The smash spin-off from a `Happy Days' episode about a wacky alien from the planet Ork and the sweet-natured woman who teaches him how to adapt on planet Earth. When the show launched in September 1978, it became an instant hit with its mix of frenetic comedy, sci-fi slapstick and a star-in-waiting (master of improv Robin Williams) in the lead. Multiple cast and time-slot changes---not to mention bizarre storylines like Jonathan Winters playing Mork's baby---ultimately alienated fans.


Guest Stars

Jake, Man, Jake
Raquel Welch
Captain Nirvana
Bob, Bob Faith
Herman, Maitre d', Quentin
Psychiatrist, Sid
Exidor's Mother, Virginia
Ambrosia, Meter Maid
Reverend, Stu
Danny, Danny St. Thomas
Dittman, Maury
Public Defender
Court Reporter
Boy Scout, Scott
Man No. 1, Stan
Prescott, Rick
Ernest, Sleazy
Lieutenant Chambers
Captain Chapman
Justice Abbott
Mrs. Thompson
Officer Boyd
Tracy Austin
Pevee Clone Two
White-suited Man
Pevee Clone One


Executive Producer (1 Credit)
Producer (1 Credit)
Cinematographer (1 Credit)
Writer (1 Credit)