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Latest Episode: Death by Demographics

May 19, 1996 Season 12 Episode 24 watch on (Subscription)

In her final case, Jessica investigates the murder of a San Francisco radio station owner whose new methods made him plenty of enemies.

The Sicilian Encounter

May 20, 1990 Season 6 Episode 22

Jessica's old friend Michael Hagarty, an MI6 agent, goes undercover as a monsignor in Sicily to solve a complicated case involving the Mafia.
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The Szechuan Dragon

May 06, 1990 Season 6 Episode 21

While Grady and his pregnant wife, Donna, house-sit for Jessica, they find an enigmatic seaman murdered in her living room.
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Always a Thief

Apr 08, 1990 Season 6 Episode 19

Jessica's friend Dennis, a thief turned insurance investigator, looks into a double murder and robbery that took place in the upper crust of society.
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O'Malley's Luck

Mar 25, 1990 Season 6 Episode 18

A stubborn Irish detective doesn't believe that a real estate mogul's death was a suicide. Pat Hingle guest stars as Lt. James O'Malley.
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Murder--According to Maggie

Mar 04, 1990 Season 6 Episode 17

When a television programmer is murdered just before canceling a police drama, the producer of the series investigates the case.
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The Big Show of 1965

Feb 25, 1990 Season 6 Episode 16

A variety-show host troubled by an enigmatic woman dressed in black asks Jessica to investigate a murder on the set that occurred 25 years ago.
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How to Make a Killing Without Really Trying

Feb 04, 1990 Season 6 Episode 14

Novice investor Jessica learns more than she wanted to know about the brutal high-finance biz when her stockbroker is murdered.
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Good-Bye Charlie

Jan 07, 1990 Season 6 Episode 12

When a body is found on the railroad tracks, three groups of people claim the deceased is their relative. Bill Maher and Bryan Cranston guest star.
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Town Father

Dec 17, 1989 Season 6 Episode 11

During a speech by Cabot Cove's unmarried mayor, a woman confronts him claiming he's the father of her five children, which shocks the residents.
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Test of Wills

Nov 26, 1989 Season 6 Episode 9

When a man asks Jessica to come to his island to discover which of his family members is trying to kill him, he turns up dead before she arrives.
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When the Fat Lady Sings

Nov 19, 1989 Season 6 Episode 8

In San Francisco, an opera star confesses to murdering his co-star's boyfriend in self-defense. But Jessica thinks there's more to the story.
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Night of the Tarantula

Nov 12, 1989 Season 6 Episode 7

While Jessica is visiting Jamaica, a voodoo death curse is apparently triggered after the heir to a plantation doesn't make the right marriage.
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Dead Letter

Nov 05, 1989 Season 6 Episode 6

When a fireman dies in a furniture store fire the day Jessica gives him an old letter she finds in an antique bureau, his death seems suspicious.
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Jack and Bill

Oct 29, 1989 Season 6 Episode 5

While an ex-football star turned sleuth takes care of his friend's poodle, the friend is murdered. Solving the case may require the dog's help.
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The Error of Her Ways

Oct 15, 1989 Season 6 Episode 4

When a land developer's wife is a suspect in the man's murder, she commits suicide. While investigating, Jessica discovers many clients with motives.
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The Grand Old Lady

Oct 08, 1989 Season 6 Episode 3

When a legendary writer dies, Jessica reminisces about a 1947 case in which the writer helped investigate the murder of a former Nazi officer.
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Seal of the Confessional

Oct 01, 1989 Season 6 Episode 2

After a parishioner confesses to a priest about a killing, the priest seeks Jessica's help to exonerate an innocent man without violating his oath.
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Appointment in Athens

Sep 24, 1989 Season 6 Episode 1

When Jessica travels to Greece, she runs into an old friend, MI6 Agent Michael Hagarty, who convinces her to help rescue an agent from his abductors.
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