Mr. Young

  • 2011
  • TV Show
  • TV-G

Sitcom centered on a teen genius who teaches high-school science.

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Mr. Interview Season 3, Episode 24 Nov 21, 2013 Subscription

A TV news program comes to interview Adam about being the world's youngest high school teacher. To ensure the interview goes smoothly Tater has dumped Echo Derby and Slab in a fake version of Finnegan High.

Mr. Budget Season 3, Episode 23 Nov 28, 2013 Subscription

After Adam and Tater struggle to find budget cuts at Finnegan High Cyclops Foods buys the school and turns it into a product-testing facility. But when a faulty product transforms Derby into an actual cyclops Adam must find a way to reverse the effects and save Finnegan.

Mr. Court Season 3, Episode 22 Nov 14, 2013 Subscription

When Mrs. Straupperson is thought to be dead Ivy is the prime suspect and she is tested in student court.

Mr. Kidd Season 3, Episode 21 Nov 7, 2013 Subscription

Mr. Kidd's students like him a lot and think he's fun even though he does the same thing Adam does. Adam tries to change the Memory-Eraser to make it bring back Echo's memory then Mr. Kid finds out but promises not to tell anyone or to get together with Echo. Slab and Ivy have to do a book report on George Orwell's 1984. They borrow Mr. Tater tape of the movie and when they see it they find out that Adam's mom and Tater used to date and they kissed. Ivy states that she never knew her father. Adam and Ivy's hair consistently falls out which may mean that their father is Tater. Mr. Kid uses the reversed Memory-Eraser on Echo and they start dating. Shortly after he uses it on everyone and they forget that Adam ever existed. At the end Echo remembers Adam when they kiss. Then he restores everyone's memory by kissing them Mr. Kidd gets fired.