Diane English's hit sitcom about the brassy star reporter for a TV newsmagazine and her coworkers. Based in Washington, D.C., Murphy is mouthy, driven, assured and frequently politically incorrect. She also has a real problem holding on to secretaries (going through 93 of them during the Emmy-winning show's 10-season run). In 1992, Murph ran into criticism from Dan Quayle (and scored loads of free publicity) when the vice president slammed the working single mom's `alternative lifestyle.'


Guest Stars

185 Episodes (2008-2008)
Bartender, Deli Guy, Guard, Motel Guy, Usher
Claire Forrest
Frank's Mother
Dr. Barton, Dr. Burton
Saleswoman No. 2
Secretary, Wrestler Secretary
Tom Poston
Old Man Swenson
Cleo King
Technician, Technologist
Raven-Haired Receptionist
Little Frank
Hitler Secretary, Secretary No. 48
Bunny Man, Burrito Buddy
Bootsie, Bootsie Sherwood
Old Man, Wizened Man
Nanny No. 3
Mailboy, Ray/Bob
Secretary No. 40, Secretary No. 45
Ken Webster, Psychiatrist 1
Allen, Dole Rep.
Secretary No. 58
Secretary No. 39
Nathan David Weiss
`FYI' Security Guard
Secretary No. 13
Megan Reynolds
Secretary No. 72
Woman Ticket Agent
Theodore Wilkes
Mr. Schulimson
Prof. Willendorf
Arvin Johns
Store Clerk
Elderly Man
Man in Park
Bob Wilkes
Secretary No. 18
Julie Brown
Secretary No. 88
Psychiatrist 2
Secretary No. 23
Ken Jenkins
Sen. Cookson
Roger Harris
Loretta Devine
Nurse Hawking
Swat Team Member
Secretary No. 47
Alan Marshall
Richard Schiff
Mel Woodworthy
Tim Russ
Agent No. 1
Tony Goldwyn
Bobby Powell
Dr. Benoit
Secretary No. 59
John J. Edwards
Brad Garrett
Swat Team Captain
Dayton Callie
Security Guard
Stage Manager
Ian Gomez
Secretary No. 77
Liz Torres
Nanny No. 6
Liz Vassey
Amy Marshinsky
Paying Customer
Secretary No. 41
Nurse Bruce
Dave Darrickson
Airport Security Guard
Coat-Check Gal
Bob Keeshan
Captain Kangaroo
Secretary No. 46
Mr. Mueller
College Roommate
Mohawk Secretary
Pizza Delivery Guy
Mrs. Kobolakis
Elderly Woman
John Rennie
Secretary No. 33
Mrs. Teicher
Sen. McWilliams
Secret Service Agent
Woman in Bar
Buchanan Rep.
Secretary No. 73
Sister Cecile
Saleswoman No. 1
Father Keily
Secretary No. 51
Grandma Louisa
Dr. Armstrong
Sean Van Ohlen
Secretary No. 54
Voice of President Bush
Secretary No. 25
Secretary No. 57
Pirate Secretary
Secretary 87
Stage Manager
BBC Cameraman
Security Guard
Spokane Affiliate
Secret Service Man No. 2
Secretary No. 49
Secretary No. 56
Roger Kentilworth
Patron No. 4
Development Exec
Secret Service Guy
Next Waver No. 1
Secretary No. 64a
Scottish Man
Nurse No. 2
Secretary No. 26
Secretary No. 79
Secretary No. 28
Secretary No. 64b
Phil's Nephew
Stage Manager
Mr. Cameron
Desk Sergeant
Kathryn Joosten
Secretary No. 83
Secretary No. 81
Mr. Colarusso
Elevator Passenger
Al Henderson
Secretary No. 38
Murphy Brown Bear
Allen Brookins
Woman in Bar
Secret Service Agent
Secretary No. 61
Polygraph Operator
Secretary No. 52
Male Questioner
Secretary No. 42
Secretary No. 24
Mrs. Stokes
James Chandler
Psychiatrist 3
Secretary No. 37
Secret Service Man No. 1
Mr. Crawford
Protocol Officer
Videotaping Secretary
Secretary No. 71
Next Waver No. 2
Secretary 87
Secretary No. 62
Secretary No. 44
Alexander Rep.
Maintenance Man
Coat Check Woman
Puppeteer No. 3
Victoria Scott


Co-Producer (2 Credits)
Co-Executive Producer (1 Credit)
Supervising Producer (1 Credit)
Executive Producer (1 Credit)

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