My Boys

2006, TV Show

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Latest Episode: My Men

Sep 12, 2010 Season 4 Episode 9 watch on (Subscription)

As Mike plans to throw a birthday party for his new girlfriend and Stephanie prepares to move to London, P.J. considers a promotion at the paper.

Spring Training

May 26, 2009 Season 3 Episode 9

P.J. faces new challenges on her first assignments to Cubs' spring training; A player's girlfriend uses Brendan to make her boyfriend jealous.
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Friends of Friends

May 19, 2009 Season 3 Episode 8

P.J. hits it off with one of Stephanie's girlfriends; Andy is unnerved to find that Kenny and Mike are pals with a guy who was his marriage counselor.
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Facebook the Past

May 12, 2009 Season 3 Episode 7

Bobby feels threatened when P.J. uses Facebook to get in touch with an ex-boyfriend from college.
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Madder of Degrees

May 05, 2009 Season 3 Episode 6

As winter turns to spring, the warm weather sparks romance for P.J., Bobby and their friends.
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Carpe Burritoem

Apr 28, 2009 Season 3 Episode 5

P.J. spends a week helping Brendan make better decisions; Andy plays in Kenny's band; Mike meets a new woman at Stephanie's relationship seminar.
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Decathlon: Part Deux

Apr 21, 2009 Season 3 Episode 4

The annual games decathlon weekend opens a rift between Bobby and P.J. when he accuses her of being too competitive.
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The Boyfriend Hat

Apr 14, 2009 Season 3 Episode 3

P.J.'s new promotion has Bobby worrying about how he should react.
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Private Eyes

Apr 07, 2009 Season 3 Episode 2

Though P.J. and Bobby try to keep their romance under wraps, their friends get suspicious and investigate.
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Welcome Back, Kalla Fötter

Mar 31, 2009 Season 3 Episode 1

In the wake of Bobby's canceled wedding, P.J. and the gang regroup back in Chicago.
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