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2011, TV Show

Mr. Young Season 2 episodes

Mr. Candy Season 2, Episode 25

The gang try to remember what they did on Halloween. read more

Mr. Invisible Season 2, Episode 24

Adam invents an invisibility suit and wears it to spy on Echo, who is working on a romantic presentation with another boy. read more

Mr. Switch Season 2, Episode 19

Adam's brain-mapping experiment goes awry, causing the gang's personalities to be switched. read more

Mr. Alligator Season 2, Episode 23

The students take career-aptitude tests and Echo learns she's suited to be a nurse. read more

Mr. Poet Season 2, Episode 22

A dreamy new English teacher arrives at Finnegan High and impresses Echo with his poetry, making Adam jealous. read more

Mr. Airplane Season 2, Episode 21

Adam coaches the engineering squad in a paper-airplane competition, with Slab as the star player. read more

Mr. Scooter Season 2, Episode 20

After destroying Principal Tater's scooter, Adam, Echo, Derby, Ivy and Slab get called into his office to offer up an explanation, and each tells their own version of events. read more

Mr. Cyclops Season 2, Episode 18

Adam and Derby confront a huge food corporation after failing to find a free toy that was advertised on Derby's box of cereal. read more

Mr. Dance Season 2, Episode 17

Adam's plan to take Echo to the school dance is foiled by Principal Tater, who recruits Adam for a stakeout to catch a notorious prankster. Meanwhile, Ivy tries to garner sympathy votes for the Queen of the Dance crown by taking Derby as her date. read more

Mr. Roboto 2.0 Season 2, Episode 11

Adam's robot, ARTHUR, returns to Finnegan High and attempts to overrun it with machines. read more

Mr. Pixel Season 2, Episode 16

Adam enters the virtual world of the video game Pixel City and tries to convince Derby to return to the real world. read more

Mr. Candidate Season 2, Episode 10

Adam and Principal Tater encourage Derby to run for president of the student council, but Derby gets carried away with his quest for power and campaigns to be their new boss, the school superintendent. read more

Mr. Discovery Season 2, Episode 14

The students recount some of history's greatest discoveries during oral presentations in class. read more

Mr. College Season 2, Episode 15

Echo is mistaken for a genius after Adam secretly tweaks her science-fair project. She decides to leave Finnegan High when she's offered a full scholarship to Great Northern University, and it's up to Adam to persuade her to come back. read more

Mr. Witness Season 2, Episode 13

Derby fears retaliation after tattling on Slab to Principal Tater, so he enters the Finnegan High Witness Protection Program and masquerades as a British exchange student named Simon. read more

Mr. Rock Star Season 2, Episode 12

When Adam learns that Echo loves goth-rocker Dark Demon, he tries to get the musician to play at Finnegan High. read more

Mr. Elephant Season 2, Episode 9

Adam receives a crate of specimens from the rain forest. To his surprise, the crate also contains a teenage girl who was raised by elephants. read more

Mr. Film Festival Season 2, Episode 8

Finnegan High holds its inaugural student film festival, and the competition is fierce. read more

Mr. Student Season 2, Episode 7

Adam disguises himself as a student at Finnegan High so he can be Echo's partner on the quiz team. read more

Mr. Pickles Season 2, Episode 6

Preston Pickles returns to Finnegan High as the new shop teacher, and Derby is convinced he's really there to get revenge after Derby ruined his career as an infomercial pitchman. read more

Mr. TV Season 2, Episode 5

Adam is hired as the new host of a popular science-based TV show. read more

Mr. Sleep Season 2, Episode 4

Adam conducts a sleep-deprivation experiment at school, using his students as the test subjects. read more

Mr. Matchmaker Season 2, Episode 3

In an effort to get Principal Tater off Adam's back, Adam and Echo play matchmaker and try to find him a date. read more

Mr. Spring Break Season 2, Episode 1

Adam and the gang travel to an exotic country for spring break in the Season 2 opener. While there, Echo gets kidnapped by a the Cocoa King, a criminal kingpin, and it's up to Adam to save her. read more

Mr. Moth Season 2, Episode 2

Adam is accidentally doused with moth pheromones and suddenly becomes the object of Echo's affection. read more

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Premiered: March 01, 2011, on YTV
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Premise: Sitcom centered on a teen genius who teaches high-school science.


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