Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse

  • 2012
  • TV Show
  • None

An international group of pilots work together to defend the earth from alien invaders.

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(Sub) White Darkness Season 1, Episode 24 Dec 9, 2012 Subscription

Christopher activates a mysterious device to try and manipulate the Scarlet Twins, but his plans go horribly wrong. With Inia and Cryska in a berserk trance and the BETA invasion imminent, will Yuuya be able to save the base?

(Sub) The Victory Song of the Dead Season 1, Episode 23 Dec 2, 2012 Subscription

Refueled and restocked, the remaining Eishi attempt to restore communication and warn the US of the BETA invasion. Meanwhile, Major Christopher and Lieutenant Sandek begin initiating plans of their own…

(Sub) Untainted Revenge Season 1, Episode 22 Nov 25, 2012 Subscription

Yuuya volunteers to take on the 24 TSFs that the RLF stole, and, with the help of Inia, manages to fight them off. The sudden appearance of BETA and the devastating revelation of America’s secret contingency plan set the stage for Muv Luv’s climax.

(Sub) The Future Tears Open Season 1, Episode 21 Nov 18, 2012 Subscription

The Refugee Liberation Front continue their takeover as Yuuya and the other uncaptured test pilots attempt to get to their TSFs and reclaim control of the base. Meanwhile, lieutenants Sandek and Dogulu plan to counter the invaders.