My Favorite Martian

1963, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Pay the Man the $24

May 01, 1966 Season 3 Episode 32 watch on Hulu (Free)

Tim tampers with history when he goes back in time ? and talks the Indians out of selling Manhattan.

Portrait in Brown

Jun 27, 1965 Season 2 Episode 38

One of Martin's odd gadgets makes Mrs. Brown two-dimensional.
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Time Out for Martin

Jun 20, 1965 Season 2 Episode 37

The time machine takes Tim and Martin back to 13th-century England.
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El Señor from Mars

Jun 13, 1965 Season 2 Episode 36

In Mexico, Tim and Martin witness the opening of an ancient box.
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The Green Eyed Martian

Jun 06, 1965 Season 2 Episode 35

Mrs. Brown is deluged with suitors after dousing herself with Martian "irresistible spray."
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A Martian's Sonata in Mrs. B's Flat

May 30, 1965 Season 2 Episode 34

A Martian drug turns Mrs. Brown into a piano virtuoso.
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The Martian's Fair Hobo

May 23, 1965 Season 2 Episode 33

Martin thinks he has made contact with a Martian space patrol.
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Never Trust a Naked Martian

May 09, 1965 Season 2 Episode 31

Despite warnings, Tim touches Martin's antennae ? and disappears.
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'006 3/4

May 02, 1965 Season 2 Episode 30

Tim accidentally gets mixed up with a fleeing secret government agent who is involved with a deadly organization called CRUSH. This leads Tim to go undercover with Uncle Martin by his side helping him stay out of trouble.
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Uncle Martin's Bedtime Story

Apr 25, 1965 Season 2 Episode 29

Mrs. Brown's electronic bed receives brain waves from Martin.
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Once Upon a Martian Mother's Day

Apr 11, 1965 Season 2 Episode 28

On Martian Mother's Day, Martin spots his mother's look-alike.
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Uncle Baby

Apr 04, 1965 Season 2 Episode 27

Martin feels that his youth is fading and asks Tim to help him rejuvenate himself with the aid of Black Light. However, things go awry when Tim screws up the process and Martin gets turned into an infant.
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The Magnetic Personality and Who Needs It

Mar 21, 1965 Season 2 Episode 25

An experiment goes haywire, turning Martin into a walking magnet.
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Stop or I'll Steam

Mar 14, 1965 Season 2 Episode 24

Color Martin green when he sees Brennan flirt with Mrs. Brown.
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Gone But Not Forgotten

Mar 07, 1965 Season 2 Episode 23

Martin's invisibility mechanism goes haywire ? everything he touches disappears.
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Crash Diet

Feb 28, 1965 Season 2 Episode 22

Tim tinkers with Martin's ship, shrinking it to the size of a toy.
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Humbug, Mrs. Brown

Feb 21, 1965 Season 2 Episode 21

Martin's thrift lessons turn Mrs. Brown into a miser.
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Uncle Martin and the Identified Flying Object

Feb 07, 1965 Season 2 Episode 19

Martin loses control of his power to move large objects.
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Martin Report #1

Jan 31, 1965 Season 2 Episode 18

To prove that childhood is unnecessary, Martin adopts an orphan girl.
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Gesundheit, Uncle Martin

Jan 24, 1965 Season 2 Episode 17

Martin suffers from temporary amnesia attacks, brought on by Martian hay fever.
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How're Things in Glocca Martin

Jan 10, 1965 Season 2 Episode 16

Tim's great-uncle demands to know where Martin fits on the family tree.
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The Case of the Missing Sleuth

Jan 03, 1965 Season 2 Episode 15

The Case of the Missing Sleuth: Detective Brennan dissolves himself with Martin's molecular separator.
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Won't You Come Home, Uncle Martin, Won't You Come Home?

Dec 27, 1964 Season 2 Episode 14

Tim's enemies increase rapidly after he basks in Martin's benevolence bulb.
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To Make a Rabbit Stew-First Catch a Martian

Dec 20, 1964 Season 2 Episode 13

A rabbit eats a Martian vitamin pill ? and becomes 6 feet tall.
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Don't Rain On My Parade

Dec 06, 1964 Season 2 Episode 11

A rainmaker offers his services during a dry spell.
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The Great Brain Robbery

Nov 15, 1964 Season 2 Episode 8

To help Tim meet expenses, Martin tutors an obnoxious child.
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Extra! Extra! Sensory Perception!

Nov 01, 1964 Season 2 Episode 6

Martin pleads with Tim not to invite a psychic into the house.
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Three to Make Ready

Oct 11, 1964 Season 2 Episode 3

Martin considers that perhaps it would be nice to remain on Earth permanently.
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The Memory Pill

Oct 04, 1964 Season 2 Episode 2

Martin gives Tim a machine that promises to perfect his memory.
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Dreaming Can Make It So

Sep 27, 1964 Season 2 Episode 1

Tim catches Martin dreaming, and learns that he can actually observe a martian's dreams.
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