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Latest Episode: Death by Demographics

May 19, 1996 Season 12 Episode 24 watch on (Subscription)

In her final case, Jessica investigates the murder of a San Francisco radio station owner whose new methods made him plenty of enemies.

The Skinny According to Nick Cullhane

May 12, 1991 Season 7 Episode 22

Jessica and Harry investigate the murder of a writer who was working on an exposé so scandalous it could destroy a family and their brewery business.
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Tainted Lady

May 05, 1991 Season 7 Episode 21

Jessica helps a diner owner when three of her customers die from poisoning. Locals believe that Jessica's meddling helped her get away with murder.
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Murder, Plain and Simple

Apr 28, 1991 Season 7 Episode 20

In Amish country, Jessica is drawn into the murder of a local farmer. Clues lead to an outsider, as well as the farmer's widow and mistress.
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Thursday's Child

Apr 07, 1991 Season 7 Episode 19

Nancy delivers the news that Jessica's late husband is Nancy's son. Steve is facing murder charges, and Nancy enlists Jessica to prove his innocence.
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Where Have You Gone, Billy Boy?

Mar 17, 1991 Season 7 Episode 18

Stanton is called in to investigate the death of a comedy club owner whose body was discovered in a locked room along with a ventriloquist's dummy.
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The Prodigal Father

Mar 10, 1991 Season 7 Episode 17

Robber Ned Jinks shows up to see his daughter after 20 years. When Ned is accused of killing his old enemy, Jessica jumps in to prove his innocence.
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The Taxman Cometh

Feb 17, 1991 Season 7 Episode 15

When a St. Louis pie maker is accused of tax evasion and killing her ex-husband, Jessica tries to prove that her good friend isn't guilty of murder.
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Who Killed J.B. Fletcher?

Feb 10, 1991 Season 7 Episode 14

Jessica investigates the death of a fan who was on the verge of uncovering a dog show scandal. Jessica is certain the clues will lead to murder.
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Moving Violation

Feb 03, 1991 Season 7 Episode 13

Sheriff Metzger refuses to break the rules for an influential ambassador. When Metzger is accused of murder, Jessica sets out to uncover the truth.
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Suspicion of Murder

Jan 20, 1991 Season 7 Episode 12

Stanton becomes a suspect when his ex-girlfriend's husband is killed, piquing the interest of Lt. Catalano, who wants the investigator behind bars.
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Murder in F Sharp

Dec 16, 1990 Season 7 Episode 10

Lt. Catalano joins detective Dennis Stanton and his assistant in a murder investigation involving pianist Vaclav Maryska and his wife, Milena.
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Ballad for a Blue Lady

Dec 02, 1990 Season 7 Episode 9

Jessica visits her friends Bobby and Patti in Nashville, but the reunion turns into a murder investigation when someone poisons them both.
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The Great Twain Robbery

Nov 25, 1990 Season 7 Episode 8

A shady character from the past shows up and pulls Stanton into a murder investigation involving an original Mark Twain manuscript.
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The Return of Preston Giles

Nov 18, 1990 Season 7 Episode 7

Preston Giles is paroled from prison. Giles's nemesis is found dead, and Jessica tries to find out if someone is trying to frame her former publisher.
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A Body to Die For

Nov 11, 1990 Season 7 Episode 6

Jessica sets out to prove the innocence of her friend Eve, who stands accused of killing a con artist with close ties to the Cabot Cove gym owner.
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The Family Jewels

Nov 04, 1990 Season 7 Episode 5

Jessica's friend is accused of jewel theft and murder, setting off an investigation that involves affairs, a lusty chauffeur and a mystery lover.
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Hannigan's Wake

Oct 29, 1990 Season 7 Episode 4

An author dies before he can complete his exposé about an old murder case. Jessica must prove the author's theory that the wrong man was convicted.
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See You in Court, Baby

Sep 30, 1990 Season 7 Episode 3

When Truman Calloway is murdered, Dennis Stanton, an insurance investigator, weeds through a long list of the victim's enemies to identify the killer.
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Deadly Misunderstanding

Sep 23, 1990 Season 7 Episode 2

Sidelined with a broken arm, Jessica hires a typist. When the typist's husband is killed, Jessica takes the lead in another murder investigation.
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Trials and Tribulations

Sep 16, 1990 Season 7 Episode 1

Jessica is sued by the daughter of a man she put behind bars. When he dies during a botched escape, Jessica must prove his guilt a second time.
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