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Latest Episode: A Very Special Boy / Knights of the Multiplication Table

Jul 27, 2008 Season 4 Episode 10 watch on (Paid)

"A Very Special Boy" Adam discover the only reason he's never been eaten or seriously maimed at CDMS, is because of his "special" status. Adam demands the status be removed, and when it is, he finds out the true meaning of "survival of the fittest." "Knights of the Multiplication Table" Phinneas daydreams of a world where he and the Spiffies are heroic knights sent by King Pixiefrog to rescue Lady Warthog from the evil Jake Dragonmonkey.

Kerry to Dance?

May 26, 2006 Season 1 Episode 13

"Kerry to Dance?" Pt. 1 & 2 (1/2 hour) -- Both Jake and Ingrid want to go with Adam to the school dance... So when Adam asks his human friend Kerry to be his date, things get messy.
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Supplies Party / She's Koala That

Apr 21, 2006 Season 1 Episode 10

"Supplies Party" -- When his human friends and animal friends both accidentally get invited to his birthday bash at the local pizza palace, Adam has to find ways to keep the two groups apart or risk embarrassing himself in front of his old school's BMOC. / "She's Koala That" -- Ignoring warnings from his pals, Adam befriends a sad little koala named Deidre. Soon, he discovers why no one wants to be her friend – she's a depressing drag. Deidre is thrilled to have a friend, and when it becomes clear that Adam will never get rid of her, Jake and Lupe step in to help – by giving her a makeover.
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Two Tons of Fun / Docu-Trauma

Apr 14, 2006 Season 1 Episode 9

"Two Tons of Fun" -- After discovering a stash of Mr. Hornbill's unsent love letters to Mrs. Tusk, Adam and Jake agree to coach the painfully shy Mr. H in developing techniques to woo the cafeteria lady of his dreams. / "Docu-Trauma" -- When a nature documentary filmmaker comes to Charles Darwin Middle School, she focuses on Adam, thinking he's some sort of freakish missing link. Adam does his best to avoid her intrusive video camera, but she proves tenacious. Adam winds up the unwitting star of the award-winning documentary, "Pants, the Mysterious Mutant Creature of Charles Darwin Middle School."
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It's the Scary Old Custodian, Adam Lyon / My Science Project

Apr 07, 2006 Season 1 Episode 8

"It’s the Scary Old Custodian, Adam Lyon" -- It's Howl-o-ween at CDMS and Adam will do just about anything to get away from the incessant howling – including going down to the depths of the school’s scary boiler room to retrieve a file for Principal Pixiefrog. What lurks in this murky netherworld? A scary old custodian left over from the school’s human days and a trick ending courtesy of P. Frog himself! / "My Science Project" -- Jake accidentally ruins Adam’s project for the school Science Fair. To make up for it, Jake has a robot arm implanted in his skull. Soon, Jake and Adam discover the robot arm has a mind of its own!
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Law & Odor/ Yesterday's Funny Monkey

Mar 24, 2006 Season 1 Episode 7

"Law and Odor: Special Hall Monitors Unit" -- After receiving a number of school citations, Jake and Adam are sentenced by the student court to Hall Monitor Duty. Adam is appalled when he discovers major corruption on the force, and he tries to root it out while Jake takes advantage of every "perk" o' the job. / "Yesterday's Funny Monkey" -- Jake discovers that his butt makes people laugh –- so he does the logical thing and uses it like a puppet. His talking buttocks routine is a rousing success, and he’s crowned the new CLASS CLOWN. A top joke writer, DICKIE SUGARJUMPER approaches Jake with some new material, but the monkey is blinded by fame and shuns him. Ultimately, Jake discovers just how short-lived a class clown’s career can be.
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Amazon Kevin / Grub Drive

Mar 17, 2006 Season 1 Episode 6

"Grub Drive!" -- Adam and Jake have to sell candy for the annual school fundraiser. Unfortunately, the candy they're selling is CHOCOLATE COVERED GRUBS, and nobody's buying. / "Amazon Kevin" (formerly known as JUNGLE JED) Pandemonium breaks out when AMAZON KEVIN, the rootin'-tootin' animal wrastlin' star of TV's "Amazon Kevin's Wild Animal Takedown" comes to school for an assembly. Who could possibly invite a guy who beats up animals for a living to an all-animal school? Adam, that's who, and it'll be up to him to stop the animals from tearing poor Amazon Kevin limb from limb!
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The Sheds / Shiny Thing

Mar 10, 2006 Season 1 Episode 5

"The Sheds" -- Hysteria breaks out at CDMS when Slips comes in with a case of "the sheds" and everyone thinks he’s contagious. It takes a quirky educational film about "Animal Changes" to make the student body realize the coincidental transformations they’re experiencing are just part of growing up. / "Shiny Thing" -- Against school policy, Jake brings a shiny glass ball (actually a doorknob) to school. Everyone but Adam is mesmerized by the glistening orb, and it isn’t long before Jake is using it to hypnotize students and faculty into doing his bidding! Adam, being the only one un-affected by the shiny object, must stop Jake before he can do too much damage.
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Chew On This / The A Word

Feb 24, 2006 Season 1 Episode 3

"Chew On This" -- Adam’s offhanded complaint about the lack of “human food” in the cafeteria causes a lawsuit-fearing Principal Pixiefrog to replace ALL of the school’s usual foodstuffs (grubs, oats, slop) with pizza, corndogs, hamburgers and other things humans eat. Unfortunately, the animals at CDMS like this new food a little too much, and they quickly grow larger and larger and larger and larger, to the point that they can barely move or fit through doorways. Adam has to find a way to get the entire school on a diet, or risk being smothered by all that fat! / "The 'A' Word" -- After a brush with Bull Sharkowski, Adam describes the bully as "going ape" in front of Jake. His monkey buddy grows very quiet before running off bawling. Thinking that he must’ve insulted Jake, Adam spends the next several days apologizing, but nothing seems to work. Finally, Adam tackles Jake, demanding to know why he won’t accept an apology for the insult. Jake admits that the term isn't an insult (it's actually the ultimate monkey compliment) and that he was just jealous that Adam didn’t use the term to describe him.
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Animal Testing / Inoculation Day

Dec 26, 2005 Season 1 Episode 1

"Inoculation Day" -- When Adam is accidentally inoculated with MONKEY BOOSTER, he "goes ape," turning into a crazed, pants-less monkey! It’s up to Jake and the faculty to hunt down MONKEY ADAM and bring him back to his senses before he drives everyone bananas! / "Animal Testing" -- Much to his dismay, Adam is placed in the advanced class with the dorky super-smart kids, but after playing dumb in attempt to get kicked out, Adam comes to embrace his intelligence until he realizes he’s gone too far over to the "dork side."
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