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State of Conflict: North Carolina Season 2, Episode 44

Examining the state of political affairs in North Carolina, where businessman Art Pope has been called the state's own "Koch brother" due to his financial support of foundations and think tanks that advocate conservative positions. Included: opposition within the state to the conservative agenda enacted by the state government. read more

The Pope, Poverty, and Poetry Season 2, Episode 43

Pope Francis and the relevance of the Catholic Church in the 21st century are discussed with historian Thomas Cahill. Also: poet Philip Levine on the men and women who work in the nation's fields and factories. read more

Incarceration Nation Season 2, Episode 42

Legal scholar Michelle Alexander ("The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness") discusses America's incarceration rate, which is the highest in the world. Also: an excerpt from "Susan," a documentary about a former California inmate who now runs five houses for women struggling to rebuild their lives. read more

Gunfighter Nation Season 2, Episode 41

Cultural historian Richard Slotkin discusses how the myth of the frontier has shaped the American imagination and gun culture. read more

Zombie Politics and Casino Capitalism Season 2, Episode 40

Henry Giroux ("Zombie Politics and Culture in the Age of Casino Capitalism") is interviewed. Also: Nobel-winning novelist Doris Lessing (1919-2013) is remembered; and a look at the "Birth of the Living Dead" documentary, which explores the milieu in which the movie "Night of the Living Dead" was made. read more

The Path of Positive Resistance Season 2, Episode 39

Green Shadow Cabinet president Jill Stein and health secretary Margaret Flowers discuss what they've learned about the political system and why they remain politically active. Also: viewer response to recent segments on drone attacks and government surveillance; and a preview of "Following the Ninth," a documentary about the global cultural and political influence of Beethoven's masterpiece. read more

How Dollarocracy is Destroying America Season 2, Episode 38

Money, media and politics are discussed with John Nichols (Nation) and Robert McChesney (University of Illinois), coauthors of "Dollarocracy: How the Money and Media Election Complex Is Destroying America." read more

The Top Secret Trade Deal You Need to Know About Season 2, Episode 37

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, which critics describe as "NAFTA on steroids," is discussed with Yves Smith (Naked Capitalism) and Dean Baker (Center for Economic and Policy Research). Also: a preview of Robert Greenwald's "Unmanned: America's Drone Wars" documentary. read more

Progressives Pick Up the Pieces Season 2, Episode 36

Wall Street corruption is discussed with financial journalist Gretchen Morgenson (New York Times). Also: historian Peter Dreier ("The 100 Greatest Americans of the 20th Century") on Dr. Seuss and politics. read more

America's Political Breakdown Season 2, Episode 35

Martin Wolf (Financial Times) on the debt ceiling; clinical psychologist Sherry Turkle ("Alone Together") on how social media is changing people. read more

Citizens United: The Sequel Season 2, Episode 34

McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, a Supreme Court case that challenges the caps on how much individual donors can give to candidates and political parties, is discussed with constitutional law expert Heather Gerken (Yale Law School). Also: historian Joyce Appleby ("Shores of Knowledge: New World Discoveries and the Scientific Imagination") is interviewed. read more

Wendell Berry: Poet & Prophet Season 2, Episode 33

Writer, environmentalist and farmer Wendell Berry ("The Unsettling of America") is interviewed. read more

Saving the Earth From Ourselves Season 2, Episode 32

Greenpeace International executive director Kumi Naidoo discusses global warming and environmental activism. read more

Inequality for All Season 2, Episode 31

Former labor secretary Robert Reich discusses income inequality and "Inequality for All," a documentary that features him. read more

The Collision of Sports and Politics Season 2, Episode 30

The intersection of sports and politics is discussed with Dave Zirin, the Nation's sports editor. read more

What Are We Doing in Syria? Season 2, Episode 29

Guest host Phil Donahue leads a discussion on the possible repercussions of U.S. intervention in Syria. Guests include NPR Middle East correspondent Deborah Amos and historian Andrew Bacevich. read more

America's Gilded Capital Season 2, Episode 28

The inner-workings of Washington, D.C., are discussed with Mark Leibovich (New York Times Magazine), author of "This Town: Two Parties and a Funeral—Plus, Plenty of Valet Parking!—in America's Gilded Capital." read more

How People Power Generates Change Season 2, Episode 27

The ability of grassroots groups to spur change is discussed with Marshall Ganz, who worked as a civil-rights organizer in 1964 Mississippi and later with Cesar Chavez; and helped organize volunteers for Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign. Also: Rachel LaForest (Right to the City) and Madeline Janis (Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy) on how social action can change both policy and lives. read more

John Lewis Marches On Season 2, Episode 26

Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) reflects on the 1963 March on Washington, which featured Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech. At age 23, Lewis—who was the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee leader at the time—was one of the other speakers that day. Also: a Bill Moyers essay on the continuing struggle for equal rights and opportunities for all Americans. read more

A New Case for Gun Control Season 2, Episode 25

Gun-control advocate Tom Diaz ("The Last Gun") on self-defense laws, concealed carry laws and the marketing of guns; Farm Labor Organizing Committee president Baldemar Velásquez on America's farmworkers. read more

Distracted From Democracy Season 2, Episode 24

American detachment from economic and political issues and the role that media distraction plays in the trend are discussed by media scholar Marty Kaplan. Also: a historical perspective on voting rights in America. read more

Surviving the New American Economy Season 2, Episode 23

The struggles of two middle-class Milwaukee families over a 20-year period are chronicled. Also: the changing nature of the economy is discussed with authors Barbara Miner ("Lessons From the Heartland") and Barbara Garson ("Down the Up Escalator"). read more

The Faces of America's Hungry Season 2, Episode 22

Hunger in America is discussed with filmmaker Kristi Jacobson ("A Place at the Table"), Mariana Chilton (Center for Hunger-Free Communities) and journalist Greg Kaufmann (Nation). read more

United States of ALEC: A Follow-Up Season 2, Episode 21

An update on a 2012 report on the American Legislative Exchange Council. Included: its influence in state legislatures; public protests against its agenda. read more

Big Brother's Prying Eyes Season 2, Episode 20

The implications of the NSA surveillance program are discussed with Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig. read more

Going to Jail for Justice Season 2, Episode 19

Environmental activist Tim Christopher, who spent 21 months in prison for disrupting a 2008 Bureau of Land Management oil and gas lease auction, is interviewed. Also: New York Times columnist Gretchen Morgenson on whether banks are still too big to fail; and also on how corporations game the tax system. read more

The Toxic Politics of Science Season 2, Episode 18

Public health historians David Rosner and Gerald Markowitz ("Lead Wars") on the dangers that lead presents to children; Sheila Krumholz ( and Danielle Brian (Project on Government Oversight) on transparency in democracy. read more

How People Power Generates Change Season 2, Episode 17

The ability of grassroots groups to spur change is discussed with Marshall Ganz, who worked as a civil-rights organizer in 1964 Mississippi and later with Cesar Chavez; and helped organize volunteers for Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign. Also: Rachel LaForest (Right to the City) and Madeline Janis (Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy) on how social action can change both policy and lives. read more

The Sandy Hook Promise Season 2, Episode 16

Gun control is discussed with Francine and David Wheeler, whose son Benjamin was among the victims of the Newtown, Conn., school shooting. Also: folksinger Peter Yarrow and Francine Wheeler on the power of music to create change as well as their efforts to protect people from gun violence. read more

Trading Democracy for 'Security' Season 2, Episode 15

Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald on civil liberties, national security and the abuse of government powers; political scholars Norman Ornstein and Thomas Mann ("It's Even Worse Than It Looks") on the failure of the gun-control bill to pass the Senate despite having the support of 90 percent of the American public. read more

A Mother Fights Toxic Trespassers Season 2, Episode 14

Biologist and activist Sandra Steingraber explains her opposition to the construction of a storage facility for fracked gas in New York's Finger Lakes region. read more

Living Outside Tribal Lines Season 2, Episode 13

Wealth and poverty in California's Silicon Valley is examined. Also: writer Sherman Alexie shares his irreverent perspective on contemporary American life. read more

MLK's Dream of Economic Justice Season 2, Episode 12

Martin Luther King Jr.'s vision of economic justice is discussed with historian Taylor Branch and theologian James Cone. Also: poet Kyle Dargan discusses and reads from his work. read more

And Justice for Some Season 2, Episode 11

The constitutional right of criminal defendants to legal representation even if they can't afford it is discussed with attorney Bryan Stevenson, whose Alabama-based Equal Justice Initiative has reversed the death sentences of more than 75 inmates. read more

What Has Capitalism Done for Us Lately? Season 2, Episode 10

Income inequality in America is discussed with economist Richard Wolff ("Democracy at Work"). Also: former FDIC chair Sheila Bair ("Bull by the Horns") on the practices of American banks. read more

Ending the Silence on Climate Change Season 2, Episode 9

Anthony Leiserowitz of the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication on galvanizing communities to act on climate change. read more

Fighting Creeping Creationism Season 2, Episode 8

Anti-creationism activist Zack Kopplin on his opposition to laws and voucher programs that support creationist curriculum; historian Susan Jacoby ("The Great Agnostic: Robert Ingersoll and American Free Thought") on secularism and American history. read more

Taming Capitalism Run Wild Season 2, Episode 7

Economist Richard Wolff on economic justice; journalist Saru Jayaraman ("Behind the Kitchen Door") on the pay and working conditions within the restaurant industry. read more

The Fight to Keep Democracy Alive Season 2, Episode 6

The influence of money on politics is discussed with Dan Cantor Working Families Party) and Jonathan Soros (Friends of Democracy). Also: poet Martín Espada on the power of poetry. read more

Who's Widening America's Digital Divide Season 2, Episode 5

America's digital divide is discussed with author Susan Crawford ("Captive Audience: The Telecom Industry and Monopoly Power in the New Gilded Age"). Also: journalist Nick Turse ("Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam") is interviewed. read more

Are Drones Destroying our Democracy? Season 2, Episode 4

The moral and legal implications of using drones to target enemies are discussed with former Senate Select Committee on Intelligence general counsel Vicki Divoll and Center for Constitutional Rights executive director Vincent Warren. Also: Matt Taibbi (Rolling Stone) on America's big bankers and accountability. read more

What's Fueling the Modern Abortion Debate? Season 2, Episode 3

The changing reproductive rights movement and the challenges it faces are discussed with Jessica González-Rojas (National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health) and Lynn Paltrow (National Advocates for Pregnant Women). Also: Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.) on repealing a provision in the fiscal-cliff bill that delays price restraints on a specific class of drugs used by kidney dialysis patients. read more

Fighting the Filibuster Season 2, Episode 2

The need for filibuster reform in the U.S. Senate is discussed with Larry Cohen (Communications Workers of America). Also: poet Martín Espada ("The Trouble Ball"). read more

Paul Krugman on Why Jobs Come First Season 2, Episode 1

Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman (New York Times) explains why jobs should be America's top priority, not cutting the deficit. Also: how the fiscal-cliff deal gave tens of billions in tax breaks to Wall Street and corporations. read more

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