My Favorite Martian

1963, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Pay the Man the $24

May 01, 1966 Season 3 Episode 32 watch on Hulu (Free)

Tim tampers with history when he goes back in time ? and talks the Indians out of selling Manhattan.

My Nut Cup Runneth Over

Apr 24, 1966 Season 3 Episode 31

Martin's molecular reassembler turns a squirrel into a human.
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Stop the Presses, I Want to Get Off

Apr 17, 1966 Season 3 Episode 30

A beam from Martin's regenerator gives Mrs. Brown power to foresee the future.
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Horse and Buggy Martin

Apr 03, 1966 Season 3 Episode 29

A mosquito bite causes Martin to act like a race horse.
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Martin Meets His Match

Mar 27, 1966 Season 3 Episode 28

Martin summons Leonardo da Vinci for help in fixing his spaceship.
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Our Notorious Landlady

Mar 20, 1966 Season 3 Episode 27

Martin's personality alternator turns Mrs. Brown into a thief.
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Virus M for Martin

Mar 13, 1966 Season 3 Episode 26

Trouble begins when Tim contracts a Martian virus.
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Doggone Martin

Mar 06, 1966 Season 3 Episode 25

Martin turns himself into a liquid ? and is lapped up by Tim's dog.
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When You Get Back Home to Mars, Are You Going to Get It

Feb 27, 1966 Season 3 Episode 24

Trouble begins when Martin's Martian nephew lands on Earth ? and tells everyone where he's from.
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When a Martian Makes His Violin Cry

Feb 20, 1966 Season 3 Episode 23

A gypsy curse causes Mrs. Brown to drop anything she picks up.
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Feb 13, 1966 Season 3 Episode 22

Tim is kidnapped by sinister CRUSH agent Butterball.
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Martin the Mannequin

Feb 06, 1966 Season 3 Episode 21

In a department store, Martin is frozen into a mannequin-like pose.
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Man from Uncle Martin

Jan 30, 1966 Season 3 Episode 20

Martin helps Mrs. Brown's brother build a robot that does household chores.
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TV or Not TV

Jan 23, 1966 Season 3 Episode 19

A short circuit in Martin's transmitter puts him and Tim on nationwide TV.
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Martin's Revoltin' Development

Jan 16, 1966 Season 3 Episode 18

An invisible Martin is photographed capturing an escaped criminal.
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