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May 19, 1996 Season 12 Episode 24 watch on (Subscription)

In her final case, Jessica investigates the murder of a San Francisco radio station owner whose new methods made him plenty of enemies.

If the Frame Fits

May 18, 1986 Season 2 Episode 22

When an art collector is killed and her husband is accused of the crime, Jessica's investigation reveals that two criminals are at work.
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The Perfect Foil

Apr 13, 1986 Season 2 Episode 21

Jessica must prove her cousin's innocence when he's accused of murder. Soon, she's exploring the world of gamblers as she hunts for the real killer.
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Menace, Anyone?

Apr 06, 1986 Season 2 Episode 20

A star tennis player's car explodes and kills her boyfriend. Jessica promises to prove the athlete's innocence when she becomes the prime suspect.
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Christopher Bundy: Died on Sunday

Mar 30, 1986 Season 2 Episode 19

When a publisher is murdered, Jessica must prove the innocence of an old friend. But her investigation is hampered by the victim's relatives.
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If a Body Meet a Body

Mar 09, 1986 Season 2 Episode 18

Guests at a funeral are surprised when the coffin contains someone else's body. Jessica learns that most of the town's money has disappeared.
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One Good Bid Deserves a Murder

Feb 23, 1986 Season 2 Episode 17

A high-stakes auction turns deadly, and Jessica turns to old friend Harry McGraw to help her determine which potential buyer might resort to murder.
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Murder in the Electric Cathedral

Feb 16, 1986 Season 2 Episode 16

When a friend is killed, leaving her fortune to a religious leader, Jessica soon finds that the evangelist's family knows something about the case.
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Powder Keg

Feb 09, 1986 Season 2 Episode 15

Jessica gets involved in a murder case when a singer is accused of killing his girlfriend's brother. Jessica thinks the case isn't so cut-and-dry.
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Keep Home Fries Burning

Jan 19, 1986 Season 2 Episode 14

Several people get sick and one woman dies after eating strawberry preserves at a local restaurant, and Cabot Cove's residents try to pass the blame.
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Trial by Error

Jan 12, 1986 Season 2 Episode 13

Jessica is the jury foreperson at the trial of a man who claims he killed in self-defense. Jessica uncovers a second murder that bears investigation.
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Murder by Appointment Only

Jan 05, 1986 Season 2 Episode 12

Jessica investigates the murder of a former student, leading her to the company where her nephew works and landing her in the middle of a family feud.
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Murder Digs Deep

Dec 29, 1985 Season 2 Episode 11

When a corpse is discovered at the site of an archeological dig, Jessica looks into the case and realizes that someone may not approve of the project.
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Jessica Behind Bars

Dec 01, 1985 Season 2 Episode 9

At a women's prison, Jessica is taken hostage after the doctor is murdered. As she investigates, Jessica uncovers a conspiracy inside the prison.
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Dead Heat

Nov 24, 1985 Season 2 Episode 8

When the owner of a winning horse is murdered, Jessica's niece is the prime suspect. Can Jessica prove her niece is innocent and find the real killer?
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A Lady in the Lake

Nov 10, 1985 Season 2 Episode 7

Jessica sees a woman falls into the water and drown. When Jessica learns the victim was a champion swimmer, she thinks there may be more to the case.
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Reflections of the Mind

Nov 03, 1985 Season 2 Episode 6

Jessica's friend claims she's being haunted by her first husband's ghost. When her second husband is murdered, Jessica wonders if he's really dead.
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Sing a Song of Murder

Oct 27, 1985 Season 2 Episode 5

Jessica is shocked when her cousin passes away. But she soon discovers that Emma is alive and has gone into hiding after receiving a death threat.
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School for Scandal

Oct 20, 1985 Season 2 Episode 4

A famous writer's boyfriend is murdered, and both the writer and her mother confess to the crime. But Jessica realizes that neither can be the killer.
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Murder in the Afternoon

Oct 13, 1985 Season 2 Episode 3

Jessica's soap opera star niece's character is the show's mysterious serial killer. When the head writer is murdered, she becomes the prime suspect.
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Joshua Peabody Died Here... Possibly

Oct 06, 1985 Season 2 Episode 2

New hotel construction workers uncover a skeleton. Jessica gets involved and discovers a second corpse -- the hotel magnate behind the project.
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Widow, Weep for Me

Sep 29, 1985 Season 2 Episode 1

Jessica goes undercover at a resort to investigate the murder of a friend and uncovers a complicated scam involving a con artist and an heiress.
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