Mummies Alive!

  • 1997
  • TV Show
  • None

Adventures of a 12-year-old living in San Franciso who is the reincarnation of a long-dead prince.

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Does This Wild West Mummy Have a Secret?
04:22 — The mummified body of Sylvester the gunslinger is in remarkable condition with every minor detail preserved. The same, however, can’t be said for hi (more…)
How Neolithic Mountain Climbers Geared Up
04:01 — Despite being 5,300 years old, Otzi the Iceman was dressed in surprisingly high-tech hiking gear: thick leggings, advanced snow boots, and what appear (more…)
Were Sacrificial Rituals Performed in These Bogs?
03:13 — The ancient roads that lead into the peat bogs of central Ireland were impressive, but mystifying. For one thing, some of them just end in the middle (more…)