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Latest Episode: Death by Demographics

May 19, 1996 Season 12 Episode 24 watch on (Subscription)

In her final case, Jessica investigates the murder of a San Francisco radio station owner whose new methods made him plenty of enemies.

Wheel of Death

May 22, 1994 Season 10 Episode 21

Jessica checks up on employees of a traveling carnival to see whether they might have motives for stealing -- or for killing the carnival's owner.
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A Murderous Muse

May 15, 1994 Season 10 Episode 20

Piano teacher Byron Tokofsky forms a relationship with his protégée, Leslie. After Leslie's father comes back into her life, Byron is found murdered.
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The Trouble with Seth

Mar 27, 1994 Season 10 Episode 18

When Seth Hazlitt's office is ransacked, everyone fears the worst. Jessica discovers that the key to unlocking this mystery can be found in the past.
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The Dying Game

Mar 13, 1994 Season 10 Episode 17

When Floyd Larkin's company is acquired in a takeover, Jessica investigates the death of the accountant responsible for putting the deal together.
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Time to Die

Mar 06, 1994 Season 10 Episode 16

One of Jessica's students is accused of killing his stepfather. A photo at the crime scene seems to confirm his guilt, but Jessica's not convinced.
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Murder on the Thirtieth Floor

Feb 06, 1994 Season 10 Episode 15

When Jessica's editor kills himself by jumping from his Manhattan office window, Jessica suspects foul play and searches for the real reason he died.
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Deadly Assets

Jan 23, 1994 Season 10 Episode 14

After losing $900,000 to a thief, a mobster sends a hit man to take him out. When the hit man winds up dead, Jessica's friend is accused of the crime.
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Portrait of Death

Jan 16, 1994 Season 10 Episode 13

Artist Kim Mitchell doesn't get along with gallery owner Philip Jovet. When someone murders Jovet using one of Kim's sculptures, Jessica investigates.
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Proof in the Pudding

Jan 09, 1994 Season 10 Episode 12

Jessica's chef friend invites her to watch his cooking show. Jessica is baffled when the chef is murdered and his ties with the mob are revealed.
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Northern Explosion

Jan 02, 1994 Season 10 Episode 11

Jessica is in a Canadian town where a battle rages between a mining company and a group of Indians. Two separate murders draw Jessica's attention.
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Murder in White

Dec 19, 1993 Season 10 Episode 10

Jessica works on a stage adaptation of one of her mysteries. While the actors worry about their performances, the show's producer is stabbed to death.
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Murder at a Discount

Dec 05, 1993 Season 10 Episode 9

A man acquitted of killing his wife sues Jessica because her book resembles his experience. But he's murdered before he can tell anyone his story.
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Love and Hate in Cabot Cove

Nov 28, 1993 Season 10 Episode 8

Deputy Loomis pays for his evil deeds with his life. Jessica's accountant is discovered with a recently fired gun and is charged with the murder.
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A Killing in Cork

Nov 21, 1993 Season 10 Episode 7

In Ireland, Jessica's friend's family is in a dispute over a wool factory. When a cousin is murdered, Jessica helps the Irish police solve the crime.
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A Virtual Murder

Oct 31, 1993 Season 10 Episode 5

Jessica agrees to pen a script for a video game. But when the designer is accused of murder, Jessica must turn to the virtual world for assistance.
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The Phantom Killer

Oct 24, 1993 Season 10 Episode 4

When Ben, a reporter, is accused of killing his rival, Jessica does some digging and is surprised to discover that Ben hasn't been honest with her.
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The Legacy of Borbey House

Oct 03, 1993 Season 10 Episode 3

After moving into a mansion, Lawrence Baker is found dead with a stake through his chest. Some residents believe he's a vampire, but Jessica doesn't.
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For Whom the Ball Tolls

Sep 26, 1993 Season 10 Episode 2

A developer who wants to tear down a brownstone where Ernest Hemingway once lived is found murdered, and Jessica's friend is accused of the crime.
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A Death in Hong Kong

Sep 12, 1993 Season 10 Episode 1

In Hong Kong, Jessica's wealthy host, Brian, is murdered. Jessica tries to determine whether his death was related to an impending business merger.
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