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My Name Is Earl Episode: "Inside Probe"

Season 4, Episode 25
Episode Synopsis: Part 1 of 2. The news show "Inside Probe" arrives in Camden to investigate the vanishing of Crab Shack owner Ernie Belcher. The story finally airs eight years later---with Earl and Randy emerging as the suspects. Guest stars include Geraldo Rivera and racer Michael Waltrip.
Original Air Date: Apr 30, 2009
Guest Cast Geraldo Rivera: Himself Michael Waltrip: Himself
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Season 4, Episode 25
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Aired: 4/30/2009
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My Name is Earl Episode Recap: "Inside Probe, Part 2" Season 4, Episode 25

This week brings with it the conclusion of the Inside Probe episode. With this installment, it seems we discover the philosophy behind making this two-parter save the best for last. Everyone came out swinging tonight, and with a tighter plot and even funnier material, it was hard for them to miss.

Perhaps what slowed down the first installment was the fact that we had to go through the quick bios of each character for the sake of the non-existent Inside Probe audience. It gave us some humorous moments, but we already know the characters. This time around we only had to deal with the requisite recap of what had already happened. I especially enjoyed the newspaper headlines concerning Earl (Jason Lee) and Randy (Ethan Suplee) (Hickeys Probably Guilty and Guilty: Toldja!) And before launching into everything, we were treated with the first of many well-aimed jabs at investigative programs as our host Geraldo Rivera promised we would dig. a little deeper. in the earth. to find the treasure chest. of this mystery.

With Earl and Randy exonerated, Geraldo explores a series of alternate theories. First up is Ernie having been abducted by aliens. Of course, no one's too surprised when Randy claims to see lights from a possible UFO in the sky. But others saw strange things that night too. Joy (Jaime Pressly) saw lights and a strange person who she thought might have been Jesus, but if it was Jesus, why wouldn't he just say, 'Hey, Joy, what's up?' Next is Officer Stuart (Mike O'Malley). Remember, this is long before he came out of the closet and began dating Kenny James. During the interview, he proceeds to weave a tale of how he extremely reluctantly went undercover to infiltrate a secret gay dance party in the woods, where he witnessed lights in the sky. After all, he drew the long straw. Isn't it the short straw? No, it's the long straw. Lastly, there's a quick interview with Nescobar-A-Lop-Lop, who's apparently been firing rifles at Goodyear blimps.

Next up, is the theory that Ernie was murdered due to a conflict dating back to the Civil War. At this point we learn about Camden's short lived involvement as the Central, a small faction wishing to not take sides with either the North or South, but rather seeking a compromise. Led by Gen. Jefferson Washington Hickey, all members of the Central were killed by members of both the North and South shortly after forming. Some members of the community still fly the Central colors proudly, such as Randy, Joy, and Ernie. As Geraldo spells it out, perhaps he was killed for flying the Central flag on top of the Crab Shack by someone unsympathetic to the cause. If true, it certainly wasn't Joy, who yells in Darnell's (Eddie Steeples) face during a commercial that when Civil War II starts, the Central will rise again!

Another theory is that Ernie was somehow killed as a result of his not-so-secret involvement with underground kinky sex. Not only was he a frequent customer of Patty the Daytime Hooker (Dale Dickey), but it also turns out that he made fetish videos, usually starring some of our favorite Camden locals. Of course, these are paraded in front of the Inside Probe audience. Joy's involves her dressed as a school girl while repeatedly kicking Tim Stack's agent Wifrid in the groin. We also get to see Earl eating macaroni and cheese from a woman's shoe. Most disturbingly, Randy's video involves him putting on lipstick while a man asks him if he's pretty. Yes, I'm pretty, he mumbles while crying. Completely unfazed about performing in the videos, Catalina's (Nadine Velazquez) involves her wrestling Stack with her legs. Stack, of course, doesn't remember this and hilariously states that people tell me I was on a show called Parker Lewis Can't Lose for three years, but I don't remember that.

While this part of the investigation unfolds, it comes out that Ernie also had video cameras set up throughout the bathroom. Joy takes Geraldo on a tour, but it is he who uncovers the VCR behind the hand-dryer. The climactic find is humorously delayed as the tape takes about five seconds to eject, while Geraldo looks into the camera. Before the contents are revealed, an interview with Darnell provides a piece to the puzzle. In one of my favorite moments of the night, we get to see it as a cheesy computer-animated reenactment. The Darnell graphic even shakes his head at one point like the real Crabman. The story is that Darnell noticed someone messing with the Central flag. When he went to confront the intruder, the man was knocked into an antenna (I think — I was laughing pretty hard at this point) which caused an explosion, explaining the alien lights that some had seen.

This brings us to Inside Probe's big find. The videotape contains footage of Ernie's last moments. As Darnell was about to confront the man on the roof, Ernie was going to the bathroom to put in a new tape. However, fresh cement had recently been laid on the floor. As Ernie finds difficulty balancing on the boards laid down in the cement, the explosion occurs on the roof, which sends him falling backwards into the cement, where he was fully encased, except for his nose. At this, everyone who's watching Inside Probe piles into the bathroom to witness it for themselves. Amazingly, they always assumed it was a nose-shaped doorstop, among other moronic ideas. They all say their goodbyes to their friend and pat his nose before heading back to the bar as if nothing special just happened. But it's Randy who stays behind for the last laugh. In case you're still alive and breathing through your nose, I wanted to let you know I forgive you for the toothpicks . . . but not for the fish-wings! He then holds the nose to kill Ernie in case he's still alive.

All in all, I thought this, coupled with part I, was an enjoyable curve ball to get thrown our way, as Earl moves toward its season finale. Geraldo had some great lines to ham it up with, which we'll get to in a minute. Also, some of my favorite Patty the Daytime Hooker lines were featured. What were your favorite moments?

  • Patty discusses how much of a gentleman Ernie was: "Once, during a sexual act, it began to rain. Ernie held his shirt over my head so my hair wouldn't get wet. I felt like a princess."
  • Later, Patty quips, "Just when you think you've seen it all, someone comes along with a green wiener."
  • Ernie to Geraldo: "That's a nice 'stache. Do you put some kind of conditioner on it? Yes, but it's very expensive."
  • Freeze frame on Darnell mid-sentence. Geraldo says, "What was he about to say before we decided this would be a good dramatic break before we go to commercial?" In the present, Joy asks Darnell what he was about to say. He takes a bite of a sandwich and chews while holding his finger up. Then we go to actual commercial.
  • In Ernie's bathroom mirror camera, we see Geraldo psyching himself up before going on camera: "Never show weakness! Never show weakness! You're a rock star! (pulls out wad of cash) This is what they pay you, 'cause you're worth it!" Someone yells from the stall, "Who is that?" In falsetto, Geraldo says, "It's not Geraldo.
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This week brings with it the conclusion of the Inside Probe episode. With this installment, it seems we discover the philosophy behind making this two-parter save the best for last. Everyone came out swinging tonight, and with a tighter plot and even funnier material, it was hard for them to miss. read more

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