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Latest Episode: A Very Special Boy / Knights of the Multiplication Table

Jul 27, 2008 Season 4 Episode 10 watch on (Paid)

"A Very Special Boy" Adam discover the only reason he's never been eaten or seriously maimed at CDMS, is because of his "special" status. Adam demands the status be removed, and when it is, he finds out the true meaning of "survival of the fittest." "Knights of the Multiplication Table" Phinneas daydreams of a world where he and the Spiffies are heroic knights sent by King Pixiefrog to rescue Lady Warthog from the evil Jake Dragonmonkey.

Uniformity / Pants In Space

Jan 05, 2007 Season 2 Episode 13

"Uniformity" -- It's spring at CDMS and that can only mean one thing, time to impress all the other kids with your sense of fashion. But this year the competition for top fashionista gets so out of control that Pixiefrog institutes a school uniform policy. A strange side effect of the new uniforms is that everyone except Adam starts acting overly "proper". Adam's bored spitless and conspires with Dickie Sugarjumper to return the school back to its old, less mannered ways. / "Pants In Space" -- Jake goes out for what he thinks is the Space Program, but turns out to be a cheesy group of monkey acrobats.
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Pranks for the Memories / Talking Teddy

Nov 17, 2006 Season 2 Episode 12

"Pranks for the Memories" -- Jake thinks Adam is trying to usurp his title as CDMS' resident "Prank Master General." Soon, Adam is unwittingly embroiled in a prank war that he wants no part of. / "Talking Teddy" -- Windsor enrolls his ventriloquist's dummy, TEDDY TRUMAN, at CDMS, and no one but Adam seems to realize the annoying puppet isn't a real living creature. What's even stranger, is the fact that the normally unflappable Windsor thinks Teddy is alive – and stranger still, Windsor is afraid of him!
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Have Yourself a Joyful Little Animas, Pts. 1 & 2

Sep 10, 2006 Season 2 Episode 9

"Have Yourself a Joyful Little Animas, Pts. 1 & 2" -- It's the hottest day of the year, meaning it's time for the annual multi-day animal holiday, ANIMAS, which celebrates animals and their instincts. Sadly for Adam, he has no animal instincts, at least not any that he knows of, so he finds himself left out of the festivities. Worse, Adam’s lack of instincts are infringing on everyone’s fun, and if he doesn’t find his animal instincts, Animas will be ruined!
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Jake's Day Off / Lupe In Love

Aug 31, 2006 Season 2 Episode 8

"Jake's Day Off" -- Jake decides to take a day off from school. But in typical Jake fashion his day off from school is going to be spent at school – enjoying all the facility has to offer without those annoying classes getting in the way. Now when Jake takes the day off, so must his best pal. A worrying Adam is persuaded to join Jake and the two "borrow" Pixiefrog's scooter to take for a spin. Pixiefrog hears rumors of Jake's "excursion" and spends the school day repeatedly falling short of busting the boys as they cruise around CDMS in style. / "Lupe In Love" -- Lupe falls in love with ORLANDO PARROT, a bird who tells her all the things she likes to hear. Sadly for Lupe, the only "Pretty Bird" Orlando fancies, is his own reflection in the mirror.
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Ain't Too Proud to Egg / The Two Jakes

Aug 21, 2006 Season 2 Episode 7

"Ain't Too Proud to Egg" -- In a school assignment designed to teach responsibility, Adam, Jake and the gang are given eggs to care for. But when the eggs hatch, Adam realizes fatherhood is more than it’s cracked up to be! / "The Two Jakes" -- Adam wonders how Jake manages to juggle all the responsibilities of a modern kid, while he himself has a tough time. Turns out, Jake had himself cloned. Adam is shocked, especially, when Jake presents Adam with a clone of his own! At first Adam enjoys having a clone do all his work for him. Unfortunately, the clones are a bit unruly, and they manage to get Adam and Jake into more trouble than ever.
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I Fear Pretties / Magic Fish

Aug 15, 2006 Season 2 Episode 6

"I Fear Pretties" -- Margaret Rhino learns from Adam that she's rare, and becomes intolerably arrogant, angering her two best friends, Joanie and Latanya. But when Adam soon learns that she’s not rare, he feels obligated to tell her the truth, and somehow reunite the threesome. / "Magic Fish" Adam rescues a stranded fish and is granted a magic "fish wish". He dismisses the wish as foolish nonsense but quickly discovers his animal pals think differently. Since he's not going to use it, they reason, why not use it on them? Adam refuses and things get tense with Adam ending up being chased around CDMS by an angry animal mob. Cornered, he tells the fish that he "wishes things were like they were before he got the wish." To his chagrin, Adam instantly finds himself transported back to the moment just before he was granted the wish.
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Poop Scoop / Leaf of Absence

Aug 08, 2006 Season 2 Episode 5

"Leaf of Absence" -- Principal Pixiefrog's worst nightmare comes true when he’s successfully sued for the first time in his career. He takes some time off to "get my tiny head together" but ends up going to pot. When Principal Wolverine shows up (a mean cuss with a penchant for yelling and biting) and makes things miserable around the school, it's up to Adam and Jake to pull their favorite frog out of his funk and return him to his rightful place at the top of the CDMS food chain. / "The Poop Scoop" -- The CDMS school paper is closing down, since no one reads it, and sawdust is a cheaper option for lining the bathroom floors. Adam suggests they write an issue that people will want to read, and the others take this to mean one thing – GOSSIP! Soon, the paper is back in business, fueled by endless blind items about "A CERTAIN HUMAN STUDENT AT CDMS!"
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Disregarding Henry / Nice Moustache

Jul 31, 2006 Season 2 Episode 4

"Disregarding Henry" -- When Jake hears Henry Armadillo sing, he quickly enters him into the school talent show and books him a TV gig, without realizing how terrible he is. Will Adam be able to stop them before Henry makes a fool of himself on national television? / "Nice Moustache" -- Jake wakes up one day with a big, bushy moustache. His whole world changes, and he decides to leave school to follow his moustache wherever it leads him. Adam, Windsor and Slips do their best to save their friend, but in the end, it turns out the moustache was just a fuzzy caterpillar lounging on Jake's upper lip.
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The Times They Are Exchangin / Cool Kids

Jul 19, 2006 Season 2 Episode 3

"The Times, They Are Exchangin'" -- Adam goes back to his old school during an exchange program, and realizes things aren’t exactly as he remembers them. Jake joins him, and has trouble distinguishing Adam from the other humans. / "Cool Kids" -- While taking polar classes in the refrigerated part of the school, Jake falls in with a crowd of "cool kids" (a fox, polar bear, 3 penguins) and completely shines Adam and the rest of his old friends. It takes Adam secretly recording the cool kids for Jake to realize that they're really jerks who are only using the little monkey because of his superior flea and tick picking abilities.
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