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The escapades of a fun-loving kitten and his animal pals are followed.

Musti Goes to the Moon / Carnival
09:22 — Episode 1: The night before Musti and his family are going on holiday on a plane, Musti dreams he goes to the Moon. Episode 2: Daddy makes Musti a mas (more…)
Ice Cream for Everyone / Snow Rabbit
09:28 — Episode 1: Mr. Rabbit gets ice cream for himself but not Miss Tortoise, so Musti plays a trick on him to teach him a lesson. Episode 2: A snowfall has (more…)
The Kite / Coco the Parrot
09:23 — Episode 1: Musti's kite gets stuck in a tree - how will he get it back?! Episode 2: On holiday, Musti gets lost but he gets some help from a new feath (more…)
Greedy / Sleigh Ride
09:24 — Episode 1: Greedy Miss Tortoise eats too much of Mummy's cake! Episode 2: Musti and Mr. Rabbit go sledging and unsurprisingly end up getting more than (more…)
At the Farm / The Rainmaker
09:21 — Episode 1: Daddy and Musti visit the farm and see all the different animals. Episode 2: Musti's friends are too hot so Musti cools them down with the (more…)
Thunder / The Thieving Magpie
09:19 — Episode 1: Musti and his friends are playing in the woods when a thunderstorm comes, scaring them! Episode 2: A Magpie has stolen Musti's Mummy's gold (more…)
New Neighbours / The Stubborn Bird
09:22 — Episode 1: Musti has new neighbours and so Mummy bakes them a cake, but Mr. Rabbit has his eyes on it! Episode 2: Musti and his friends try to convinc (more…)
The Snowman / The Christmas Tree
09:22 — Episode 1: Musti and Mr. Rabbit build a snowman, but struggle to keep him when the snow starts melting! Episode 2: It's Christmas in the Musti househo (more…)
In Love with Belle / Mr. Dog Is Hungry
09:27 — Episode 1: Mr. Dog is in love with Belle, Musti's neighbour's dog, so Musti helps him win her heart! Episode 2: Musti plays detective as he tries to f (more…)
Musti Tidies Up / Winter Sleep
09:25 — Episode 1: On a rainy day, Musti has to have fun indoors! Episode 2: Mr. Rabbit decides to hibernate with Miss Tortoise, but when he finds out she sno (more…)
Circus / Dolly the Dolphin
09:27 — Epsiode 1: Musti sets up his own circus with his friends! Episode 2: Musti is watching the dolphin show at the zoo and by giving the dolphin some fish (more…)
Big and Small / Thorns and Quills
09:20 — Episode 1: Mrs. Goat is missing a carrot and Musti suspects that Mr. Rabbit stole it - but did he? Episode 2: Musti helps Daddy do the gardening, when (more…)
Happy Birthday / Out of the Egg
09:25 — Episode 1: Musti and his friends pretend they have forgotten Boomer the horse's birthday so that they can surprise him later! Episode 2: Musti visits (more…)
Save the Tortoise / Musti's Garden
09:23 — Episode 1: Musti and his friends help Miss Tortoise during a flood. Episode 2: Musti gets his own patch in the garden, but what grows out of it takes (more…)
In the Aeroplane / Rescue at Sea
09:21 — Episode 1: Musti has fun on an aeroplane. Episode 2: Daddy rents a motorboat but the motor stops working and he and Musti are stuck out at sea. Luckil (more…)
Who Loves the Rain / Musti Is Ill
09:20 — Episode 1: Some of Musti's friends love the rain but others don't, like Mr. Dog whose kennel has flooded! Episode 2: All of Musti's friends come to se (more…)
Banana Boat / Underwater Treasure
09:21 — Episode 1: Musti and friends have fun on a banana boat - Daddy warns them to be careful but he ends up in the water! Episode 2: Whilst playing in a pa (more…)
Model Trains / Bongo the Monkey
09:24 — Episode 1: Musti and Sam play with their trains on Sam's birthday. Episode 2: Bongo the Monkey has escaped from the circus, so Musti and Daddy try to (more…)
The Timid Little Duck / Adventure in Winter
09:22 — Episode 1: Musti and Miss Tortoise help a little duckling learn how to swim. Episode 2: Mr. Rabbit gets stuck in the snow and it is up to Musti to res (more…)
Two Rabbits / Sun and Shadow
09:10 — Epsiode 1: Mummy and Musti go for a picnic with Mr. Rabbit, but when he goes to pick berries someone starts eating their carrots! Episode 2: Musti is (more…)
Hustle and Bustle in the Woods / The Missing Plank
09:19 — Episode 1: While going for a walk in the woods Musti meets Mr. Mole and helps him find his house. Episode 2: Mr. Dog is angry because one of the plank (more…)
A Gentleman in the Traffic / The Frog Prince
09:31 — Episode 1: Musti gets a little car and all his friends want a lift. Episode 2: Musti tells his friends the story of the Frog Prince and Mr. Rabbit is (more…)
The Little Birds / The Cock Can't Crow
09:27 — Episode 1: Musti and Miss Tortoise have to look after Mother Bird's chicks but things go awry when one falls out the nest! Episode 2: Mr Cock can't cr (more…)
Mr. Rabbit's Nephews / Soapsuds
09:25 — Episode 1: Mr. Rabbit has his paws full looking after his three nephews, especially when they go missing! Episode 2: Musti and his friends get up to m (more…)
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