My Girlfriend Is a Nine-Tailed Fox

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Latest Episode: Episode 16

Saturday, September 20, 2014 Season 0 Episode 16 watch on

Miho reveals the secret she's been keeping from Dongju from the start. Daewoong and Miho's love for one another may prove to break the curse.

Episode 15

Sep 20, 2014 Season 0 Episode 15

After breaking things off with Miho, Daewoong begins to regret his decision. Miho prepares to begin her new life with Dongju as Seonju Park.
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Episode 14

Sep 20, 2014 Season 0 Episode 14

Miho and Daewoong decide to take matters into their own hands, but they are unsure if their plan to save each other's lives has worked.
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Episode 12

Sep 20, 2014 Season 0 Episode 12

After Daewoong confesses his feelings to Miho, Dongju's suspicions about Miho prove to be more than coincidences.
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Episode 9

Sep 20, 2014 Season 0 Episode 9

Hyein continues her investigation on Miho and Daewoong's relationship. Miho has yet to tell Daewoong that she is becoming human and is losing her powers.
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Episode 8

Sep 20, 2014 Season 0 Episode 8

Daewoong begins to question his feelings for Miho. Hyein becomes suspicious about how Daewoong and Miho met.
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Episode 7

Sep 20, 2014 Season 0 Episode 7

Dae Woong is forced to choose between Hyein and Miho. Miho gets her first "human" job, and Daewoong's new action skills get praise from his director.
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Episode 2

Sep 20, 2014 Season 0 Episode 2

With nowhere to go, Dae Woong is stuck with Miho, who wants to be human in exchange for giving Dae Woong her magic orb.
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Episode 1

Sep 20, 2014 Season 0 Episode 1

Dae Woong dreams of becoming a famous actor. Miho dreams of being set free. The two meet by chance when Dae Woong unwittingly frees her from the painting.
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