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Latest Episode: Death by Demographics

May 19, 1996 Season 12 Episode 24 watch on (Subscription)

In her final case, Jessica investigates the murder of a San Francisco radio station owner whose new methods made him plenty of enemies.

Love's Deadly Desire

May 09, 1993 Season 9 Episode 21

When a novelist's assistant dies, Jessica wonders if the writer was the intended victim, since her husband was having an affair with the woman.
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Lone Witness

Apr 04, 1993 Season 9 Episode 19

When a local delivery boy Jessica's befriended becomes a witness and then the prime suspect in a murder, she has no choice but to get involved.
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Dead to Rights

Mar 21, 1993 Season 9 Episode 18

When Jessica's former researcher is charged with murder, she doesn't hesitate to assist her. But it would help if the woman weren't a compulsive liar.
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The Big Kill

Mar 07, 1993 Season 9 Episode 17

A fisherman and a banker are both victims of carbon monoxide poisoning. Now, it's Jessica's job to find the link between the two men.
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Threshold of Fear

Feb 28, 1993 Season 9 Episode 16

Jessica helps a woman tormented by her mother's murder when the killer attempts to make contact. A psychiatrist and stepbrother complicate matters.
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The Petrified Florist

Feb 21, 1993 Season 9 Episode 15

When a Beverly Hills florist ends up dead, Jessica suspects it's because he was digging up dirt for more than just flower beds.
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Killer Radio

Feb 14, 1993 Season 9 Episode 14

A radio station's prospective owner is killed before the sale of the station can go through. Jessica is soon hot on the killer's trail.
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Dead Eye

Feb 07, 1993 Season 9 Episode 13

What do the Kennedy assassination, the 1963 disappearance of a private eye and a recent murder have in common? Jessica is determined to find out.
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Double Jeopardy

Jan 17, 1993 Season 9 Episode 12

Jessica fears she may have unwittingly helped a murderer after teaching a writing class at the church during which she discussed poisons.
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Final Curtain

Jan 10, 1993 Season 9 Episode 11

A retired actor returns to the stage to helm the Cabot Cove production of an Off Broadway-bound play. When his manager dies, Jessica snoops around.
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The Sound of Murder

Jan 03, 1993 Season 9 Episode 10

Jessica finds herself at the taping of a rock video after recording an audio book. When the producer dies mid-shoot, she sets off to find the culprit.
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A Christmas Secret

Dec 13, 1992 Season 9 Episode 9

A Gulf War veteran returns to his fiancée, bringing with him a dark secret. When trouble erupts, Jessica investigates an embezzlement scheme.
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The Classic Murder

Dec 06, 1992 Season 9 Episode 8

When the oil-rich daddy of Jessica's longtime editor disappears, the psychic who's pronounced the missing man murdered turns up dead herself.
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Sugar & Spice, Malice & Vice

Nov 29, 1992 Season 9 Episode 7

Jessica's old pal investigates his daughter's fiancé and ends up accused of the man's murder. Jessica is determined to find the real killer.
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Night of the Coyote

Nov 22, 1992 Season 9 Episode 6

A stagecoach robber's buried treasure is linked to a modern-day murder, and Jessica needs the sheriff's help to find the key to both mysteries.
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The Dead File

Nov 15, 1992 Season 9 Episode 5

Jessica is threatened with a lawsuit after a comic strip depicts her accusing some of the Big Apple's biggest names of committing crimes.
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The Wind Around the Tower

Nov 01, 1992 Season 9 Episode 4

In Ireland, when her host drops dead, Jessica is convinced it's not due to natural causes, and the clues lead back to a legend involving a ghost.
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Murder in Milan

Sep 20, 1992 Season 9 Episode 1

At the Milan Film Festival premiere of a film adapted from one of her novels, Jessica stumbles onto murder when the film's producer is killed.
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