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Sep 12, 2010 Season 4 Episode 9 watch on (Paid)

Mike wants to throw a birthday party for Marcia and recruits the gang to help him plan, but PJ is suddenly immersed by work. Meanwhile, Stephanie has a great career opportunity in London and Brendan has a very important decision to make.

Rome, If You Want To

Sep 10, 2007 Season 1 Episode 22

PJ decides to go to Italy alone and Stephanie is frustrated. However, Evan, Matt and Thorn come back into the picture leaving PJ confused. Meanwhile, Andy suggests a "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" experience exploring the city.
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110 Percent Solution

Sep 10, 2007 Season 1 Episode 21

PJ invites Evan over for a night of poker with the guys. Unfortunately things don’t go so well and Evan eventually brushes her off. Meanwhile, Andy buys a boat in an effort to offset his feelings of being a typical suburban guy.
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The Estates of Hoffman

Sep 03, 2007 Season 1 Episode 20

The gang goes to Andy’s housewarming in the suburbs but freaks out when he learns that Meredith is pregnant. Meanwhile, PJ meets Evan, a potential date for the Italy trip, and the guys all fight for a single mom’s affections.
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Second Chances

Aug 20, 2007 Season 1 Episode 18

PJ's old college flame Thorn, comes back into town. Brendan starts acting like a jerk since being named one of Chicago's sexiest bachelors. Meanwhile, Kenny hires Mike to work with him at the memorabilia shop.
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Dirty Little Secrets

Aug 13, 2007 Season 1 Episode 17

The gang discovers that Bobby comes from an exceedingly wealthy family. Stephanie’s car is repossessed. Meanwhile, PJ and gang think Kenny has invented a new girlfriend because after weeks of "dating" her none of them have met her.
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Aug 06, 2007 Season 1 Episode 16

PJ struggles with whether or not to date the new Cubs baseball player. Brendan makes a Chicago magazine's sexiest bachelor edition.
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Off Day

Jul 30, 2007 Season 1 Episode 15

PJ is asked to be on the panel of a popular sports TV show only to completely freeze up. Andy decides to bunk with Mike whenever he stays late in the city, but discovers that Mike doesn’t have a bed for him so the two go shop for one together.
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Promise of New Season

Jul 30, 2007 Season 1 Episode 14

Told partly in flashback, PJ tries to understand "the kiss" she shared with Brendan and why he’s acting so oddly towards her. Meanwhile, the gang is surprised when they meet Kenny’s new girlfriend Kimmie, who happens to be pregnant.
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Baseball Myths

Dec 28, 2006 Season 1 Episode 13

When PJ tells the guys that she and Brendan made out back in college, things start to get weird between them. Meredith wants to throw Andy a surprise birthday party and asks PJ to keep him busy the day of so she can prepare.
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Dec 27, 2006 Season 1 Episode 12

PJ goes on a 'mercy' date with old college buddy Keith and then can't get rid of him. Bobby tells Kenny that Mike is going to get fired and agree not to tell Mike to protect his pride.
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When Heroes Fall from Grace

Dec 27, 2006 Season 1 Episode 11

PJ and Andy's Aunt Phyllis visits Chicago for the weekend. PJ is thrilled because Phyllis is her hero but things get a little weird for her when Phyllis and Kenny hook up.
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Take One for the Team

Dec 26, 2006 Season 1 Episode 10

Trouty takes everyone to a super exclusive club, The Streisand, to hang out. Turns out Trouty is a welcomed guest of the club and is tight with its owner, Steve.
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Dec 26, 2006 Season 1 Episode 9

PJ is excited when Meredith goes out of town for the weekend and Andy decides to let loose. He goes into "fun Andy" mode and is partying and drinking non stop.
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Superstar Treatment

Dec 19, 2006 Season 1 Episode 8

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Free Agent

Dec 19, 2006 Season 1 Episode 7

PJ is slowly starting to feel like Hank may not be the best match for her because he doesn't mesh well with her friends.
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Clubhouse Poison

Dec 12, 2006 Season 1 Episode 6

Kenny's friend Trouty, who the guys don't like, joins the poker game. Meanwhile, PJ tries to get the guys to hang out with Hank. In return, PJ agrees to spend some time with Wendy.
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The Show

Dec 12, 2006 Season 1 Episode 5

PJ and Hank advance their relationship to the next level when he stays over. The next morning when they are on their way to breakfast, PJ sees Brendan with Wendy.
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The Slump

Dec 05, 2006 Season 1 Episode 4

The guys are all in a dating slump so they decide to take a pack mentality and go in search of women. PJ goes along with the intention of helping, but doesn't.
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Team Chemistry

Dec 05, 2006 Season 1 Episode 3

PJ introduces her new friend Amad to Stephanie hoping they will hit it off, but he only has eyes for PJ.
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Mixed Signals

Nov 28, 2006 Season 1 Episode 2

PJ in an attempt to be cool about things, confuses Bobby about whether or not she likes him.
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