A ghoulishly funny sitcom about a family of misfits residing at 1313 Mockingbird Lane. Patriarch Herman, whose green complexion and monstrous size led him to be mistaken for the missing link, was as good-hearted as he was simpleminded. His wife, Lily, resembled a vampire. The mad-scientist grandfather was a dead ringer for an aged Dracula. And the son, Eddie, looked like a wolf boy. Only a niece passed as `normal' looking. The cast reunited in 1981 for the NBC teleflick `The Munsters Revenge.'


Guest Stars

Clyde, Clyde Thornton, Haggerty
Coach Denham, Sergeant
Mayor Handley, Murdock
Fanny, Pamela
Bernie, George
Commissar, Marty
Lou, Miss Valentine
Pops Murdock
Charlie Wiggens
Dr. Elliott
Mrs. Kingsley
Mrs. Harkness
Mrs. Cartwright
Pop Mallory
Miss Thompson
Dr. Wilkerson
Moose Mallory
Diamond Jim
Galen Stewart
Telephone Operator
Henry J. Fregosi
Nurse Fairchild
Mack McGinty
1st Secretary
2nd Secretary
Purse Snatcher
Mr. Hazlett