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My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 1 episodes

The Best Night Ever Season 1, Episode 26

The ponies attend the Grand Galloping Gala, but are disappointed when their expectations of the affair are not met. read more

Party of One Season 1, Episode 25

Pinkie Pie frets over the lack of response to her party invitation. read more

Owl's Well That Ends Well Season 1, Episode 24

Spike grows jealous of Twilight's new friendship with an owl. read more

The Cutie Mark Chronicles Season 1, Episode 23

Frustrated Cutie Mark Crusaders ask the ponies to share how they got their marks. read more

A Bird in the Hoof Season 1, Episode 22

Fluttershy tries to help the Princess's sick bird, without her permission, and the ponies try to help smooth over the situation. read more

Over a Barrel Season 1, Episode 21

The ponies mediate a land dispute between the Apple-loosans and a herd of buffalo. read more

Green Isn't Your Color Season 1, Episode 20

Rarity hopes to get noticed as a designer with Fluttershy's help as a model for her dresses, but Fluttershy is the one who becomes the star. read more

A Dog and Pony Show Season 1, Episode 19

Diamond Dogs force Rarity to find jewels for them. read more

Show Stoppers Season 1, Episode 18

The Cutie Mark Crusaders enter a talent show. read more

Stare Master Season 1, Episode 17

Fluttershy is overwhelmed when she babysits the Cutie Mark Crusaders. read more

Sonic Rainboom Season 1, Episode 16

Rarity disrupts a race while enjoying her new wings (courtesy of Twilight's magic) and watching Rainbow Dash compete. read more

Feeling Pinkie Keen Season 1, Episode 15

Twilight Sparkle tries to understand Pinkie Pie's ability to predict the future. read more

Suited for Success Season 1, Episode 14

Rarity becomes overwhelmed by details as she makes party dresses for her friends. read more

Fall Weather Friends Season 1, Episode 13

The ponies' competitive spirit takes over when they compete in the annual Running of the Leaves. read more

Call of the Cutie Season 1, Episode 12

Apple Bloom's concern about her missing cutie mark sparks her to find a purpose in life. read more

Winter Wrap Up Season 1, Episode 11

Twilight Sparkle prepares for the Winter Wrap-Up without using her magic. read more

Swarm of the Century Season 1, Episode 10

Ponyville is overrun by Parasprites, multiplying creatures with big appetites, forcing the ponies to search for a solution before everything is eaten. read more

Bridle Gossip Season 1, Episode 9

A zebra is blamed for an illness afflicting the ponies. read more

Look Before You Sleep Season 1, Episode 8

Rarity and Applejack have a disagreement at Twilight's slumber party. read more

Dragonshy Season 1, Episode 7

Equestria is threatened by a sleeping dragon's smoky emissions, so Fluttershy tries to persuade the beast to move away. read more

Boast Busters Season 1, Episode 6

The ponies look to Twilight for help when Trixie, a magic pony, boasts so much that she becomes annoying. read more

Griffon the Brush-off Season 1, Episode 5

Pinkie Pie feels left out when Rainbow Dash's old friend arrives and attracts Rainbow Dash's attention. read more

Applebuck Season Season 1, Episode 4

Applejack works hard to harvest the Applebucks in Ponyville by herself. read more

The Ticket Master Season 1, Episode 3

Twilight Sparkle must choose a friend to accompany her to the Grand Galloping Gala after she gets two tickets from Princess Celestia. read more

Friendship Is Magic - Part 2 Season 1, Episode 2

Twilight and the ponies hunt for magic stones that will help relight Equestria and find its missing princess. read more

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Premise: Twilight Sparkle, a shy unicorn from Equestria, learns about friendship through her adventures with five ponies she meets in Ponyville.



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