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Latest Episode: Death by Demographics

May 19, 1996 Season 12 Episode 24 watch on (Subscription)

In her final case, Jessica investigates the murder of a San Francisco radio station owner whose new methods made him plenty of enemies.

Murder on Madison Avenue

May 17, 1992 Season 8 Episode 22

The vice president of the company creating Jessica's board game is killed. The murder parallels the game, and Jessica must make the right moves.
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Badge of Honor

May 10, 1992 Season 8 Episode 21

Seth's former army buddy arrives, but the reunion takes a serious turn when Ben is accused of killing his boss. Jessica uncovers Ben's secrets.
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Day of the Dead

Apr 26, 1992 Season 8 Episode 19

Jessica investigates a murder in which the victim was found wearing the Mask of Montezuma -- an artifact stolen from the National Museum of Mexico.
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Programmed for Murder

Apr 05, 1992 Season 8 Episode 18

One of Seth's patients dies. Convinced there's more to the guru's death than meets the eye, Jessica sets out to prove that her friend is innocent.
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To the Last Will I Grapple with Thee

Mar 15, 1992 Season 8 Episode 17

Jessica helps Sean Culhane when he's accused of killing his longtime enemy. Culhane was overheard threatening him, but Jessica believes he's innocent.
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Tinker, Tailor, Liar, Thief

Mar 01, 1992 Season 8 Episode 15

Jessica finds a corpse in her London hotel room. But the body vanishes before authorities arrive, so the plucky writer launches her own investigation.
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The Monte Carlo Murders

Feb 02, 1992 Season 8 Episode 14

Jessica visits a friend, but when a businessman is murdered and a diamond is stolen, inspector Charles Morel joins Jessica in the hunt for the killer.
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Incident in Lot #7

Jan 19, 1992 Season 8 Episode 13

Jessica is pulled into a real-life murder mystery when she tours Universal Studios and discovers a dead producer in the Bates Motel.
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The Witch's Curse

Jan 12, 1992 Season 8 Episode 12

When strange things happen during a play about a witch, locals believe that the outsider hired to portray the woman is the witch's reincarnation.
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Danse Diabolique

Jan 05, 1992 Season 8 Episode 11

When three ballerinas die, Jessica sets out to prove that the ballet isn't cursed, but that someone is using the production as a stage for murder.
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The List of Yuri Lermentov

Dec 15, 1991 Season 8 Episode 10

Jessica gets caught up in a dangerous operation involving top secret documents when she discovers a dead KGB agent in her ransacked hotel room.
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The Committee

Dec 01, 1991 Season 8 Episode 9

Jessica is asked to investigate the murder of an exclusive men's association member. Clues point to a club leader, making Jessica's job difficult.
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A Killing in Vegas

Nov 24, 1991 Season 8 Episode 8

Jessica investigates the murder of a casino manager and risks her own life in order to prove the innocence of Susan Hartley's boyfriend.
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Terminal Connection

Nov 17, 1991 Season 8 Episode 7

Setting out to prove the innocence of a battered wife who's accused of killing her abusive husband, Jessica investigates the man's list of enemies.
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Judge Not

Nov 10, 1991 Season 8 Episode 6

Jessica attends the funeral of a musician and is pulled into two murder investigations when a bass player is killed and a cold case is revived.
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Lines of Excellence

Nov 03, 1991 Season 8 Episode 5

Jessica signs up for a computer class. During her coursework, she uncovers in one of the school's computers a hacker's trail leading to murder.
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Unauthorized Obituary

Sep 29, 1991 Season 8 Episode 3

Jessica investigates the death of a journalist, Jane Dawson, who was planning to publish an unauthorized biography about film legend Ellen Lombard.
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Night Fears

Sep 22, 1991 Season 8 Episode 2

Prof. Wallace Evans bets Jessica that she can't identify a serial mugger before he does. When the robber turns to murder, Jessica suspects Evans.
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Bite the Big Apple

Sep 15, 1991 Season 8 Episode 1

Jessica moves to New York to teach a criminology class. When someone ransacks her place, Jessica turns to Dr. Seth Hazlitt for help.
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