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Sat Jul 30 12:00pm
Darkness Comes Knocking(Season 7, Episode 2) ANIMAL

A relationship's in jeopardy when a woman is repeatedly attacked by her boyfriend's cat, which has also begun tormenting their new puppy; a couple move into their dream home, but their four cats have turned it into a war zone where the two females bully th (more…)

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Sat Jul 30 1:00pm
Brooklyn Cat Fight(Season 8, Episode 6) ANIMAL

A woman's afraid of her cat and keeps it in a pet carrier outside her house; a Brooklyn couple are at odds over the feud between their two cats.

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Sat Jul 30 2:00pm
Woody the Killer Kitty(Season 7, Episode 9) ANIMAL

A man lives in fear of his girlfriend's cat; a couple worry about their adopted cat's behavior and wonder if it caused their other cat so much anxiety it died.

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Sat Jul 30 3:00pm
Katrina Storms In(Season 8, Episode 2) ANIMAL

A woman feels abused by her cat and is ashamed that she doesn't how to stop it; a family is divided over a cat they rescued from the aftermath of a hurricane because it keeps spraying all over the house.

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Sat Jul 30 4:00pm
Crazy Cat Opens Doors(Season 8, Episode 1) ANIMAL

In the Season 8 premiere, a cat's aggressive behavior has a couple worried about their baby, and a cat with a wild side opens doors to get outside and hunt. Also: a "My Cat From Heaven" segment on a lifesaving feline in Ohio.

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Sat Jul 30 5:00pm
Felines and Frenemies?(Season 8, Episode 9) ANIMAL

A tour of the Koneko Cat Café in New York City. Also: Two roommates' cats keep attacking each other; a mother and daughter struggle to care for a frightened feral cat.

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Sat Jul 30 6:00pm
A Brave New Cat World(Season 8, Episode 10) ANIMAL

Jackson goes to a shelter in Los Angeles to help an overaggressive cat, and ultimately gets involved in a new concept for the facility.

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