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Two new guest stars to join My Boys

I'm happy to tell you about two of our guest stars in this Tuesday's episodes.In episode 105, you will meet Brendan's on-again, off-again girlfriend, Wendy, played by Lindsey Stoddart. Lindsey has been a longtime improv performer at the Improv Olympic West. She is a recurring character on My Boys, so you don't want to miss her introduction — clearly! In episode 106, Johnny Galecki makes the first of a couple of appearances on the show. He plays Trouty, the epitome of a bad hang. You may know him from Roseanne as Darlene's boyfriend. Johnny is an amazing actor. He is currently performing in a Broadway play called "The Little Dog Laughed." When we started shooting this episode, he had just finished a movie the night before. He didn't wrap until four in the morning and had been doing a scene in which he was crying and puking. (Apparently it was a drama — let's hope). Just a few hours later, he arrived on our set as a completely different character in a comedy. Well, I thou... read more

I have fallen in love with My ...

Question: I have fallen in love with My Boys on TBS. It is funny as well as being adult. I'm hoping that since it's on TBS, it won't need much to be a success?
Answer: Whatever the standards, early ratings results were positive for this little winner. I agree that this was a nice surprise. Clearly an attempt to do Sex and the City from a different angle (girl hanging out with a bunch of funny guys instead of girlfriends), but in its own modest way, it's more enjoyable than any live-action sitcom on, say, ABC or Fox ... read more

December 5, 2006: One Giant Dry Spell… Except for "Super-hot Fan"

I am absolutely loving this show. I'm tempted to quote too many funny lines, but I'll try to keep it at a minimum. I honestly feel that the timing of the casual back-and-forth of these characters is all too real for the usual comedy. Maybe the absence of a forced laugh from a live audience helps. Maybe it's a well-formed cast that fits more cohesively than others. But each person brings a certain element to the table — whether it's poker night or not.Brendan ("Brando") has model looks combined with this weepy, soft personality and gives in enough for PJ to bring out some extra sarcasm. "You left something in the living room." The fact that he let Traci (Brooke Nevin), the "Super-hot Fan," drag her feet around the apartment for almost a week just goes to show how much Brando wants to be adored. I'm wondering if we're ever going to meet Wendy — especially after Kenny went through his cell phone and found out the two had still been calling each other. I'm pretty confident w... read more

Eagerly awaiting week no. 2 of My Boys

Hey again — I hope you all enjoyed the first two episodes of My Boys and are waiting with baited breath for another installment. Well, let the hour-by-hour countdown begin because Tuesday is finally here! Thinking about the first of this week's episodes (Episode 102: "Team Chemistry"), I immediately go to this one scene at the bar (go figure) where Kenny (Mike Bunin) and Mike (Jamie Kaler) are having a tiff. Mike is jealous because Kenny is spending more and more time with Bobby (Kyle Howard). They actually improvised a lot of that scene. The dialogue was very funny as it was, but they just kept building on it. They seemed to make it snarkier with each take until they ended it on Bunin's ad-libbed line, "Drink until you like yourself," and Kaler's response, "That's a lot of drinks." Jamie and Mike are great improvisers together. Mike has been a regular performer at the Improv Olympic West for eight years. You can actually catch his show every Saturday night if you are in ... read more

November 28, 2006: "Are you cooking?"

A little late on the response here, but is anyone out there finding this new TBS series as lovable as I am? I have to say, among all the investigative, theory-swirling, fantasy shows out there — that sometimes give me more of a headache than anything else — it's nice to sit down to a half hour of plain comedy… with a twist. I know there are other well-received sitcoms out there (Two and a Half Men, How I Met Your Mother, even The Class), but since I'm not blogging about those, I have to applaud the creators of this show for the main reason I predict I'll continue tuning in: the cast. Jordana Spiro is the perfect fit for the role of PJ. (Check out Jordana's blog for her take on the show!) Her sometimes-raspy voice blends well with her tomboy personality, but combine that with her long blonde locks and cute demeanor and we've got ourselves a great poker player/sportswriter who manages to flirt subtly on the side. Enter Bobby (Kyle Howard). He certainly fits ... read more

My Boys' Jordana Spiro Tackles Sex and the Windy City

Jordana Spiro, My Boys

TBS, well-known for keeping the bawdy memory of Carrie Bradshaw & Co. alive via frequent reruns, now has a twist on Sex and the City to call its own: My Boys, premiering tonight (at 10 pm/ET) and starring Jordana Spiro as PJ Franklin, a Chicago Cubs beat reporter whose circle of friends is primarily fellas. (Think Alfonso Soriano as opposed to Manolo Blahnik.) asked the actress what it's like to "step up to the plate" as the star of TBS' first-ever original scripted comedy series. So, is the pressure on? You feelin' it?Jordana Spiro: [Laughs] You know, I'm not feeling pressure, no. I'm definitely feeling busier than I felt before, but not pressure. Let's say that PJ is 99 percent tomboy. What about yourself?Spiro: read more

An Introduction to Me and My Boys

Hey, readers. Thanks for showing up at my very first My Boys blog! So the first bit of business: Who am I? My name is Jordana Spiro, and I play PJ on TBS' new comedy series My Boys. I don't really know anything about blogging, except that it's apparently the wave of the future, and it's a fun word to say. That being said, I will do my best to make this interesting, and feel free to let me know if there is anything specifically you want to know about. I'm sure some of you ladies will soon develop crushes on several of the boys in my cast and will want to know details about them. Well, I pride myself on my honesty, so I will only charge a small fee for anything they have told me in private. Second bit of business: What is My Boys? And here it goes... My Boys: The Prologue (because it hasn't started airing yet — which it will on Nov. 28 at 10 pm/ET on TBS, shameless time-slot reminder). My Boys is about this girl, PJ, and all of her guy friends. PJ is a sportswriter for the Ch... read more

Conan's Jim Gaffigan Is a Pale Force to Be Reckoned With!

Jim Gaffigan, Pale Force

If you haven't watched Late Night with Conan O'Brien lately, you might not know that comedian Jim Gaffigan and his brother-in-law, cartoonist Paul Noth, have created a bit of a following with their Pale Force shorts. In fact, the animated adventures of Gaffigan as a pallid superhero and O'Brien as his whining sidekick so impressed NBC that they ordered 20 episodes to air on Late Night before being made downloadable by cell phone on the Peacock's website. spoke with Gaffigan about the colorless crime fighters as well as his role on the new TBS comedy My Boys. Is pale just a skin tone, or is it a state of mind? read more

Comedy Hits and Misses Scrubs returns while My Boys 10 Items or Less and Big Day debut

Words I've been waiting months to hear: "What new kind of crazy is this?" That rant from Dr. Cox signifies that Scrubs is finally out of hibernation, and delirious lunacy once again reigns at Sacred Heart Hospital. (Wait until you see the mileage they get out of Pop Rocks.) Fans of irreverent TV comedy can rejoice, because Scrubs is joining a terrific two-hour sitcom block on NBC on Thursdays (Scrubs airs at 9 pm/ET). Scrubs starts its sixth season with wacky slapstick confidence — don't miss the elaborate Blue Man Group gag — and an undercurrent of anxiety, as J.D., Turk, Carla and Cox all face parenthood issues with babies on the way. Does this mean they're growing up? Thankfully, not so you'd notice. It's still a blast. And while the competition (CSI, read more

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