wrongs. Along for Earl's ride: his ne'er-do-well brother Randy and a sexy motel maid.


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