Mujeres Asesinas

2005, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Carolina, Humiliated

Wednesday, December 17, 2014 Season 4 Episode 10 watch on

Carolina points a gun with her shaking hands at her dad. Carolina's dad has sexually been abusing her. Also, her coworker, Marcelo, is fond of her but she can't allow herself to be close to him. She feels she has had enough.

Carmen, Daughter

Dec 16, 2014 Season 1 Episode 21

Carmen's husband treats her like she’s good for nothing. Her mother keeps pushing her to squeeze money out of him. He doesn't seem physically attracted to her. However, Ricardo, a handyman and her mother's lover, shows his interest in her.
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Candida, An Improvised Wife

Dec 15, 2014 Season 1 Episode 18

Candida works on the street, but finds it hard to get enough work to get by. Angel, an old man and owner of a hardware store, buys her coffee, paying for time that he spends with her. She soon starts developing feelings that she has never felt before.
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Sandra, Agent

Nov 08, 2005 Season 1 Episode 17

Sandra is interrogated for the murder of Marcelo whom she lived with for 10 years. She claims her innocence and calmly tells a story about how it was love at first sight and how it turned into a horrible tragedy.
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Incautious Witches and a False Woman

Dec 15, 2014 Season 1 Episode 14

Yolanda and two other women come to Arturo Miguel Angel R, aka Monica, aka "Father Miguel", who is said to posses the mysterious power to take bad people away. The three women visit him with the same goal in mind, to take their husbands away.
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Laura E., Concealer

Dec 15, 2014 Season 1 Episode 13

Maxi, a physical trainer, meets Laura and her daughter, Florencia, and he feels attracted to both. Although his friend warns him not to get involved with them, step by step, he falls into a fatal trap.
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Stella O., Emotional Orphan

Dec 15, 2014 Season 1 Episode 10

Stella, feeling unsatisfied with her life, falls for a hairdresser. She begins seeing her husband, diagnosed with diabetes, as a burden and obstacle that prevents her from becoming happy. She thinks she will be much happier without him in her life.
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Graciela Hammer, Arsonist

Dec 15, 2014 Season 1 Episode 8

Alberto's mother, Gladys, visits Graciela Hammer, the lover of her son, in prison. She asks Graciela about what truly happened and if she could live in peace after killing her son.
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Emilia Basil, Cook

Dec 14, 2014 Season 1 Episode 5

Emilia, running a restaurant, is in debt to Petriella. She pays him in a different way even risking her marriage. Petriella becomes obsessive and threatening.
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Ana María Gómez Tejerina, Stubborn Killer

Dec 15, 2014 Season 1 Episode 4

Ana wants to get married to her lover. The only obstacle is her old husband, who seems to have nine lives, surviving gunshots and other misfortunes.
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Claudia Sobrero, A Stabber

Dec 15, 2014 Season 1 Episode 3

Claudia Sobrero, a mother of two, addicted to drugs and alcohol, dreams of some easy money to live a carefree life. She plans a robbery with two accomplices, which turns to bloodshed.
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Ana D., A Corrosive Woman

Dec 14, 2014 Season 1 Episode 2

Ana, a medical student, becomes attracted to a young handsome surgeon. His voluptuous tastes soon start corroding the relationship.
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Marta Odera, the Nun

Jul 19, 2005 Season 1 Episode 1

A young nun finds herself struggling for her life, after meeting Marta Fernandez, a woman who seems helpless at first, but ends up being her worst nightmare.
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